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Here is how they handle forums on heroes of the storm and Starcraft2. Care to give these rules a try? Since you seem to adore these games soo much  :ok_hand: :newthumbsup:

Oh and BTW these rules apply to each and every single member, no special treatment no exceptions this includes Admins and VIPS. Good thing to note for sure...
Since these games are obviously so great how about we use the same rules overhere and oh How about we respect what cathegories are for too that would be great!

Oh and hey have a look at what I just found in there:

Distribution of Real-Life Personal Information
This category includes:

Releasing any real-life information about other players or Blizzard Entertainment employees
If a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:

Be permanently banned from the forums

Ouch I guess some people really are lucky this forum is not HOTS forum because I am pretty sure they would be long gone by now!  :rofl:

Oh this is not all look at this gem for example:
Harassing or Defamatory
This category includes both clear and masked language and/or links to websites containing such language or images which:

Insultingly refer to other characters, players, Blizzard employees, or groups of people
Result in ongoing harassment to other characters, players, Blizzard employees, or groups of people
If a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:

Be given a temporary ban from the forums, depending upon severity
Harassment takes many forms, and is not necessarily limited to the type of language used, but the intent. Repeatedly targeting a specific player with harassment can lead to more severe action. The idea behind this is to prevent any one player from consistently being uncomfortable in the forums.
*Cough* "Muslim!" *cough*, rings any bell to anyone?

Or this LOL:
Spamming or Trolling
This category includes:

Excessively communicating the same phrase, similar phrases, or pure gibberish
Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums
Causing disturbances in forum threads, such as picking fights, making off topic posts that ruin the thread, insulting other posters
Making non-constructive posts
Abusing the Reported Post feature by sending false alarms or nonsensical messages
Numbering a thread, IBTL, TLDR, or any other fad statements
If a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:

Be given a temporary or permanent ban from the forums, depending upon severity
Creating Duplicate Threads
This category includes:

Creating threads about existing topics
Creating a separate thread about an existing topic for further discussion in more than one forum
If a player is found to have participated in such actions, he/she will:

Be given a temporary ban from the forums, depending upon severity

Freedom of speech does not mean absence of moderation in a discussion. Quite the opposite actually otherwise its the jungle the louder voices have all the attention all the time and it is impossible for everyone's voice to be heard. Having categories that we respect on the forum and enforcing them helps freedom of speech and making sure there is a proper place for each topic.

That said I would support adopting most of these rules for the forums while keeping some categories off rules like Flamewar/offtopic so that our most racist and Homophobic or politically engaged creeps can keep posting all of their wonderful theories there. Since apparently for some of us "This is war2" and getting rid of it is "killing war2" but at the same time they want to move to USA when they get banned here... How ironic...

Oh and I think things are going to move much much more quickly now, thanks to all that shinanegan that happened over the last few years All the people of the russian community are going to have a look at how things are run here and start getting more involved and help manage this horrible place and make it one.
Finally we may have a freaking normal place that feels welcoming for everyone not just a handfull of loud voices...

There is hope  :newthumbsup: :wc2:

Moderated General Discussion / PPD
« on: November 14, 2020, 08:03:16 AM »
If you always feel like the world is out to get you and it makes your life a nightmare.

If you always are stressed out by a lot of very complex things that you are having a very hard time pointing your finger at.
And if it makes your life more and more a nightmarish mess.

There is maybe a way out for you, but it probably is not an easy one. In any case, watching that series might be a good first step:


Hopefully one day it helps someone snap out of that horrible downward spiral.
I always empathise a lot for people that experience these mental struggles, there is no worse feeling than witnessing these people suffering usually good people too and being totally incappable of helping in any way.

Sadly this is probably the best and only thing that can be done: point them at people that know how to deal with these issues...

PS: I am posting that here for people that feel like they are concerned by that particular illness and want to snap out of it. If you do not feel it can help you in your own life please out of respect for people that it may help do not answer this post... Take it or leave it as this could really help someone one day...

