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1 / Shout outs!
« on: February 02, 2024, 11:51:42 AM »
edit: oh yeah how could i forget fois. i had a port issue and he got me some regfiles to get me on a custom port to solve my issue. (maybe thats the problem some of us have on gog idk) plus other things.

Anyone have anyone they would like to shoutout for any reason?
I just saw 00Brett give Wargasm a shoutout for being a good dude!

id like to thank Lamecraft for his assistance in getting lobbymap pud view to work, its not the bigger view that id prefer but its better than nothing!
also Lamecraft assisted me in getting insight figured out!

also a shoutout to tora for helping me get my (KP)chayliss accout back

good job guys!

2 / war2 bne just released on bnet!
« on: January 30, 2024, 08:00:49 AM »
so can yall make it so our hd version works there?
they want 10 bucks for the game ;/
went to the bnet forum, guys getting stuck tryna get online, so i advertised combat edition hehe
wonder if they tried to merge it with gog servers?
edit: lol if you look at requirements it doesnt list intenet, so they have zero intention of multiplayer

Cartography & Custom Maps / 4v4 map - Provincal Bloodshed - shared bases
« on: January 27, 2024, 02:22:50 PM »
4v4 map - Provincal Bloodshed - shared bases

Provincal Bloodshed.pud

« on: January 22, 2024, 10:52:42 AM »
Garden of War RU.pud

Many moons ago our dear friend KHB created GOW fixed, where the required chop at 8 to create a close town hall was removed.
This was intended for tournament play (i do not remember nor can find the map) but it may have also had grass edit for better 6 gold flow?

So with what seems to be much more common these days with the big games (maybe even 1on1s coz fuck self nurf moving? hehe(and guys crying with me staying 8 haha)) here is big game Garden of War RU.pud

In the Past I have tossed out a reimagined gowBNE (what bne should have been(gow classic but ''balanced'')
I have called that version GOW CE (combat edition(mainly rearaging 6/8 so that it closely plays like 12/2(ie with 6/8 having similar choke openings and the lower path between bases closed off(but i have never been happy with the lower left tree design after removing the water and closing the path off it was basically a big ass fucking forest))))
With GOW CE.pud I have to restart due to somehow breaking the melee mode (it crashes on start)
That was somehow due to fucking with the AI, changing its stupid build placement to proper placement. Also I was  trying to do a paladin/range rework. The knight/pally was gonna be interesting hehe. But with the combat equation idk. Not to mention the changes never showed up in game.
Also i had 2 versions of gowCE, one original goldmine size, and one with buffed gold mine size. Like 30ks got 10 or 15k more. mid got about the same buff. and start locations i thhink i put to 75k. the mine buffs were for big games. wonder how that would play heheh.

Today my friends and enimies I present to you Garden of War RU.pud
A farless radical change compared to Garden of War CE.pud

Below is additional information on GOW RU!
First the Overall map followed by the locations of 8, 6 ,4, s12

Garden of War RU.pud

8 o'clock
Dirt change (atfirst it allowed to wall in 8s goldflow(cool but nah)) Tree edit for hall placement and goldflow (not all tree chops removed(i like a lil more chopped out persoanally))

6 o'clock
Just a lil grass for proper gold distance giving multi hall placement option.

4 o'clock
Added in 2 trees behind the mine

Tree edit for proper gold distance

keep the dream alive
gl hf

Mods & Development / Looking for feature
« on: January 18, 2024, 10:36:04 AM »
on the downloads section i do not see separate file to enable view map in lobby.
if its in the install i enabled but i do not see lobby map preview
i would enjoy this feature ;)

6 / 1/13 2s tourney...who finna play?
« on: January 11, 2024, 11:17:41 AM »
zero chatter?

where is the list of teams and trash talk and boasting?  is it gonna end up being like 2 or 3 stack teams vs random teamups of showups?
all I ever see is big games, don't see anyone practicing???

where the old pros to hype the shit

could be good to document it all and stream, ride on the back of all the recent war2 coverage

I wonder of the actual user count these days for the hardcore and softcore and rarely core players

speak up on your participation

the gimmics and flamboyance of players were half the driving interest along with the gameplay

gl hf

7 / lotta war2 love lately
« on: January 08, 2024, 04:43:42 PM »
tasteless did some streams
then the war2 campaign dropped on war3
it sucks but w/e, the units arent right
then I saw in my google feed a post I cant reply to
and linked another guy posting about it

8 / Got one of my games casted on LagTV
« on: October 24, 2023, 10:43:52 AM »


9 / help i cant join games
« on: October 23, 2023, 03:33:42 PM »
so i change nothing
i was just playing
now i am unable to join games

« on: October 20, 2023, 08:58:56 PM »
god damn friday night no users what the fuck
where is the users to play the video game at?!?

