Author Topic: Final version released for Demo Original Edition + Demo Extended Challenge  (Read 5933 times)

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm releasing the final versions from both of two recent mods done for singleplayer in Warcraft 2. Demo Original Edition (DOE) and Demo Extended challenge (DEC).

1) The first one aims to expose the original campaign missions set only into the Warcraft II Shareware version which was released prior to releasing the main DOS game version by Blizzard Entertainment in 1995. This shareware version had 3 missions for each orc and human factions but weren't available on the main game as well.
Demo Original Edition will allow you to play all 6 missions now in Battle net edition (Windows).

2) Demo Extended Challenge is a variant coming out from Demo Original Edition, which contains not only the previous 6 mentioned missions but also quite a couple of more easter eggs added up that you can find out playing the game. The mod now contains unique computer behavior for each mission and it's definetely more challenging than DOE. Difficulty here should be considered as " hard ".
The mod also adds up now enhanced warcraft 2 audio/visual features that attempts to bring up a more modern looking to the game but also fresh features aside from the original source. It has enhanced features coming out from my past mod "DAIFE enhanced", but also including new content like Desert + Hell tilesets fully playable from now on.

You could find around still desert + hell tilesets but those weren't fully complete and available. Those now have fully functional scorpion + "hellish critter" with portrait icon/sounds but also unit/building sprite/icons fully adapted to the scenarios. Including oil patch/platforms

Just remember those mods can be played through the war2 installer provided by russian community.

Please let me know your feedback either here or better off within my twitch channel where I usually test this stuff around:

Good luck & Have fun WARRIORS !!