Why am I even posting this now:
Ok, so I have been following the tournaments discussions a bit and lets get that out of the way right away: I know in the past I failed to make any tournaments happen, multiple times actually and I must really suck at it to be fair.
But I believe this is because I always focussed on just having a good show for the streams.
I always thought about what new viewers on streams wanted to see, not necessarily what you guys wanted to play.
And unfortunately these are very different things sometimes, which resulted on pretty much 0 participants and involvement everytime I made such an attempt maybe there are other reasons to these failures as well but... Anyways, point is, I know, I sucked at this but who tries nothing gets nothing...

Maybe this time we can find a middle ground or some kind of common goal and a way to make something work  :slight_smile:.

I believe we all have pretty much the same dreams when in comes to the health of our community and warcraft 2. We all would love people to come back and some of us do already spend crazy amount of efforts in that very direction.

Here is the reasoning and thinking behind this whole charity stream idea:
Have you guys ever heard about charity streams or seen one?
These event have the potential to bring a hell lot of attention to games and communities that are sometimes very very small and almost unheard of. And it does that in a very very very positive way!

I have been thinking about this for a long long time now, this would have to be a community effort though, this is not something someone can do alone and it would require us to be able to unite for our common goal just once and see this through.

Here is how this would work on paper:

- Every player would be able to choose a charity of their choice to represent, and to whom the donations money would go to if they win the tournament.

- We would basically have to create a dedicated account page where we would collect donations very cleanly and openly. At the end of the event, all the money collected would then be sent to the charity chosen by the winners in a verifiable way. (first place charity gets most of it and second places get a bit less etc).

- To make sure the show is really going to appeal to the largest audience possible we would select the most popular maps we can think of that we know will bring the most viewers, mixing water and land based maps as well as chop games at every stage of the tournament.
The goal being to really make sure we show is the most diverse and spectacular possible to keep people's interest and bring back memories as much as possible to people that are going to show up at the event that one time.

- Every game would have to be streamed so people can follow along what is happening and priority will be that the event gets the widest coverage possible here on all our streams.
When I say this would be a team effort I really mean it! Participants would be asked to take it upon themselves to try and show sportsmanship (no stream sniping, play for fun etc...) basically to show their best and most friendly side just for that one time event... I recon this would be a big team effort really, but I believe we can try and put our common goal first just once.

If we do this right we could have a real shot at really creating an event that would make us look good and bring back a lot of people back to war2 at the same time...

We certainly would have to plan that properly and make sure everything runs smoothly and flawlessly starting by creating a kind of custom Challonge page for participants to register and choose the charity they want to represent out of a list we would have prepared in advance. We would also do all we can to advertise the event and make sure it gets as much coverage as possible just like all the other charity stream events prior to ours.

For the tourney itself I was thinking of making it a ffa tourney, at the beginning on big maps and then smaller and smaller down to pure 1v1 maps. Maps would be selected by popularity as well as their appeal and diversity for viewers to get a very complete tour of war2. The first player to leave or to be killed entirely is eliminated from the next map until it becomes a pure 1v1 then we could have a best of 3. Something around these lines... (we could also allow smurfs or make it a smurf tournament too, I mean, there are many possible changes that can be added to that raw draft but you get the point).

At this point this is just a raw idea that I wanted to share with you guys and know if you would be willing to believe || want to participate || help in such an event.

So what do you think guys? Would you be down for something like that? Could we make something like this happen? Would it even be worth it according to you?

Let me know what you guys think! And feel free to give ideas this is a raw draft and as I said before it will have to be a community thing if it ever is going to happen!

4 / An impossible task!
« on: September 23, 2020, 09:20:02 AM »
Final version :


Cartography & Custom Maps / Cel's Ladder Maps Pack
« on: June 05, 2020, 07:07:22 AM »
Warcraft 2 has been there for 20 years, the mechanics of the games are far more understood now than they were when the game launched.
Here is are maps that try to bring you guys new "water land hibrid" strategies like no other ladder map did before while being fair, fast, and entertaining to play/watch.

First of these map is Four Seasons (128x128) which already has been there for a long time and is the result of the collaboration of me and Mr bux a year ago.

Then we have Tiny Seasons (96x96) which gives your a very well rounded 1v1/2v2 map where pretty much everything works from grunt rush / tower rush / boats / boats and land.

And finally we have Tartiflette (96x96) for epic and fast paced games where all kind of unique strategies are playable as well.

