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I believe that's incorrect. The "Edit Poll" option is clearly visible at the bottom of the poll; I also tried editing a test poll, and resetting vote counts is an option:

I left it unchecked and the data in the test poll remained intact.

I hate naggers:
what about:

--- Quote ---Blatantly disobeying a direct request issued by a moderator.
--- End quote ---

you're telling him to... um, well, actually i dont know whats the issue here, i thought its simple - hacks on site = no advertisement support from the admins. Are you going to punish/mute him somehow? Because then I suppose you could directly TELL him to take it down and if he doesnt, it will be violation of the rules. However, he clearly said that if he's told/forced to take it down, he will


--- Quote from: mousEtopher on April 03, 2015, 08:49:28 AM ---Could always add a new entry to the rules poll and let the people speak?


- Advertising hacks on third party websites should cause ban.
- Advertising hacks on third party websites should cause nothing.

--- End quote ---
More rules? Dam this really turning into Nazism. Thought the word Hilterism 2.0 was a overstatement, seems to be a understatement now [emoji54]

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you actually need a poll to delete links to hack downloads? hahahhaha wtf. Use some common sense. You had no problem banning my other account and reseting my karma when there is no rule about multiple accounts or giving yourself karma.

Ganz is totally right, this question dint even deserve to think about a pool.


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