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Dodge the Cats was an included map in all of the versions of Warcraft 2 for many years, created by Roman_Crapper. Also 45 Man(Strife PBall) was for several years.

Can we get these re-added now or in the near future?

@iL @Mistral @tora


2 / Mousetopher The BEST ADMIN EVER We Miss YOU!
« on: May 24, 2023, 09:42:14 AM »
Mouse you and I always got along well. I apologize for the ignorance, cruelty, and idiocy of a large percentage of the player base of Warcraft 2.

I cannot apologize to you directly for the actions of Equinox who chased you off, the final straw. I will always remember all you did for this game, and myself, AND I will never forget what this tool Equinox did to this game out of his own personal spite.

Thank you for all you did Mouse, and your brothers AND sisters await your return.

3 / Update on Forum's Top Poster
« on: May 20, 2023, 02:47:33 PM »
Ryu reached out the other day again finally. It turns out Ryu is living in a gas station bathroom. From having a bit of experience with this kind of thing, I think it's very likely he knows the owner.

I must say this was one of the most odd emails I have ever received I must admit. He sounds like hes in good spirits though, so I'm glad for that. God bless you Ryu, and us all!

Flame Wars & Offtopic / Shout out to our admin Tora
« on: February 03, 2023, 10:33:10 AM »
I just wanted everyone to give tora a big thank you for being a white collar criminal so that he has money to share with with a few people and u8. I brought up the other day to Swift how he used to be banned from toras tournaments because he was too good for everyone. It's the same thing for u8 now, but tora continues to let him join, tora continues to launder money to his hero u8.

Anyway yeah the Warcraft 2 community salutes you tora. You spend 20-60k a year on hookers good amount of that stolen money, you're better than all of us budd. Also by your own words you're an alcoholic, please get help. From the Warcraft 2 community, THANK YOU TORA!

Flame Wars & Offtopic / Re: Star Shaped Arrows.pud
« on: January 21, 2023, 06:52:26 PM »
I help anyone out who asks on this game normally. However you Startale on the other hand have a massive ego problem, are a cock sucker to people for no reason, and you're just a waste of life.

The ego could be forgiven, half of Warcraft 2 players have an ego problem traditionally. The problem is your ego goes with you having a super inflated delusion of how good you are at GOW. You aren't even in the top 10 of GOW players ever, and besides that your ego goes with a narcissistic, condescending, and toxic attitude towards anyone but your few 'friends' in your little clique.

So to put it all in a nutshell for you: you are the worst of human garbage and one of the few remaining trash players of your kind left on Warcraft 2. You aren't legendary, you're always going to be remembered as a loud mouthed above average game-playing puke. You are a piece of trash and a waste of oxygen.

So in conclusion here is a screen shot of the map you want. I am not sending it you, find it some other way. Try to be a better person in the future. Fuck off StarFraud.

The 2v2 $75 PBall Build Balanced tournament will be on Saturday, October 24th at 5 PM Central time(CDT) / 6 PM Eastern time(EDT). It would have played without the server going down last time, but the server has been stable since. Let's get a good turnout, it's been a long time since there has been a PB Build tournament. See you there!

There will be a $75 2v2 PBall Build(Balanced) tournament Friday, August 7th at 5 PM Central USA time(CDT) / 6 PM Eastern USA(EDT) in channel spikes. You can find a partner if you want, I can try to help find you one, or you can show up and I'll try to match people without a pard up as best I can. Let's get a PBall Build tournament going again, it'll be the first PB build since 2018. I hope to see you there!

There will be a $75 2v2 45 Man PBall tournament Saturday, July 18th at 5 PM Central USA time(CDT) / 6 PM Eastern USA time(EDT) in channel spikes.

I'm going to try to balance the teams as best I can for instance I'm partnering BrightXero, I'm pro he's good/average. That's the theme I want to have for this 2v2 tournament not having two pros together. Adam-w will be partnering Flea(Adam-w pro, Flea good/average), I think 8)Mikulz(8 will be partnering Manowar(same). Basically I just don't want two pros on one team making them overpowered. You can find a partner for the tournament yourself if you want as long as your team isn't too OP, or you can show up and I'll pair you up with someone doing my best to even the teams.

1st will pay $27.50 to each partner
2nd will pay $10 to each partner

Im glad the last tournament was successful as it was the first since 2018. Please try to make it if you can to keep these tournament going, and let's have some old school PBall fun!

