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Strategie Guide 01 (Understand The basic)
« on: April 10, 2015, 12:18:18 PM »
Hello everybody, today im gonna explain you the basic mentaly of this game.

Let's take this guide like if we gonna talk about 1v1.

To be good at this game you will need to understand the basic, like what is gonna give you advantage and what gonna be the opposite, because this game is all about + and -, you try to accumulate the more + you can and try to eliminate the more less you can.

Overall, your good shot or your mystake gonna be the result of the game and sometime peoples dont realise that little mystake they do will change all the result completly.

First of all you absolutly need to understand this game is like chess, it mean you have to see what your opponent gonna do before he already do it.

The best way for that is to fastly scout your opponent, because you can't stand at home and hoping for a victory.

By scouting your opponnent you will be able to know his own strategie but you will be also able to choose what gonna be yours since you know what hes gonna do!

But be careful, because scout will certainly give you big advantage, but scout can also give you lose if you do it bad.

There always a right way to scout,  each starting position have his own right way to scout, did i use my first peon to scout, did i use my first grunt to scout, where i scout first? Your gonna have to learn them and use it as an advantage instead of scouting badly and it's became the opposite.

There also a difference between 1v1 scout and 2v2 scout, but now it's start to be complex and im gonna explain you this on future strategie.

So dont forget your scout is something you have to learn.

There also your build order, build order is the way your gonna build your town.

This is also one of the most important thing to know, because build order can became a sneaky way to fastly go for other strategie.

It also a way to do the maximum effectiveness on your game play, less building your creating, more money your saving, more faster gonna be your power.

It's also a way to save time by learning your own build order and always do the same build order by instinc instead of always think about it.

From a certain point your not gonna even think about that, it's gonna be natural and instinc and gonna save you alot of time!

Build order is pretty pretty PRETTY important and there alot of peoples who dint realise that even after ten years.

So im also gonna learn you that on future strategie.

Another important thing to know and learn is the map control, it mean from my initial position and from the initial position of my ennemie, what strategie will be the best for me, what gonna be the fastest one, whas gonna hurt more, whats gonna save me more money, whats gonna help me for future expantion and where to expand first...

All of this gonna be + and - and you want to know thems...

Graz if you know how to do a rush or a power, but did your rush or your power gonna be the best thing to do? Probably not!!

PS: Also, here a list of the Warcraft II language.

- P Scout = Peon Scout
- G Scout = Grunt Scout
- Rush = Making grunts
- OT = Offensive tower ( Wich mean going to your enemie base and try to kill him with tower )
- DT= Deffensive tower ( Wich mean protecting his own base with tower )
- BA = Barrack Attack ( Wich mean build a barrack between the gold mine and the hall of your enemie )
- P Stop rush = Peon Stop rush ( Wich mean stop making peon to have a better grunt rush )
- Gaying = P Scout on a lazy way ( Wich mean your gonna peon scout but you dont know if you OT, BA or just nothing )
- Dual = Build 2 base from start.
- Dual Rush = Build 2 base from start and rush at same time.
- Dual OT = Build 2 base from start and doing OT at same time.
- Trial = Build 3 base from start.
- Expand = Build more base later on the match.

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