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1 / how to play new ladder
« on: June 22, 2024, 06:23:13 PM »
so guys it seems like not many players know how to play in new fixed ladder (it only counts ELO, no cursed ranks)
today it seems like i at last fixed reports sorting, so i cleared all previous testing games
now everyone can start playing
you can check ELO ranks here

so basically you need to host map random.pud from Maps/Random folder

you always automatically have it after join server as it will be downloaded shortly after you connected
first 2 spots is for players, 3rd spot is for obs if you need
when game starts you will get random unknown map to play and compete for ladder

and dont say that its not fair or something, check how ladder games works on sc2 or war3, peoples get some map pool for every season and they play random maps in competetive mode
if you only want to play only gow its not good, you want to compete for Warcraft 2 ladder, not gow ladder, this is different things, in War2 you need to be able to play other types of maps. (btw dnt worry your belowed gow is still in map pool and you can get it randomly)

so yea there will also be changing map pool every now and then, like 1-3 months seasons we will see how fast people want to change it

2 / new lobby room
« on: March 11, 2024, 04:41:08 AM »
new lobby room (and war2mod update)
1) can change all - res,fixed,speed,tileset,1peon,fog directly in lobby
2) fixed afk/brb
3) fixed downloader (fois helped)
4) fixed server enter compatible with new fois HD patch
5) fixed gateways
6) fixed many other bugs

Mods & Development / BruhCraft custom campanign
« on: February 18, 2024, 12:48:56 PM »
BruhCraft custom campanign release
no storyline or plot (story is literaly just "bruh")
52 missions (all available missions slots fully packed)
most of missions have Hard comps + ai fix plugin
some missions is puzzle that will need you to think carefully how to beat them

last version included with all mission packs and free dlc:
BruhCraft 1: Bruhs and Bruhns
BruhCraft 2: Tides of Bruhhness
BruhCraft 2: Beyond Bruh Portal
BruhCraft 3: Reign of Bruh
BruhCraft 3: The Frozen Bruh


4 / new ELO ladder
« on: September 28, 2023, 07:09:47 AM »
so i have created new ladded that working entirely on ELO system
there is no ranks like in old ladder, your place determined only by ELO

this thing exists together with old ladder, so dont worry they not affect each other AT ALL.

to get listed in this ladder you must play 1v1 from random maps game mode (old cursed ironman replacement)
to do this you need to host map Random/random.pud in melee mode (host vs player2 + player3 spot for obs)
other settings not matter because they will be set to map default anyways
(dont worry most of maps have high res by default, usage of map def was maked in considiretion of maps like chop)
also you always will have needed maps because they are downloaded automatically on server join

there is many ways to improve things
maps for this ladder game mode can be changed every month or 3 months and etc etc
maps of next season can be choosen with votes poll or some honourable members of community can suggest some maps
maybe also allow top1 (and maybe 2 and 3) ELO players of each season select 1 map to be added to next pack
very many things need your opinions and suggestions

so for now there set pack of some 12 random maps for initial testing until october 1 where we will get new pack of maps for first season
we waiting for your offers, maybe it will be you who will make life-changing suggestion

all ELO formulas is open so not ask why you got too little X points or other player got too many Y points and etc.
Starting ELO for new players is 1000 points
After playing the game new ELO calculated as follows:
for winner: new_elo = win_old_elo + round((1-(1/(1+pow(10, -(win_old_elo - lose_old_elo)*base_points/mid_elo))))*win_koef)
for loser: new_elo = lose_old_elo - round((1/(1+pow(10, -(lose_old_elo - win_old_elo)*base_points/mid_elo)))*lose_koef)
where base_points for game is 10 and mid_elo is 400
win and lose koef starting at 120 and calculated based on player amount of games and after around 60 to 100 games will be normalized to 40 points (up to 200% XP players get 3% for win and 2% for lose)

5 / auto obs me + afk
« on: September 11, 2023, 02:24:50 PM »
added option (disabled by default) to auto send "/obs me" at the moment the last unit died (experimental, should work ok, but its still possible that u can be kicked out of game before becoming obs)

added lobby afk or brb (no difference in them, maked 2 just for fun)
write afk or brb in chat
write something else to show that you returned

6 / Random maps on server
« on: July 17, 2023, 08:47:17 AM »
Since old IronMan ladder is very fucked up and cursed and also hard to change map packs regularly
and u can actually know what map was choosen before start (very cursed). :poo:

Now created a way to host random maps (new era IronMan). :thumbsup:

The main thing that needs to be considered is that players must have same map packs
I not found safe way to download maps from war2mod normally
and also not want put them inside cuz it will make mpq archive extremally fat.
so for now u can just download maps from my github or use prog that will download it for u.

archive have folder named Random with file random.pud and maps in other folder (maps just named from 0 to something).

To play with random maps u just need to host this Random/random.pud map and other player join you.
Lobby will have 3 spots - 2 for players and 1 for obs. (as u can see in video u can also try test play with comps)

Map is unknown before game start because it being replaced not when countdown 5 sec (like default ironman) but when game actually starts and u see black screen, so u cannot know beforehand what u will get.

p.s. if u not want use prog u can just download maps manually
the only thing prog does is downloading this file and unpack in maps folder.
p.s.s. the folder MUST have be placed in Maps folder and be named Random and map must be named random.pud (server checking for exact hosted map name of "Random/random.pud" for this feature to work)

known bugs: obs sometimes drop, especially when random got 2 players map for u like Atols.pud, there is simply no place to put obs, i trying to spawn him anyways but sometimes fails.

