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Lag problem

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I am having lot of problems playing lately , i can barely join a game , and if im allowed to join i can only handle 2 players , if theres a single watcher i drop off...
the connection is the same i had for 5 years nothing changed , i installed HD version and all problems started , i uninstalled and reinstalled thousands of times and still not works, tried also with normal version 46 , with and without hole punch , also with and without VPN, also tried with mobile hotspot connection and the situation is always the same , i did reset my router , i updated my comp and did everything its required , still not workin , if you're not gonna solve the problem i'm gonna say goodbye

did you tried from different comp?
just to be sure if this is your comp problem or something else

i dont have another comp at the moment
but i dont think its my comp tho

maybe ask someone to help use their comp for 30 min or something
and check if it will have lags too

when exactly lags started


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