There will be a $100 King of the Hill tournament Friday, May 29th, at 6 PM Central USA time / 7 PM Eastern time in channel spikes. I hope we can get some old players on again for this and get a good turnout overall. It will be a different map each game of the round best of 3 normal games so 3 different maps and best of 5 finals so 5 maps. The maps that will be played are:
Normal rounds and semi finals:
Match 1: 45 Man PBall
Match 2: 60 Man PBall
Match 3: 80 Man PBall
Finals(Best of 5 add 2):
Match 4: PBall X
Match 5: 2 Mage 1 Spell
1st will pay $70 and 2nd will pay $30. Anyone is welcome to play it'll be in channel spikes on server RU. I'll be messaging people to see if you can make it. Please play if you can and let's have a good night of some PBall fun!

As anyone who has read the forums in the last weeks/months has seen it seems apparent long time player Equinox has stopped taking his medication. He incessantly spams the same stuff over and over while insulting everyone and displaying obviously narcissistic and grandiose characteristics.

Now I know there's probably not one person who gives a flying fuck about him at this point as he's burned all his bridges by calling everyone retards with his projection, but is there any way we can come together to get Equinox the help he needs? Lord knows Equinox can be a decent guy when he's on his medication and receiving the proper therapy.

Maybe money isn't the answer but maybe we can all brainstorm a way to get poor Equinox the help he needs and possibly some English lessons? All ideas are welcome, feel free to discuss! Thanks! =D

11 / Mousetopher Quit Warcraft 2? BAD NEWS IF SO!
« on: November 05, 2019, 11:00:05 PM »
After noticing Mouse had my PMs blocked and posting about it I never heard anything back.

Fast forward to tonight and a guy on the server pointed out to me that his PMs from her are blocked too, and that when he looked at her last post she said she's quitting. It was during the burnt stuff and she said "that's it, i'm quitting war2". It looks like she blocked everyone from PMing her and I guess quit Warcraft 2.

That being said if that's true that's not good she ran the site and forum and did a lot for this game. Who is going to do that stuff if she doesn't come back? @Certified MENSA Genius Brain (smart) @iL

Mouse if you are reading this please consider coming back you did so much for this game and this game needs you! Yeah there's a lot of drama and some shitty people, but if you can overlook that this is still a great game with a lot of great people too. Hope you see this and don't really quit.

There will be a $100 45 Man PBall Saturday, November 9th at 6 PM Central time / 7 PM Eastern time in channel spikes on the server. 1st place will pay $70 and 2nd will pay $30. Please try to make it to this tournament as it will be the first PBall tournament in over a year. I hope to see you there!

13 / Mousetopher I Need To Speak To You...
« on: October 18, 2019, 02:36:55 AM »
Mousetopher why do you have my PMs blocked? I haven't played in over a year but have corresponded with you MANY times over the years beings I hosted tournaments and had admins on all the Facebook groups/pages. I have always got along well with you and never had a problem so I am totally baffled why I am blocked... I need to speak to you about the Warcraft 2 Facebook pages and me hosting cash PBall tournaments again. Please kindly unblock my private messages or I guess respond here, thank you.

There will be a free to play $75 PBall Build Balanced tournament Saturday, November 3rd at 6 PM central/ 7 PM Eastern time. It is in channel spikes as always on the server. I hope you can make it to support this great game!

This post was about a legit tournament that was played(10 people showed). The tournament I'm talking about had a lot of interest and had a good showing. The forum post itself had over 1,200 views. yes a lot of the views are trolling back and forth but this tournament got more interest than most of my other tournaments in general everywhere I posted it as well.

When that was posted Samuel the forums most obvious troll started responding to it and eventually claw posted on it too(claw wasn't banned at the time). I was just defending my post and asked that claw's trolling be deleted at the time. He kept posting multiple advertisements to my tournament as well as his normal trolling on the post comments itself.

I admit claw as far as trolls go can be funny. The posting multiple threads was comical but I didn't ask for it and asked them to be removed at the time because it was confusing would be entrants to the tournament. I only argued on the thread because people were commenting who had no interest in playing the tournament, so i was defending my thread.

Please add this forum post link below to the server discussion where it was and rightfully belongs. This was a good tournament and had a good showing of lots of old school players, I'd like a record of it on the forum, one not in flame wars because of trolls...

Let me know what you guys think(Mouse/Blid)


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