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Yeah you're thinking Allerias PBall Ganz. The first types of PBall came out around 2002 and were Alleria PBalls like 60 Man and 2 Alleria. Then came maps with mages and rax(420 PBall) and maps with mages and varied units with no rax(80 Man, 100 Man, 45 Man). From 2002-2004 and even after on East PBalls were hosted all day long probably more than GOW for a while. The PBall community has died down a lot but there is still several dozen active PBallers. I love it, just like the fast paced action, always trying to spread PBall and Warcraft 2 in general.

Yeah any tournaments are a good thing. We need to get the main server populated again. Thinking of starting a PBall player facebook group. Think I may have had the first tournament ever hosted on Mouse's server last night(8 people) not sure though? Haha. Hoping the main server picks back up and we can get some good old wc2 ownage flowing on the server again. :)

Last night we had an 8 person PBall tournament Ryu. It ended up being me and QUICK{hR} (Matt) in the finals. Got him, but was a good game. Quick and I are going to try to get some more 8 person tournaments(or 16 if we can get the players) in the days to come and this coming weekend. Anyone is welcome to play in them, message me on the server to get in and for details.

PBall replays youtube channel:

Okay thanks Ganz, with this post and the one I'll make right after that should put me at 5, thanks for the help.

These are two 8 person tournament final games. The first is xXxSmeagolxXx vs Xcal. The second is xXxSmeagolxXx vs Angel~FirE. Both very good games.
Smeagol vs Xcal
Smeagol vs Angel
If you like PBall or enjoy watching PBall games subscribe to my channel more to come. Contact me on the server at xXxSmeagolxXx if you want to get in on future PBall tournaments.

Support Requests / Re: Smeagole harrasement.
« on: June 24, 2015, 07:04:16 PM »
The whole community doesn't need to to squelch me. I've played this game for years, I've played on server RU since 2009, has there ever been a problem with me? EQ had said hateful crap to me in the past, and reading the forums where he threatens to beat people in the face until they are dead just got to me. I won't send him anymore messages, but if you're going to ban me for saying offensive shit to people on the server there are plenty of people who deserve it worse. Nearly everytime Van is online he is calling people faggots, bitches, telling them to quit Warcraft 2. I didn't know Equinox would nearly cry because I sent him a few messages. I'm really not sorry for sending them to Equinox because that's how I feel, but I will apologize for, "Breaking the rules". I abstain
from doing so in the future.

Support Requests / Re: Smeagole harrasement.
« on: June 24, 2015, 06:39:02 PM »
I've put off making a forum account because I didn't want to join the hate on this forum(mostly perpetuated by Equinox). Anyway I guess I'll explain myself, since EQ has made a thread about me. Equinox has spewed hate to me in the past on the server over me playing PBall. He spews hate on this forum toward the admins and anyone who doesn't agree with him. Equinox builds himself up with his past achievements, and claims of what he has done for the game, pretty much all of which are in his head. He doesn't help this game with the bullshit he spreads on the forum and his attitude toward custom players on the game. Sending him messages while he was in the game wasn't the best idea, but he is hostile with so many people it seems a joke he would cry that I harassed him. I sent him like 5 messages that took less than 5 minutes, if he gets that hurt by words maybe he shouldn't dish out the crap he says.

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