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Can't transition to next level


I am playing the "Beyond the Dark Portal" orc mission "New Stormwind" and when I finish in victory (I'm pretty sure defeat would have the same problem but for different reasons) the game goes to black and freezes up, I can't move on to the next mission. Is there a solution to this? I even tried the cheat "tigerlily" followed by xorc7 for the level "The Sea of Azeroth" but it still freezes up.

Am I missing a key file somewhere? I'm playing with an ISO image not a cd.

EDIT: I tried skipping to orc level 8 of the expansion using the tigerlily cheat and that works, but I really want to play the whole game in order and I don't want to have to skip level 7 "The Seas of Azeroth." I think a cut scene isn't loading and that's what's keeping me from playing the next level


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