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General Discussion / Re: Info wars shut down good or bad?
« on: August 25, 2018, 07:01:46 AM »
"Invented by my friend {NaTe}. Before him no one had considered you could wall in a ct, without walling in your whole town.  Hehe"

NO possible SPB is OG Flower Tower^^

“I don't get it. PB clearly supports politicians that openly advocate doing pretty much the exact opposite of everything PB is ranting about, then somehow, he twists it around in to a narrative about political correctness.”

I do? lol , what are you talking about? The only politicians I brought up were cautionary tales demonstrating the perils of censorship. I suggest you look up the meaning of the word “opposite”, only advocacy was for free market solutions, free speech and anti trust as a last resort to ensure a free marketplace of ideas can flourish. I never took you for the kind of guy playing with out a full deck lol.

“If there was ANY actual real scientific basis for disproving climate change, someone would have published it and immediately got MEGA$$$ in research grants from all the oil companies etc. Their grandchildren would be set for life..... and BTW I personally would be very happy to see it, seriously what a relief.”

You’re stating Climate Change like it’s not a theory and already proven. You don’t start the Scientific Method trying to prove a negative, you 1st have to affirm a positive. For starters nobody can define “climate change” or distinguish it from the weather, it wasn’t long ago it was known as “global warming”. Every climate model is a vast over simplification that can’t accurately determine the attributions of every discrete variable.

As a small example to contextualize the problem, we must determine our relative position and trajectory under weather patterns that precede drastic human interference. We reside within a 400,000 year cycle that is part of a 100,000 year eccentricity cycle, between warm periods, currently our equinox cycle is winter at perihelion along the northern hemisphere. Our 40,000 year obliquity cycle or rotational procession cycles every 26,000 years along our axis. The change of obliquitey is along the  a higher range which naturally results in more extreme season. By bearing all this in mind we can try to temper expectations to a certain extent by remembering we are in warm interlude at the depth of an interglacial phase, where glacier retreat is expected. We also must bear in mind the gravitational tug of Jupiter and Saturn with result in 3 periodic shifts that elongate our elliptical orbital shifts up to 30%. Our current respite of the Holocene Epoch was about 11 thousand years ago. Thats when temperatures rose and humans agriculture really began to thrive. Surely, primitive man’s carbon footprint was the cause of this phenomenon?

The second most pressing sets of discreete and dependent variables involve a chronological inventory of temperature and atmospheric conditions and hopefully a correlation occurs that allows us to differentiate between, global conditions and cosmological conditions. For instance the co2 concentrations were 3-6 times higher in the Jurassic period than they are today and will leave the atmosphere after thousands of years. Methanes potential to warm the planet is also 20 times greater than carbon and will leave the atmosphere after 12 years according to the EPA, which would prove as a useful warning measure if drastic change was needed. There also exists a strong 600 year delayed correlation with solar activity from the sun and geological climate readings. NASA says 9 of the 10 warmest years on record have come this century, but its hard to verify the accuracy and atmospheric conditions of a farmers almanac.

Once we’ve determined how to properly weigh the variables and assign ranges and varying degrees of probability as to which effect what, we can hopefully gleem a more accurate model, then compare and apply to other planets. Then, we can plug in the main part of the equation which is the green house gas effect. We’ve now upped our c02 concentration from 270 to 400 parts per million. Solar energy is absorbed  by earths surface and through convection and radiation goes back into the atmosphere as heat. Unlike oxygen and nitrogen which easily dissipate heat, Carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor and nitrous oxide vibrate more when they absorb heat, the friction generates more heat which radiates back down to earths surface in a feed back loop. We need to continually obtain accurate readings of this mechanism by indexing the troposphere, ionosphere, atmosphere, stratosphere and earths surface to get a more detailed understanding. Another localized phenomenon is VLF radio communications which have formed an artificial space barrier which bends the solar radiation that permeates the earth. Also, it’s important to remember water vapor is the main infrared active gas in the atmosphere compared to c02.

Certain conditions can also distort the results of other phenomenon if they aren’t fully accounted for on models. For instance, there is a natural positive feedback loop of c02 that accounting for 15% more of our agricultural production since it is a plant food. Also, you look at earth at aphelion where we move slower for the long winters which aren’t counteracted as much by short summers, ice also reflects more and absorbs less sunlight. Bottom line, the people i’ve spoken with who’ve studied this think its worthy of study, but concede we can’t accurately define the parameters of the feedback loop with any high degree of certainty.

