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1 / Re: Burnt!
« on: August 31, 2019, 06:34:03 PM »
that's it, i'm quitting war2

2 / Re: Burnt!
« on: August 30, 2019, 04:20:55 PM »

aka aug 27th 1:35PM EST

assuming burnt was host of the burnt vs jordan/swift match then that explains neatly why the game name was still there (since burnt vs jordan was first game of the day)

3 / Re: List of Top players dodging the [z]
« on: August 29, 2019, 02:22:45 PM »
i don't think iL is in on anything, he's always been level-headed & straightforward and never involved in any pettiness or drama. blid did make that post in the admin forum saying he was going to give lambchops a 3 day ban which coincides with the login of his blid account. aside from that, you're probably right that you beat derber (or someone) playing on jordan's account but there's really no way to prove it. at least you'll always know :D

in conclusion: i think blid should add burton's win to the ladder !

« on: August 19, 2019, 01:00:34 PM »
"Macro hack" sounds so noobish, like something claw would use.

So do I go around build macro hacking in games? No. Do I go around bragging and claiming to be "invincible". No I don't. Do I have the skills to pump out a crap load of units when playing against this serial hacker just so I can laugh really hard at his loudmouth nazi ass and rub his nose in it - well of course I do.

I went into that game knowing full well he would be hacking his ass off as per usual

I have no build macros, unless you count the mad bot

we're talking about you rn.

Oh, I thought we were talking about how good it is to catch a cheater :thinking:

well let's catch one before we move on to the other. why aren't you talking about your ogres building simultaneously, which they clearly are?

« on: August 19, 2019, 12:25:58 PM »
interesting counter-accusation against claw -- the plot thickens. but putting that aside for a moment, is this whole post a roundabout way of saying you used a macro hack against claw because it's claw & you know he deserves it because of your insider intel about his own hacks?

I have no build macros, unless you count the mad bot, but certainly I have no kotr build macros*. In this game my base is built the old fashioned way, that is easy to spot - for starters because I miss place my first hall - eww not a PM how noobish. That's why I put a smith below the hall, normally I do smiths next to the unused corner mine and another hall below the first one, but it is 1 space too low so I corrected with the smith. Also you can see all the peons standing around while I am frantically building rax and farms. I repair build my mound with 6 peons after claw already has ogres in droids base.
So do I go around build macro hacking in games? No. Do I go around bragging and claiming to be "invincible". No I don't. Do I have the skills to pump out a crap load of units when playing against this serial hacker just so I can laugh really hard at his loudmouth nazi ass and rub his nose in it - well of course I do.
it looks like you're denying using macros altogether -- so why are your ogres training simultaneously? no one but you is citing some elaborate base-building macro; from the replay it looks like you're building your base manually, training the peons & grunts manually, but once it's time to make ogres they're all training at once, the gold drops thousands at once when they all train, they stop training when there's no farms then all rax instantly train as soon as there's available farms, etc etc. whether claw is hacking or not, we're talking about you rn.

i also confirm that i have read your post in its entirety.

« on: August 19, 2019, 10:43:20 AM »
damn, that looks pretty conclusive to me. that really sucks. ;( good to catch a cheater though.

Macro builds huh. The custom community has argued that it’s legal on maps like BGH. What is the consensus about macros like this? And did Lamb or Claw use it?
this is correct. 0 tolerance for a macro like this to auto-train from all rax, it's a pure hack. & i don't think claw made a post to call out his own hacks :P

Strategy & Replays / Re: RipE'z replay section
« on: August 18, 2019, 06:13:41 PM »
My Internet Conn IS pure magic but My comp IS so slow. Ive 3diff comps. Only one For playin (The slow one) i cud try it but doubt IT Works. Once i tried twich, IT wanted me 2 pay 2bux/Month to stream so i left IT. So much work For IT. Just princible. Im not paying Even 2d
it was probably offering you some optional paid upgrade, twitch is free to use for basic streaming & always has been. (i have many videos on my channel & have never paid them any money.) but yes, if you have an old/slow pc then you will probably not be able to stream

Thank you for your reply, Styleking but this one is much wider than the Sanyo c3
I think it could carry two cassettes at a time :/
who approved this bullshit lol

9 / Re: 24 hour ban to workwork
« on: August 15, 2019, 12:40:39 PM »
i actually did something very similar to this the other day -- someone said in the channel that wf2ogre was joining games & ruining them by not building which i've seen someone do before (they built halls/farms/peons and nothing else many games in a row), so i kicked him with /kill and gave a tempban. i didn't think much of doing this because  -- 1) if someone is actively complaining about getting their games ruined repeatedly then i think it's reasonable to try to do something to improve the quality of their gaming experience in that moment, and have done so before with dellam/martin, and 2) i view not building repeatedly as blatant trolling & it's overwhelmingly likely that a troll will know how to change their IP & reconnect almost immediately, so this is like a simple way to inconvenience them & make it slightly less easy/enjoyable to continue doing what they're doing.

