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war2 ver 46 not loading


i double click war2 icon on desktop... acts like its going to load it, screen goes dark for 1 sec, then closes it completely out and goes back to desktop screen.

i uninstalled. reinstalled.. nothing.

cant even see the menue to click "Multiplayer"

"Warcraft II BNE not started.
start it before click this button"
(OK) icon

Fixed. (super shitty fix...)

as soon as i double click war2 icon on screen, i need to left click my mouse repeatedly then it will get me to the Multiplayer screen and on to the server.

If something used to work before, but no longer works, obviously, some conditions have been changed.

99% that you need to thank m$ or n√idia (or so on) for automatic updates, that may randomly spoil anything, and through a week/day fix back (but not guaranteed)


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