I Hope you guys will have as much fun playing these new maps as we have had for the past 4 month on stream watching and playing them.
Some players really adapted fast to that new style of water hibrid maps and these games are usually packed with action from early rushes to epic full scale games and are quite entertaining to watch/stream as well!

Have a wonderful time playing these maps, and most importantly keep playing/loving war2 no matter what map you fancy! :D

Tournaments & Leagues / .
« on: May 31, 2020, 07:56:45 AM »

7 / is now a thing! :D
« on: May 24, 2020, 05:20:47 PM »
You know these times where you host a game and suddenly 3 4 players you never heard of arrive,
and you resort to spam the **** of the /stats and /finger commands in a desperate attempt to have a balanced and fun game but it is taking ages and is not really working so well?

Well now you have another option available : Have the lobby server page up on the side or on your smartphones and voilĂ !
One click and all the troubles go away, it is faster and more accurate balancing as well. And also you get a free nice new browser source to use if you are streaming that go with it  :slight_smile:

here is how it looks like when you use it aside from your windowed game:

And here is how the browser source can be integrated in your streams layouts:

Me and IL have been very active this week to improve the server's resilience and stability and bring you guys even more features and we hope you will like them!
Also this is the first version of it and updates might come in later like more visual feedback etc...
Let us know what you think!  :thumbsup:

Try it now! :D

Love war2!  :wc2:

Mods & Development / Quick team balancing tool for lazy hosts!
« on: May 15, 2020, 06:05:15 AM »

I am making a simple javascript page destined to go on the site that would work like an app and that we could run on our smartphones while playing the game.

The base idea is that just by connecting to an address on the server like :{insert nickname here}
You would be redirected to this page.

On opening the javascript will then ask the server to know if the player is in a lobby and if it is, to give it the name of the game, and the names flags and elos of all the other players that are in the lobby with him. repeating the request on a regular interval.

With these informations the page will allow you to preview the teams you want to make and the elo balance of the current distribution.

So basically way faster than looking up every player and doing the math in your heads or taking a wild guess.

And of course it comes with a bunch of customisation so you are able to manually do all and lock yourself and your friends in place and then just click on that big button to help you place all players in the most efficient way possible by trying to reduce the elo difference between every teams.

The page is already almost done so soon we may be able to try it.
Also if we can spare a very small amount of database space I will add a way to save the distribution and then when connecting to another page you can see the last saved distribution for that given user in a non interactive but easy to embed way which would allow streamers to have a nice panel when they play to show their viewers who is in the game with them without having to  touch anything else :-)

A thread for us to properly thank Mr IL who's actions and overall dedication has allowed us all to keep playing the game we love in optimal conditions. The server never went down more than 24 hours even with the recent stress it has undergone because of the large amount of players connecting. I've seen more popular game's servers go down for more than 24 hours yet IL always seem to keep these down times so very low so kuddo to him :thumbsup:

Also thank IL for being such a nice and chill guy and always putting the game first, always updating the clients and making sure it only gets better for everyone.

And also for listening to our little problems and never overreacting and always looking for the most non-destructive solutions to them.

We now have a plugin to permanently squelch players people do not like, as it was supposed to be and IL still is looking into improving that feature server side. is growing, we have now regularly more than 100 players during weekends these are the best times to play war2 and we should never forget the people that make that possible and the work they do for us to enjoy the game we love  :peon:

So yeah thank you IL and thank you to the team that back him up and also modders you guys are awesome!

You are living proof that fans sometimes are the one thing that make games survive the years!

 :wc2: :wc2: :wc2:

Mods & Development / Do we have war2insight 's source code?
« on: March 15, 2020, 03:13:30 PM »
Right now we need players to be in the game to be able to watch games and that may induce lag and all kind of bad things.

I was thinking if instead of recording to a file we added a functionality to insight so that it can stream the data of the game to a server or read from such a stream on the fly we could have a real spectator mode that would allow any number of players to just connect to a given game at any moment and start recieving that stream and play it on their own without having to be in the game at all.

For that though we would need the source code to add that functionality to insight.
then once we have the stream send/read part done making a platform site where people can watch ongoing or past games would be quite easy imo.

So yeah the question is do we have that somewhere available or is it a private repository/project?

If the creator is still around and don't mind sharing we could setup a Github repository that we can fork/work on :-).