maybe this is a little different than workwork if he is someone who plays normally in most games & will occasionally fuck around, rather than someone who joins purely to go on intentional sprees of game ruining (i.e. an obvious troll who has no other purpose than trolling).

it's arguable that policing such behavior can be left up to the game hosts to ban people they know will mess up games, but in that case it gives a troll many opportunities to ruin games hosted by different people which seems avoidable

I'm just going to throw this out there.. but there was a certain Smurf about 2 weeks ago who went around killing watchers during a game. Should that person have been banned as well?

My opinion: Yes. Someone doing that sort of stuff repeatedly should be warned to stop it and if they continue some official action should be taken against them.

Basically if you're doing something antisocial and a server admin tells you to stop it, then you should stop it. What is so hard about that?

If an admin can't adjudicte about things as they arise then what's the point of having admins?.... what, just to police the SS rule? You can get a badly trained monkey to do that.
imo this is reasonable, and is essentially what happened when leeroy was harassing babyshark -- leeroy wasn't getting punished for breaking rules (since flaming/trolling isn't against any rule), it was for ignoring admins when they stepped in & told him to stop. so from that perspective Warbux's actions aren't all that extreme. the potential for harm from such a policy also seems very low if all we're talking about is people getting a /kill & 1 hour tempban or a nick locked for 24 hours or w/e, then it's not anywhere near the territory of "omg you're killing the server by banning all these people"

listen i dont like banning people an i been 1 to say no 1 should be banend but ... a 24 hour ban is a slap on a wrist an i didnt ban him for building in my game i banned him for  doing it repeatively ... i like work work an get along with him fine an he understands why i did it ... im not gonna sit here an be an admin for nothing .. im for enforcing rules an i dont like shit gettin by for nothing .. if u guys made rules againts talking shit ida banned van to i dont care whos in my clan makes no difference u break rules u get a warning u do it again then u should be put in time out simple as that .. an ima push for that til were all on the same page
@Warbux this makes sense but i think you should also be willing to hear what other people say about your decisions & be willing to agree to whatever is the consensus. for instance, like you say there's no rule against talking shit but if you started banning people for that at your own discretion & people started complaining that would be similar to what's happening here.

clearly the consensus here is that building in games should be dealt with by game hosts, but i think it's worth talking about whether continuing that practice is causing more harm than good overall & considering alternatives. if we have active admins who are readily available to deal with things then it does seem reasonable to let them and so improve the overall quality of the gaming environment. this should include considering things like 1) do we have the time/manpower to realistically enforce such a policy consistently, 2) do people want to be deprived of their right to fuck around in games, 3) will it do more harm than good by causing retaliatory trolling, 4) do admins ban people for this any time they see it, or only when someone asks for help, etc.

i also don't think Warbux should be demoted from admin or have any of his existing powers removed for one single controversial decision, he's brand new & should be given a reasonable chance to figure out the role. if it becomes a recurring problem or there is a demonstrable unwillingness to cooperate as part of the "admin team" then it will be time to talk about it

10 / Re: any takers for 1v1 arena?
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:17:00 AM »



nice interesting results, thanks for participating :ok_hand:

11 / Re: [RETRACTED] Winchester is Dellam
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:13:07 PM »
fancy that, a war2 forumer who doesn't like admin decisions if they aren't exactly what they think should be done :D

Strategy & Replays / Re: RipE'z replay section
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:08:06 PM »
nice to see the revival of Ripe's replay thread!

HAVENT POSTED HERE IN 2 YEARS OR SO. I start postin more insight n warvids if there is any want for them. im not gonna twich, too complicate and it costs. ps. can u stream on youtube free? how it happens?
both twitch & youtube are free to use and about the same difficulty to set up. as long as you have a decent pc & decent internet then you can do either. i can help set up if needed :newthumbsup:

13 / Re: [RETRACTED] Winchester is Dellam
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:04:16 PM »
It still begs the question if action will be taken against him for attempting to frame me, other players have had action taken against them for frame attempts. If there really was a concern about me being dellam, he'd have passed this information to you, blid, iL, Tora, long ago and it would've been discussed in detail and then maybe one of  you would of had a word with me then. To which would've been debunked instantly by blid having seen dellams doxed information, I can't remember if you did see the doxed info for dellam also, but a quick remote access to show you any bit of info you need to clear me would suffice. Instead, he goes straight for a public frame attempt. If others can get banned for it he should too. Regardless of any cool mods he may make aside from his chop hack. Which by the way, He did get mostly positive reviews for the mod, except for the chop part of it. He's gone ahead and blown that little negative feedback on what is overall a positive review way out of proportion.
i have no intention of taking action against Lambchops as i don't believe this was a frame attempt so much as a failed gambit. (maybe it was though who knows, Lamby does seem to hate everyone & everything lately)

14 / Re: [RETRACTED] Winchester is Dellam
« on: August 13, 2019, 12:02:33 PM »
what if i just label it as [retracted] ?

