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I have been developing my own tournament website which is MUCH prettier than


Check it out !


I am looking for at least 8 or 16 player to participate in the first tournament

60men is one of the oldest and simplest pball maps - you start with 60 footmen and 4 allerias, all 1/1 HP.

Although simple, the games involve A LOT more strategy than you think, and are also very fast pace and exciting.

I think this a great custom to introduce NEW PLAYERS to because you command an army and battle right away, without having to learn all the different things that go into building a hall, mining gold, chopping trees, upgrading, and committing to a half hour - 1 hr long game in something like GOW, games of 60men typically last 1 - 5 minutes

USA-Fastscan used to say its "Battle.Net, not Build.Net"

Do you guys think I can get 8 people to participate? let me know what you think of the platform itself and if you would like to see it used for a different map tournament


Wow that is a very nice looking bracket system! You been hiding this from me D:

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I hate naggers:
Sign me in! (or do i do that manually?). I can participate in it for fun

Thanks Claw!!!

use the Register form and select your bracket Avatar

Once we have at least 8 or 16 players, I will close registration and set up the bracket, matching you with your first opponent

you will then use the PlayerNet profile to message your opponent and setup a time for your match that works for both of you

Good stuff.  It would be cool to have a board on here for player run tournaments like this one.  This is another community driven opportunity to lessen the burden on the admins.  I also like that it's a custom map tournament which is rarely seen on here.  Any other players wanting to host tournaments on their own like this can use something like the challonge.com brackets.


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