7 / new version
« on: June 09, 2023, 03:54:31 AM »
new version here
you can now change some game settings right in the lobby:
1) can change fixed spots
2) can change 1 peon or all units (so even if u hosted CHOP wrong u can see it and fix)
3) can select resources
4) can disable fog of war (same checkbox as it was in old LAN lobby)
maybe later will add changing tilesets

also added fast writings for color in chat, just write codewords starting from # and they will change into color:
#3 or #red
#5 or #gray
#4 - change from orc to hum (or other way)
#yellow - default orc
#white - default human
#66 or #orc - green text like orc skin
#136 or #water - in game its water pixels but in lobby they light brown
player colors:
#p1 or #pred - red player text
#p2 or #pblue - blue player text
#p3 or #pgreen or #pteal - green player text
#p4 or #pviolet or #ppurple - violet player text
#p5 or #porange - orange player text
#p6 or #pblack - black player text
#p7 or #pwhite - white player text
#p8 or #pyellow - yellow player text (ultra blue in lobby)

Mods & Development / War2Mod from server open source
« on: October 09, 2022, 11:36:54 AM »

if someone have any suggestions for code improvement or found some bugs pls write

« on: September 30, 2022, 05:35:42 AM »
for any blind peoples who cannot see other posts
go here get reg file for old gateways then join,6707.0.html

(also read other comments in this post if u want to know what happened)

p.s. WTF guys pls read other posts too.
p.s.s. also i writed same thing about reg file in Discord, no one saw this too?

10 / domain DNS not resolved
« on: September 27, 2022, 02:02:08 PM »
seems like domain is not not resolved on DNS
@iL fixing it
but becoz server gateways was set onto it now some peoples cannot join serv
but still working ok
so you can use this reg file with old gateways to join
and after joining serv you will get new fixed gateways with mirror onto
you can use mirror adress while @iL fixing domain resolve

Cartography & Custom Maps / Smart DOTA
« on: August 15, 2022, 01:38:29 PM »
new Smart DOTA v1.2
host UMS with triggers game mode to play
RED and ORANGE players is Generals
other players is their slaves Commanders
General build base and make army then send units to one of 3 lines for his Commanders to control
and Commanders use units to fight
mission objective is to kill enemy Portal

place units near runestone in forest to receive 5 gold/lumber PER SEC for General and 1 gold/lumber for Commanders
place units onto circle of power to get 10 gold/lumber PER SEC for General and 4 gold/lumber for Commanders
place units onto circle of power inside or rocks (need sappers) to get 20 gold/lumber PER SEC for General and 9 gold/lumber for Commanders
place units onto circle of power in MID to get HASTE on ALL allied units exept peons
place units near runestone with dirt to get 1 HP REGEN on ALL allied units

12 / some updates yesterday
« on: July 07, 2022, 07:16:42 AM »
1) game mode and ogre hidden on players if they default (make lobby more clean maybe)
they will be seen only if host changed someting
2) host can hide them on self too by pressing F6

3) iL updated status now show team number from lobby (so u can see with what teams game started)

4) more colors
press Alt then input onto numpad codes
for example alt+03 then text after it will be red
by default war2 had 03 red, 05 gray, 06 cursed black where all pixels is black (unreadable)
now we have combinations of some codes for more
alt+06 then alt+06 again make text ORC green

some other combinations:
03 06 default orc
05 06 default human
06 06 ORC green
013 06 Water (depends on tileset and in lobby those pixels is light orange)
03 03 06 Red player color
03 05 06 Blue player color
03 06 06 Green player color
03 013 06 violet player color
05 03 06 orange player color
05 05 06 black player color (better than just 06 cuz pixels not super black but... maybe can be ok on winter tileset)
05 06 06 white player color
05 013 06 yellow player color (but in lobby those pixels all super blue, in game its a little more yellow than default orc text)

13 / ogre mode
« on: June 06, 2022, 12:56:55 PM »
new ogre mode on serv
when 2 (or more) players control 1 player (like ogre with 2 heads lel)
set teams to work, players of same team will be controlling 1
need your feedback for possible lags, drop, crash. (they probably WILL be, so need everyone help to fix).

p.s. u prob can even try some cursed combinations like 1(7)v1, when 7 noobs control 1 player and play vs 1 pro LOL.
p.s.s. if u didnt know this thing was in Starcraft and was named Archon mode (or Team-Melee) from 1998. Now we have in w2 too.

Mods & Development / Stonia source code
« on: May 29, 2022, 11:30:13 AM »
source code for Stonia can be found here:

u can use for creating ur projects. there is u can find many helpful functions.
i will be waiting for a day when everyone will be able to make their own new custom campanigns.

Alaunter: Ancient Stonia - Expedition of Gedsun

We present to you new new custom fan-made campaign for Warcraft 2.
Aside from containing several features to make new gameplay feeling, you can now explore a whole new story and expand the already known storyline of Alaunter. You will see hardships that young dwarf Gedsun has overcome, while Kailaas Tan was overtaking the capital of Alaunter.

New playable race - Dwarwes.
They have different tech tree, new units, upgrades and spells.
They are able to mine hard rocks directly and extract minerals from them.

Unforgettable riddles and puzzles of Ancient Stonia are waiting upon you.
And something undescribable is awaiting at the depths of ruined sity..........

Downdload Links:

This campaign is using fois HD patch.
Launch Stonia.exe to start playing or Stonia HD.exe for playing with big resolutions.

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