Either way, it should not be in the forum as its proven Lambchops was lying about everything and therefore is fake news for the server.
that's true that we don't want to spread fake news to the server -- once it's labeled as retracted the thread title will be updated on the server so everyone there can see that the accusation is false. (if i move it directly to general or flame section now then that won't happen.) also it's a popular thread & has stimulated lots of activity & community togetherness so I think it's a good idea to let it run its course for that reason too. so i will label it now & then will move it later if that is your preference. is that ok?

Just rename it "Winchester is too stupid to be Dellam, but likes to pretend he is".

Hmmm. So you're actively trying to publicise winchester accusing me of lying and calling me "senile cunt." Interesting change in policy.

Mostly these sort of threads get dumped in the flame bin well before they have run their course, but go for it - there is nothing here I'm ashamed of. Anyone with half a brain who bothers reading it will agree, and anyway such special treatment makes me feel important ;D

In fact, why not make it a sticky so future generations of WC2 players can experience him explaining that he really does have friends since he got a part-time job as a casual dish-pig, how his mum plays wc2 with him, or yet again bring up his creepy sexual obcession with BS? I think that's a great idea.  :thumbsup:

Me saying that I think he's probably too stupid to be the original dellam does not actually prove anything false. It certainly does not prove that he didn't make a dellamish smurf name one night when he was creeping around. What are the chance the "Heros of whatever tf" server was down that night?

That being said, I am genuinely sorry if I have disappointed you with the standard of my posts.
haha it's okay ^-^ btw i hope i didn't come across as being antagonistic to you in either this thread or the one about the chop plugin. i still don't like the chop plugin & in my mind there are strong arguments against it, so i gave them since you were asking for them. i figured that would be enough to start a conversation on the topic & that the community would reach the right consensus after some discussion, whether or not my points were correct or wrong & dumb. & i didn't mean to overshadow the plugin system itself (or all the many other contributions you've made) which is of course really terrific! i didn't really understand why you were sarcastically restating my points in that other thread & was just funning w/ the salty emote - i can remove it if you don't like it. also if i don't remove it it should probably be slightly smaller.

pffff There was no sarcasm when I said it's cool to make fun of me. I thought that was the perfect response.... but yes i agree the salty emote needs to be slightly smaller because it breaks up the font too much.

Just thought you'd mention again that you don't like the chop plugin? Oh good, I think everyone who doesn't like it should say that at least eight or nine times each lol. DW tomorrow tk will make a thread titled "9 out of 10 iguanas don't like the chop plugin (but none of them have actually tried it)" ;)


lol ikr? He must be being deliberately obtuse. Nobody can be that brain-dead and still breathe unassisted.
note the "i" which makes this the plural form of "lummox". i believe this comment was directed towards you as well :D

OMG really mousey? few points here...

- I think that is the least insulting thing tom has ever said to me, it's so mild that I would almost believe dellam hijacked his account and posted it... and since when do you act as an interpreter for his trolling anyway?

- Do you seriously think I missed his remakably anglicised attempt at pluralization?

- The plural of lummox is lummoxes.

You aussie noobs need to take this outside, to the garden
...OF WAR.PUD!!!!!

I demand an epic series.
good idea!! what better way to work out a friendly dispute than in epic war2 combat !! :wc2: :wc2: :wc2: oh but winchester needs to fix his war2 first

I have never claimed to be a good WC2 player and have always happily conceded any such challenges. I don't subscribe to the "my dad can beat up your dad therefore my philosophy is correct" school of thinking.

I play because I enjoy it, and I would definitely not not go out of my way to play with such an arrogant creepy lummox.... anyway he can't play because his laptop crashes, right? Regardless he always smurfs so who would know?


Winchester is Lambchops.
w-w-what !

good onya woofy lol.
ok lamby, i have no understanding of your sarcasm or perspective anymore so further interactions are probably not meaningful. i guess it's just lamby+the chop plugin against the world now :O this "lummoxes" assertion does seem off base though. also the salty emote is fixed :newthumbsup:

15 / Re: Winchester's mother is fully pro
« on: August 13, 2019, 11:55:56 AM »
nooo you guys all gotta chill out with the framing attempts, we're all in this together

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