Breaking news we all were fooled for 20 years here is the simple truth, just trust me I know.

Also it is worth mentioning:

Ballistas are better to micro than catapults.
Exorcism is way more useful than runes.
Blizzard is twice as powerful as d&d.
invisibility is waaaaaay better than haste.

Honorable mention:
Polymorph is way more easy to use and has way more application than coil and is totally worth spending 2k and 200 ticks over.
Coil totally cannot do the same as polymorph for the same amount of mana with easier targeting and also heal it just is not a thing.

The most important part being Archers are stronger than lusted ogres I can prove it.

I ran a legit test multiple times and I can tell you every single time my one archer killed 9 lusted ogres like it was nothing. He did not even take a scratch and that was only a level 1 archer!

#LustIsCrap #GoHumans #OrcsSuckBalls #HumanTrumpCard

Next time you play against a weaker player make sure they pick humans and you pick orcs so that you have a good handicap!


Tournaments & Leagues / .
« on: December 02, 2018, 07:30:48 AM »

13 / Lets talk combat edition, spells a and balance!
« on: November 01, 2018, 03:07:02 PM »
We all know the game has some areas where balance is not perfect and some people have offered to make changes to balances things up in the past.
Here is a way I would look at it:

The real thing to keep in mind when looking at this issue is that most of us do play the game mostly out of nostalgia.
So if changes are to be made they have to be so minor that they wont change the way we play the game and the way the game feels/behaves overall we do not want to play another game we want to play warcraft 2 with all its mechanics and logic.

Ideally any change made would only make the game feel a bit better and make it more interesting to play without changing anything to its core mechanics and the way we play it.
In such a way that players coming back to the game wont really be noticing them too much, we are basically talking small tweaks in numbers nothing more.

Here are changes I would suggest if we were to make any update to the game's balance:

Lust has to be powerful it has to allow players to tare appart builings and all that jazz the only problem I see with lust is that it is so cheap players do not have to think about when to use it.
Players can afford always re-lusting everything without thinking twice.
I would thus propose to change the cost of lust from 50 to something around 100 mana making it a little more strategical to think about when to use the spell without reducing its effectiveness when it is.

Heal costs 6 mana per hit points healed a paladin has 90 hit points it means a full mana paladin cannot heal another paladin up as it will only heal 40 hp (edited).
the cost makes it not worth it to even use the heal in combat or even else.
I would reduce it making it twice as cheap like 2 or even 1 so that it will most of the time heal up the unit you are using the spell on.

Berzerker troll regeneration:
the thing is so slow the troll will die of old age before it get healed 9 hp. Archers on the other hand get a nice flat +3 damage I would up trolls regen a bit like twice what it is.

Coil is amazing firebolt not so much I would maybe lower its cost a bunch to make it more interesting to use it to for example taking down towers and other small objectives quickly without spending a full  blizzard.
Or we could increase its damage by a lot so make sure that if you hit your target it was worth it.

They suck and they are expenssive I would lower their cost a bunch and make them use upgrades or make them a bit tougher but they still have to loose to a grunt 1v1 they are the units you want to make when resources are about to be mia on the map

Unholy armor:
A very powerfull spell to make dk bombs and other fancy moves but it is very expensive overall still and could be a bit cheaper from 200 to something around 150 100.

Flames shield:
A fun spell when used wisely I would however lower the cost of flames shield from 80 to something around 50 to make it more possible/worth doing invisibility/flameshield combos.
Also it has a short range making it castable at a less close distance could help making it usable.
Also making it last longer or enable casting it on air units could help making it more useful.

A very powerful spell against other casters but it does cost a lot I would lower it from 200 to around 100.

These are suggestions that I feel would not change the game's logic and the way people play it but will encourage more interesting plays and thinking behind player actions.
Feel free to add your own thoughts on this and suggestions.

Tweaking numbers there and there as long as they do not de-nature the game is I guess acceptable in my opinion what do you feel about this matter?

Disclaimer: I am overall happy with the current state of the game and I am not saying we need to change anything. I am just saying that before changing anything we better make sure we have proper discussions about all of it so that we know what people are cool with and what not :P
Also it is a fun exercise to think of what small tweaks can change in the way the game is played even if it is to do nothing in the end.