I won’t get into how this is a socialist vehicle for a wealth distribution scheme amongst nations and how other signatories of The Paris Climate Accords haven’t been in compliance in spite of their claims. Also, find it amusing most climate scientist grants are based on endorsing a preconceived conclusion even if it means falsifying past data to “prove” a theory.

32 / Re: War2 and Math
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:33:38 PM »
How would you devise such a representation or system? Djinkhan posted a couple graphs on war2 back in the day. He believed combinatorics graph theory and analyzing probablities could help analyze war2. He did however make a couple Awesome war2 Puzzles that are worth checking out.

Warcraft 2 - dkpuzzle solved - YouTube

 Only seems useful if their was a practical application, like AI or analyzing your replays and show you step by step probabilities as your game play diverges from the optimal move. A combination of deep rationality, fuzzy logic and deduction to find the preferred solution analyzing replay and running simulations would be useful. It’s tricky because a lot of what you do is dependent upon what your opponent does. Effective inferences rely upon making proper reads, scarcity allocation of time, formations and resources and knowing which calculated risks and exposure are acceptable at which stage. Ideally, it would move beyond pattern recognition and create novel abstractions from previously untapped connections & differentiate between strategy and tactics while communicating when and why certain adaptations are necessary. Show us an example of how it would work in the most basic sense! Google's Deep Mind is working on Beating SC2, I think war2 would be far more challenging , would Shotty or Swift represent humanity vs the Rise of the Machines?

General Discussion / Re: Info wars shut down good or bad?
« on: August 13, 2018, 10:25:20 PM »
“But isn't this the only way to prevent the companies that own those digital platforms from doing the exact thing you're complaining about here?”

      Ideally, free market solutions are the preferred approach. Competing platforms are starting to emerge, but the old guard is fighting back, Microsoft servers threatening to shutdown GAB if they don’t censor users posts. However, for the most aggregious offenders, monopolies will require anti trust intervention for FB and Alphabet. Intervention has been the default position protecting the companies since the 90s, it’s only now extending protections to the consumer is being given serious consideration. Companies are shielded from liable under the Comm Decency Act if they are platforms or merely act as conduits. When they move beyond that realm and start acting as editors of content it becomes harder to make the argument they haven’t assumed the role of a publisher, opening themselves up to a multitude of lawsuits. You can’t have it both ways and still be considered a “platform”. Modernize the consumer Bill of Rights which already gives people the right to choose, ensuring they have a variety of content & sorting options to choose from and a right to be informed, what data is collected and how its used, a specific reason must be stated for a suspension or ban & a right to privacy, in the age of retaliation people should be able to maintain a shroud of privacy online to protect themselves, unless threatening a life. It’s concerning, since most legislation tends to curtail personal liberties, instead of extending individual freedoms. FB may eventually have to offer a migration assistant or allow competitors to access the platform with their own customized iterations, like switching cable companies that still rely upon much of the same core infrastructure.

“If a newspaper was publishing bomb-making and DIY suicide vest instructions they would be shut down.”

Not really, the supreme court has allowed instructions on how to make an atomic bomb and the Anarchist Cookbook is completely legal in the States for educational purposes.

Attributing volitility solely to misinformation, while ignoring the short sellers and private data misuse which was the issue of greater concern. It was actually a non issue when Obama utilized the same tactics incorporated by Cambridge Analytica, but for a conservative agenda.  They do want everyone using it, but thats why they try to make filters subtle and hard to detecct

“The "book burning" rhetoric is exactly the sort of uninformed rubbish that shock-jocks make their money spreading. “

     Most content consumed these days is digital, you don’t have to silence a voice, just make their message scarce and drown it out with amplified competing propaganda to tip an election. This has virtually the same effect of a book burning by keeping just enough of the population dumbed down with trivial issues, like the Kardashians, most people don’t have the time to or energy to deeply delve into things. You’re focusing on the most extreme example while ignoring the myriad of other examples already provided that could hardly be construed as “misinformation”. Youtube is already adding “fact checks” to videos that question climate change. Rome had a similarly detached & cosmopolitan attitude before it’s fall. These issues are hard for you to relate to since you’ve never had Free Speech, just empty promises from the Magna Carta, you probably cheered Tommy Robinson being locked up and Laura Southern being denied entry to the UK while Khan lets in all his terrorist buddies in. 15 acid attacks a week in the UK have become the new norm and nobody is allowed to speak out against the root cause which is Muslim Extremism. Didn’t mean to startle anyone, continue sipping your tea kind sir like nothing is wrong with this trajectory.

