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1) Server.War2.ru / Re: The problem of Nazism
« on: July 29, 2021, 10:55:00 AM »
U8t actually only game he knows in his life is war2 lollll

2) Server.War2.ru / Re: The problem of Nazism
« on: July 29, 2021, 10:53:57 AM »
never played that i play Cold war and NHL21 games for men not pussies :D

3) Server.War2.ru / Re: The problem of Nazism
« on: July 29, 2021, 08:58:55 AM »
U think new players dont realise after 10 games its been 10 times the same map? lolllll np

4) Server.War2.ru / Re: The problem of Nazism
« on: July 29, 2021, 08:24:30 AM »
Thats not il problem at all that server dont reach 30 people a day thats cause ru people only play gow and i know litterally 15 people that play on other server that are tired of 1 map all day long. And there are like 5 people that play both servers cause they can play gow but after 2 gow games they tired they need map change so they change server ( example He-Man) Blaming il is no sense...

Np dont forget most people work and they come play war2 to relax after job Np They dont want spend free time to solve internal issues

Nice poem np

Equinox if u want to be admin maybe u shouldnt insult everyone. If u become admin u think u will just change in 1 second and be fair to everyone?

LOlllllll imagine Equinox as admin he will insult all of you np yup

Np play where u like to play ru or usa. Tkas u already played usa and u like it u can play both too if u dont want to leave ru. Xurnt joined usa the community is big but bigger everytime just cause people in ru always have drama thats been like this since long time loll. Np i guess people know my aka so no need to tell

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