Here is how to brute force your way into right now to play with us:

1 - launch the game, when the error pops up click ignore so the game launches.
2 - When in the game navigate in the menus with the shortcuts keys.
3 - To connect use the C key then escape key if it takes too much time and then C right away again you will be able to brute force yourself in the server before you know it.

Why bother you may ask?

Even if you do not believe like I do that splitting the player base in half, when the game barely have under 100 players on average, is a destructive and silly idea no matter the undergoing intentions are.

Here is why you should not join that new server :

Let's start from the beginning, these attacks started moments after the new server was advertised, I am not accusing anyone from that new server but it is still a possibility and should be considered as such nothing more.
It is thus very probable that the person hacking the server right now knows about that new server and wants to push people to go there and knowing that actually changes things.

You see, when something like that happens there are really two kind of messages you can send when you are in charge of that wannabe non-toxic new server :

1 - Show you are not supporting or accepting these attacks and decide to play it fair by disabling your own subscriptions and registrations until the attacks stop on the other server to show you are not supporting these attacks and refuse to benefit from them as it is not acceptable and you are willing to show you will do everything in your power to condemn them.

2 - Or show you are not condemning these actions by actively using the attack to try and win people over. Thus supporting them by not sending a clear message.

Well I have the regret to announce that the creator of that new server himself, though he may have nothing to do with the ongoing attacks as such.
Did however show by his actions that he chose to adopt the second option...

That should be enough for you to see why if you had any doubts about joining or not that new server that you should not even consider it anymore:

If even that person who created the thing does not think you should move to his server just because you want to but because you are pushed or forced to, why should you think it is going to be any good for you or the community?
Do you really think moving to a server because someone tries to force your hand to do it is going to have a good ending?

This server lost all credibility the moment these actions took place.
If they do not hesitate to use that attack to unfairly profit their server (you can look attached image and see for yourself) they do however acknowledge and show that,  even they, do not believe people would make that choice on their own if not for that "fortunate" attack.

Now I can accept a honest mistake and it is up to them really to show how much they care about the image they show right now.
But honestly the more the time goes and they stay on this stance the more they dig their own graves in my eyes and I hope in yours too.
And the more it goes the more they show how low they are willing to go for getting your attention.

Thank you for not playing in their game and show by your actions that you do not support or accept these kind of behaviors or attacks!

Just boycott that server until they change their attitude and clearly demonstrate that they are condemning these actions publicly and by their actions.

Simple steps toward a much better goal:

We have a lot of good and egocentric players, what we do lack however are players that actually play the game < plain and simple.
You don't need to be good at the game to have either fun or interesting games just get that out of your mind, you can be the worst player ever play a lifetime and never improve and still enjoy playing the damn game if people will allow you so no you don't need to be good and actually we don't really care if you are.

To be a valuable warcraft 2 player here is a simple step by step tutorial:

1) Play the game for what it is: a game... (a very old one, with a very small player base that is)
2) Find nice people to play the game and enjoy your time with and make sure they come back to play with you.
3) Just focus on having fun experimenting and loosing with a smile on your face because no one cares if you suck at it.
4) Try hosting games that any player can enjoy.

More on that point:
Play and host some games with rules or settings that all levels of players can have fun playing with.

For example play with last man standing (LMS) rule:
Basically that would be a FFA melee game where the only rule is that you can ally but without ally victory all of the players.
It means forming alliances during the game is allowed.
That way being weak or not wont stop anyone from making a difference if they find enough weak players willing to ally them players can make the difference and change the tide of the game and even win against all odds against much stronger players than them (providing that they are good at picking sides and letting them do the hard work).
This is then much more challenging for the strong players while letting weaker players having a real impact in the game in their own way.

Or you could handicap yourself by limiting your roaster when you see it could help the game being fun for everyone instead of a one way stomp that would not even be challenging for you.

5) Find other rules and ways to make these 4 steps happen as often as you can.
6) Make sure you avoid playing or entering games where the host is being disrespectful to new players.
If the host is being an ass try whispering the victims to let them know that not everyone is an asshole and leave the game.
^ if everyone leaves these hosts alone in their game, that might make them realize how good the game will look like in 6 month if everyone behaves like them.
7) Don't try to be good at the cost of the above.

I wish your luck in your quest to becoming a better player!

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