Author Topic: Strategie Guide 02 (Why hacking is a waste of time)  (Read 20430 times)

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Strategie Guide 02 (Why hacking is a waste of time)
« on: April 10, 2015, 12:22:40 PM »
Sup guys..

In this post im gonna share something with you, im gonna explain you why hacking is a total failure and waste of your time.

First of all, you guys have to understand this game is about knowledge.. Like any rts game!

You can be good in rts game, but if you dont get the knowlege for the right game, your never gonna be good.

If i am pro at war2, this is because i know units, i know maps, i know hotkeys, i know strategies, and way much more, but all of this not gonna be the key in starcraft or warcraft 3, because everything of what i just said change.

So you have to learn everything to be able to have that knowlege.

And this is where map hack goes wrong.

Because map hack is not the same knowlege of an legit player.

When your playing with map hack, your playing with an advantage, and your learning with this advantage... It's like chess game, it's like if i know every shot your gonna do before you already did it... Look pretty cool hen! But the fact is your gonna learn with a bad perception of the game, your also gonna try to play in a way to dint get caught, your gonna be more paranoid and gonna do mystake for that fact.

The legit players dint have advantage like you, it's right, he dint see your first shot like you do, but he learn from any point and any situations, perception of the game is perfect, he can be offensive, he can be deffensive, he can sneak you anytime without being paranoid and cares if your gonna ask him for ss. He will be able to addatp on any situation, the fact is he got an advantage too, hes advantage it's to know your second shot! Hes not gonna see your first shot, but when your gonna do your first shot he will be able to know exaclty what your gonna do and he will know what he have to do! Because he learn the game from instinct and the real perception.

Hacking is like steroids, you feel bigger, you feel better, but everything is fake and gonna explode against you later, when the natural guys gonna have enouph natural strenght and your gonna lose balls.

Learn to play with the right way, learn to play with the real perception and instinct!

And i tell you, your gonna see your skills get way much better.

Good luck!
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