General Discussion / Re: Info wars shut down good or bad?
« on: August 08, 2018, 06:37:50 AM »
     This is essentially a modern day digital book burning. It’s very disconcerting when Big Tech assumes the role of the Thought Police, because the people can’t be trusted with information. Most people who listen to him know he’s performance art-entertainment intersperssed with political commentary. The vast majority of people are able to differentiate between a bogus satirical conspiracy theory and a sound political argument. The thing is a large segment of the MSM is derelict in their duty and are overly concerned with regurgitating partisan talking points, instead of actual hard hitting journalism. Media black outs, censorship and blatantly dishonest spin have become the new norms depending upon who we’re protecting or targeting. We live in a world of scandals and cover ups, where the IRS, DOJ and FBI target their political enemies. We still can’t see the Fully unredacted 9/11 report, JFK assassination or get a straight answer to the Vegas shootings. It’s understandable, why people seek answers even from someone outlandish in search of clarity. Most of what he utters is nonsense, but he occasionally touches on some valid points and when you throw enough speculation out there, some darts are bound to hit close to a nerve. It lends some credence that perhaps 1 of his theories struck a chord, which would explain the way they after him in such a drastic and coordinated effort in unison (10 tech companies). By making him a martyr, they have shot Info Wars app to number 3 in the App store.

   The more curious question becomes, what were the true intentions behind the ban? I reviewed some of his earlier suspensions and all he did was repost viral videos, that others had with out consequence and merely interjecting his own view point to the material. He has documented proof his accounts were in good standing before the purge and 1 of his last posts was people of all colors coming together in harmony to challenge radical ANTIFA in Portland, his position was it was devastating for their narrative and that’s the reason they NEVER bothered to provide a specific justification. There is no standard of consistency applied to other disreputable groups, like Farakhan, ANtifa, Holocaust Deniers. During Zuckberg’s testimony, he claimed it was supposedly a platform for “ALL VOICES”, where the dubious can easily be refuted by fact checkers and critical thinking. This is evident of a much larger pattern, where Big Tech continually targets libertarian and conservative ideas and thought leaders. Double Standards, shadow banning, search-feed filters, demonetization have been effectively utilized to the point where most people don’t realize they’re being told a lie or a 1/2 truth. You can’t effectively function in a modern economy, when you’re arbitrarily vanquished off the grid. Gun organizations being black balled by banks and payment platforms, Tommy Robinson banned for exposing pedofiles and Muslim extremists. This would be like a private gas company coming out and saying they will no longer sell gas to black people. Under certain state laws political affiliation is a protected class and is entitled to legal protection under the law. These Orwellian tactics definitely violate the spirit of the 1st amendment, which was once held sacred by the left. The supreme court has described Social media as the modern town square and they are correct & when you deplatform someone, they become essentially  irrelevant & invisible with in the public sphere.
Senate Democrats are now on record wanting to regulate all digital platforms, defining tech as essential facilities, designating price controls and monitoring citizens for radicalization, misinformation, fake identities, users will have the power to demand certain content be taken down and hold platforms liable that don’t abide. According to Dem senator Chris Murphy; this is just the beginning and we need companies to take down more sites, “the survival of our democracy depends on it”.

   Reagan was right when he said “If fascism ever comes to America, it will come in the name of liberalism”.
It’s frightening to hear the left echo the sentiments of Stalin “Ideas are more powerful than guns, we wouldn’t let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas”.  Historically, monopolies always abused their power until they’re broken up or regulated so that might be the next step. Apparently, it doesn’t matter how many voices you silence as long as you stop Trump, Populism, restore net neutrality, access the Chinese markets and brain wash us a little closer to the precipice of socialism.

