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Would your life be different if Warcraft 2 didn't exist?

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Would your life be different if Warcraft 2 didn't exist?

I think a bit, but not a lot. But if blizzard didn't exist -> Yes

War2 was my 1st pc game, i played it on net stadium and a lot on Kali before the Bnet edition. My nickname chevalier (knight in french) is from this game. With starcraft 1, this is my childhood. Old memories, War2 played very well on my Pentium 133 Mhz, 16Mb of ram and 33.6k internet connection.
Then Warcraft III came, i didn't like the standard multiplayer part (with the hero that we have to gain xp by killing npc monster, the upkeep thing, only 5 worker per mine etc...), but i like the campagne and the use map setting (tower defense, great scenario with hero, etc...).
Starcraft 2 is much better, it's very close to starcraft 1, same races, a lot of same unit and not crapy hero shit in standard multiplayer. And the campagne is awesome !

Sorry for my bad english, this is not my primary language.

I like this topic, probably.
WC2 was my first rea time strategy game I fell in love with it, then came Diablo. the end.
gaming for life!
not a fan of mmos, ive tried to  get into wwo but just cnat, loved wc3 and still do, still hoping for wc4..  :tear:

Yes. Very different.

I spent the majority of my free time from the age of 13 staring at a computer screen playing war2 ... so in the last 25 years, I've probably played war2 for close to 20 of them.

Can't say whether it would have been better or worse if i never started playing, but it definitely would have been different

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