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Yupp, I drank them fast. Got one left going to send it to Burnt.

Great Idea! In Germany this summer? ;)

Took sometime for my friend to create, he was busy with other things. And it took even more time for me to post on here.
I got one bottle left and sending it to Burnt.

The labels got a bit white on it, it should not be like that, but no worries. Looks pretty cool also, kinda worn feeling.

Since we got Monoply in Sweden we can't buy strong beer in the stores. Just at systembolaget or beer in bars etc.

If anyone is interested to create a beer who is beer addict and got a suggestion for beer, Warcraft II, beer.
Like named after units.
Death Knight, Ogre, let me know.
Goblin/Sappers would be dark lager for me.

Maybe there is some brewery in Germany that you could ask and start to produce one beer at a smaller brewery.

If you want the emotions and the sex you should fuck with a friend, lover or girlfriend.

I guess if it's just for the fuck, then pay someone.

But I will go with the first option.

That's all they got for now. It's mainly a water company. That provides with water with the labels the company want for a mass, company meeting, event etc.

I will get  a higher amount of alcohol another time. Actually thinking of starting a beer company. But in 2 years from now. Got to work up the funds first.

This is how it will look. There text will be a bit changed from lageröl to lager, öl is beer in swedish.
I will show the bottles when they are done.
Will maybe take a while to pick them up, next time I go south to my friend.

The second alternative with the Warcraft II Logo Won. Going to contact my friend about the bottles this week.

General Discussion / Re: The Music thread!
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Great song easy!

General Discussion / Re: The Music thread!
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svenska / Lite Age of Empires II
« on: May 19, 2016, 09:28:57 PM »

I'm so bad so I often forget how to multi cast. Hahaha, it's fun to laugh at yourself and your shortcommings.  ;D

I already contact my brother who is working at the company. So when the poll is done on monday.
Will be ordering like 24 bottles.

Going to send some them to some of my Warcraft II friends.

Which picture of those 3 do you fancy the most?
Vote in the poll at the top opf the post.

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