“The amount of eccentricity in a society has generally been proportional to the amount of genius, mental vigor and moral courage it contained. That so few now dare to be eccentric marks the chief danger of the time” Or this all might be a vast cover up for the Gay Frogs~~

35 / Re: Online Psychos Continue to Harass and Spam
« on: August 06, 2018, 03:43:44 PM »
It wouldn’t be that hard to assign a chat macro to an Fkey, could automatically squelch people when u log on. Depends on your version of windows or you can download a free program. Van says he’s only messaged u 5 times in the last year, r u sure nobody is smurfing as him? You should take SS! That’s shitty 2 people were mean to you (and i put leeroy on my auto ban 4 life list after observing what a piece of shit he is) but i’m curious how calling the authorities would help . 911 , whats your Emergency? ___Jay and Silent Bob voice “Bruuhhh this guyzz Totally talking shit online” lol =)

36 / Knitterhemd scamming people
« on: June 01, 2018, 07:09:09 AM »
I’ve witnessed many lows in the war2 community, but never thought I would observe a Nigerian prince type scam. Jesk and I were talking and it’s come to our attention Knitter has scammed at least 5 war2 players so far out of money. He will claim it’s part of a short term loan or some shit and just vanishes on some Lex Luther shit. I think most then parties involved wish to remain annonymous but just be warned, i’d hate to see Swift lose his millions and relegated to gaming inside the Starbucks bathroom. I remember the war2  community has at times been compassionate, just don’t let scum bags take advantage of you …Say you’re some fucked up orphan who never learned right from wrong, it’s 1 thing to scam strangers but to pretending to befriend people merely as a cheap ploy to take advantage of the better nature of humanity. 1 of the consequences there will be a deep reluctance for those rare cases where people actually needed help. I'd rather not associate or game with someone that desperate and shady

FFA random race tourney would be pretty dope at some point =p

38 / Re: best warcraft 2 player of all time
« on: May 15, 2018, 07:45:17 AM »
Lol I find it amusing when most players weren’t around for every era and the vote becomes more a popularity contest, but ill try to add some perspective! Truth is many players have held the mantle of best player for short or long periods. As with anything a huge variable was how much time you’re willing to invest and your motivation.

Top player for Era - Combination of 1on1 and team play for a prolonged period.


Great potential- Great players but they had a few weak points in their game they never bothered to address or became overly reliant on certain strats, which made them a little predictable. Others  didn’t necessarily have glaring defficiencies, but they didn’t play long enough to truly let their potential flourish.

*Lone -

Dynamic Players - Players I found who are great at improvising or coming up with creative and inventive ways to approach a problem. They would easily crack the top player list if they played as much, but regardless would do well in any era


Top Human Players


Best Fags, i mean Gayers

Nalzyman - Never seen anyone surpass his elaborate gays to this day, high risk but high reward.  Shotty Tried to dual on him twice and he only got 1 bag of gold for both games combined lol
Dugz- Knows every chop and hidden rax spot and can seamlessly transition if something goes wrong.
Kyle - he knows he can play catch up if his gay utterly fails which gives him a little more freedom to try things
Braviet - King of suicide strats!

Top  FFA Players


Favorite personal Hypothetical match up 4on4 - My best allies vs the most Solid team I can think of , would be a great series and shotty would still find a way to blame his allies LOL

Jitter or 00Tony



Top Shit Talkers-


NeRzy tried out a program on Kali for a week that when a peon clicks on a building it makes it explode, wasn’t really “hiding” anything, just tried it out along with the name color change program. Was clean on bnet, KHB is just jealous Nerzy has always been considered top dog over him even allying total newbs Like Skaven_wh. Khb would dodge certain people and only ally certain players that could carry him. Also , why do you feel the need to make up lies about players dying? I hadn’t seen you in a decade 1st thing u say to me is “Log off the DI tags, your diluting the (DI) brand lol, like anyone knows who the fuck ur clan is anymore Uncle Rico. Shotty talks shit in a funny way, while you are just a hateful black hole of negativity for some reason. Blid is the war2 Therapist and he’s here if you feel the need to reach out and touch somebody.  Don’t stress it Baby, he’s just mad his glory days are behind him now that he’s dead weight

39 / Re: war2 Censorship
« on: April 15, 2018, 03:13:24 AM »
haha I would be a hipster for a day if I could find jeans skinny enough, but my Quads are too massive!!

huh? West coast isn’t late at all, and who gives a shit if I pop on late, not really your concern.  The term negro itself is benign, means black in spanish and has many ambiguous interpretations related to darkness & death. Even if you elected to direct the characterization towards black people the term has no negative connotations, just happens to come from a different era & was even listed in military hand books.

