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People can't join my games, yes I've read the how to port forward plz


Hey guys!
     First, if you're taking the time to read this THANK YOU. Here's my situation:

I am trying to play with my kid, both in the same house, over the same network. I am using an AT&T hotspot Netgear mobile nighthawk, which is on an IP pass-through to a Linksys AC1200 router. Whether I create the game or he does, neither of us can join because of high latency. Blah blah blah, I've port forwarded everything I can possibly think of, set static IP's to our machines, downloaded the latest BNE edition, went to bed at 3 am defeated.

Does anyone have any experience getting that to work? I am confident the issue lies somewhere in my setup, because I went to my brother's house, logged into WAR2BNE, and set up a game open to anyone and people were able to join.

I am starting to think maybe it is the real IP issue? But I thought the newer version of BNE allowed people to play regardless of that? Perhaps I am wrong. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much! It is a great day to die.

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There is a lot of information in this section Lev that should solve your issue. I would probably dig around in this support section for some assistance until one of the support admins become available.

Will do that, thanks so much! I didn't see this section sorry about that!

Did you tick the "random port" when choosing install options? You will need to tick that to play with 2 computers on the same network.


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