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Greetings fellow footmen and grunt warriors.

Today I'm showing off a new public mod I have made to play Weapons of our Warfare.

A very old and unknown mod made by Alexander Cech, the creator of Wardraft in 1997.

Pretty much all information you need about this mod can be found on thread with the same mod name in:

But to add up anything new here, the mod was originally based off in Warcraft II DOS version, and I have managed to import it completely to BattleNet Edition (Windows) for Warcraft II.

The mod needs to be patched up the same as any of my other mods: DAIFE, DIE, DOE, DEC, etc. You just install the warcraft 2 installer provided by russian community in so then place war2patch.mpq in your main folder and saveloadfixplugin into Plugins folder.

This mod is pretty much oriented for Tides of Darkness campaigns (orc/human). In dark portal campaigns the computer works more or less the same overall, but you can still find out some few new modding features there... There're several other new game features that almost no one would have ever know about except the warcraft 2 super smart hackers that were available in 1997 to mod the game to such a level like this.

Big thanks to Tupac for his contribution and to save this very old mod. And thanks to @Mistral  for all his cooperation, kindness and smartness to help me out to reach this level of modding I could ever do to this game. Also, for his save-load fix plugin which is so unbelivably fantastic for single player experience.

If you would like to see more modding like this into warcraft 2, please support my twitch channel  or youtube channel:   to see more brand fresh experiences for this great game in 2021 and beyond.
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