11 / Community building
« on: September 20, 2018, 08:35:24 PM »

i had the best gow remake     (i also ran the most successfull solo ladder on .ru((i also troll thrown losses in a team ladder coz they used a different platform and it was not gonna make it anyways(((decap still hate me for it)))  (my best trolling was allstar..from mad to rage to lul)

kept it classic, and made 6/8 like 12/2 with minor changes

combat edition is not complete untill my buddies custom voices are added, proper music is added, and my GOW CE (combat edition) are added.

if my demands are met i will deliever expouser to thousands   

Killer Peons Est. 1995


12 / The return of chayliss™
« on: August 13, 2017, 11:24:25 AM »
You HAD to have known Brother Thomas would come.

wtf no poll options like   rip that site.

greetings to all my fans and followers!
for those that dont know me....chayliss was brought into existence on 1997
i have a 90% complete classic gow remaster where 6/8 are made to compete with 12/2
with both a regular resources version and a buffed mines for big games.
the hard part is complete. the visual of what to do with all that space in lower left is the last challenge.
i lost my files. thanks to blid he got me some early versions i had shared with him awhile back.

this project is years in the making.

this is far and beyound better than fixed gow. where just a square or 3 were changed. and miles beyound the garbage that is gowbne.
if interest in the completion of this gow combat edition™ (GoWCE™) is high i will complete and publish a final version.

long live warcraft 2. best rts game of all time. fuck you blizzzard for the remaster of of sc1 but not war2. but then again blizzard tends to wwe things up.

i will check back at a later date.
ill have to find the editior again and organize my versions do some planning etc..
after it goes final a tournament of 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 would be AWSOME~!

this is how gow should have been for bne not that garbage blizzard came up with.

AIM: chayliss


Twitt(DUR): chayliss   (holy hell you gotta disable shit like its win10(then tell shit that you rather would not see content that pops up(block nonsense follows(etc..)))

Youtube: brad schwenzer / VideoGameSquad Baby    i have several accounts i use to adjust the algorythms of what i see. little content except the loggest clip of the show soundgarden did a week before cornell died the show here in indy. 

! No longer available that is under restricted mode and disabled comments. i beat that dont happen on the upload.

 if you wanna dig in rabbit holes look at my brad schwenzer channel and my videogamesquad baby channel on youtube history and archived videos.  : chayliss  just uploaded all my video from the soundgarden show plus a couple other clips. i have some more shorts i could add.

INstagram is probably also chayliss is KPchayliss#1143  pretty much just play heroes of the storm now,  DethWlkr#1964

twitch: chaylliss

steam: ssilyahc

war2 combat edition  chayliss or KPchayliss

KP: Killer Peons Est. 1997

also have a switch account: chayliss

ps3 account which went inactive was also chayliss i believe

if the community is dead i shall call time of death and move on. last chance to grab the interest of a hall of famer.

on a side note i sold all my epic genesis/segacd/saturn games    RIP   
you would shit if youi knew what i got rid of and how cheap i did it.  it was a sad day.

gl hf

if 2LDN shame on you.

Support Requests / [done] need to beable to log into my accoounts
« on: April 02, 2017, 11:34:16 PM »
id like to play

14 / ATTENTION! Warcraft 2 HD & Blizzard opportuity
« on: April 02, 2017, 11:27:07 PM »
starcraft 1 has been redone in HD blizz has a tweet setup to tell stories etc..

if we could find the right person to reppresent the community to tweet the story that they didnt play sc1 because they were playing warcraft 2 and you still are. then the rest of us go support that tweet.

god fucking speed

15 / Where Dem Indiana boys
« on: March 19, 2017, 08:23:24 AM »
East side indy....u know you guys are around

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