Place to cool down? I wasn’t even upset, just watched Boardwalk Empire and was amused at a funny piece of dialogue. You’re under the illusion that referring to someones race some how makes it an over act of racism. Not really pissed, I just talk in a direct manner that probably offends the sensibilities of a beta male. I am however annoyed some admin decided to go rouge and fuck with me for no reason. This game is on the verge of dying out and you think fucking with its dwindling player base, indulging an immature musing will some how help the community? I logged off early because I was annoyed and have no wish to return until your identity is discovered. I notice you’re too afraid to face me man to man. Well i’ve seen Van, Sepi, Yamon, Silent Farts pretty much every player on the server utter something that could be deemed far more inappropriate. Ban us all! You never know a midnight soccer game of Negros might be disbanding and will be horrified by the effrontery as we besmirch their street cred.... This was pretty harmless, whoever ur, you’re a pretty sad person to stoop so low harassing players to some how validate yourself and expand on a rather perfunctory role.  Your job is to worry about screen shots, bots and harassment not injecting your personal political bias upon the entire community. UNDERSTANNNNNNDDDD???????

40 / war2 Censorship
« on: April 15, 2018, 01:02:01 AM »
Who the fuck was the Admin tonight? I was banned from channel for having the name UppityNegro
Like Hell I was banished to the void for all of eternity... Did some1 put a priss in charge like cell?
Whats wrong with u people and ur faggoty micro aggressions?

These maps are like the bastard love child of a 1 night stand. Sure technically a PUD but no real thought or effort put into them, shit choke points, strat variety, strategic Dk spacing, chop points, pathing and feel. Plots pud would be more fun, or Mini Gow... There are better ways to impress Nedro

42 / Jayhawkerz RIP?
« on: March 19, 2018, 06:04:53 AM »
Ry said Rasak and Van say Jayhawkerz passed away from some disease??  Kinda  sad if it’s true, could explain his mood swings if he was living with some terrible disease. He talked hella shit but he was still a cool dood. I remember me and him went like 15-1 vs scrubbo and incin back in the day during their active period, they were hella pissed!  Has 00ryan, jayhawkerz or tizzy been online in a while?? I heard it was confirmed on his fb????

After every game i play, I type / stats THEN BEAT MY FUCKING CHEST LIKE A FUCKING APE, AINT NOBODY GOING TO STOP ME oR HOLD ME DOWN> I played on Kali where there were no official stats and if both people got back doored on friends, people would peon Hop and a stand off or a stale mate would occur. IF the guy eventually left, U had to take a SS incase he tried to lie in chat about the loss. Like Malik Yoba in Cool Runnings “When I look in Dee mirror, I SEE PRIDE, I SEE POWER, I SEE A BAD MUTHA FUCKAA WHO DONT TAKE SHIT FROM NoBODY”  The Current system is allowable for both philosophies, those who prefer more competitive stakes or those who don’t take numbers as serious or only vs certain players.  I host a lot of games and stats make it easier for me to balance teams, someone with a 1:5 Loss ratio requires a stronger player etc. Like a trophy some players take pride after a hard fought victory and there are still tons of people dicking around exploring more creative strats with out sacrificing the competitive nature,  So what if some people take pride in their stats,  it’s not your place to say, not everyone has to share your value or belief system. Takes a lot of audacity to think you’re going to some how impose your beliefs upon the entire server because you’ve had a few unpleasant experiences and don’t like to Av people (I could give 2 shits).  Clearly your a liberal, u have a strange notion you’re going to some how socially engineer the server for participation trophies and have displayed clear contempt in your poll with anyone who has an opposing view point. You’re posting a lot of unrealistic non sense, bad ideas aside its hard to take a chop player seriously on matters concerning actual war2. DONNY YOU’RE OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT^

You never provided your Supposed “game theory” analogy , posting a wiki link makes u a poser who doesn’t know
what the fuck ur talking about.

44 / Re: Why Tora Tolerates Bullies
« on: March 07, 2018, 05:03:28 PM »
Are we in the midst of a War2 civil rights movement? There are far worst things in life than someone being mean to you
online over a video game, like Wasting tons of time and energy obsessing over something so inconsequential. Imagine if you spent more time tending to your family instead of your war2 flock lol. NAH fuck that ATTICA ATTICA!!!! WEEEE SHALLLLL OVER COMMMMEEEEEE  - POWER TO THE PEOPLE

45 / Re: lol what is this??
« on: March 01, 2018, 11:55:16 AM »
lol You probably would have a case to sue for not being compensated for your intellectual property! However, if you weren't utilized maybe they don't consider you INTELLECTUAL BURRRRRRRRN^^

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