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1 / A Sonnet for War2
« on: February 05, 2024, 12:42:50 PM »
In the hour we meet dear
I told the ghastling to keep it clear
Infantry on the side by the bawswe of trees
Birds long shunned the outskirts magic's disease
Lusted footmen from who knows where
While beverage ghaint falling from my beard

2 / The current Status of War2
« on: December 11, 2023, 06:09:13 PM »
Let me tell you of ancient times
When orcs and humans fouGht
Little fatigued was their training - to triumph over one another's wits
Let me tell you of ancient times

For so they fought in victory, and fury
Even equipped in the outrage of ranks and leagues
To comprehend: to one another's victory was a marvel over their past
And to achieve further was extraordinary

Let me tell you of things now: where wits are faint, and people fake their bondage with the voyage and expedition to greatness
They say, "I am pursued, as a great one," and they fall in leagues to rank their past fatigue with the battles of ancient
To not align themselves with past results, and to not manipulate their past with the times where passionate uprisings condescended those times which nature does recollect to the present

Now it is the duty, the situation
The presentation, the nicety
To make sure everyone enjoys their literature, to make sure everyone reads their book
No more are the teeth spewing and careening in the mouth, to make amends for past yells and thrills of the battles' onslaught

Now let me tell you how things are now
Faint, to recollect in contrary to how things were
And an expedition that is led astray from motivation, and approval of victory - to condescend and hate, to be victorious no matter what
To lunge the other players' ambition, and to heat the argument of no mistake

Hasteth me to lunge forth and conclude woes and precipice
Where vantage points and abrupt advice swarm'
To the advise of nurture and nature's gasp
The incongruent races of the human and orc
-- The satisfaction of their dealings

That likeness was the osprey, as sick bird about them
The hunting and unique appetite of them both
Sinkings a feeling to fulfill a battled destiny

Hopes soar aloof and passion stands
That gape in their pursuits
Battle appendaged to hate
And lust appendaged to doom

Whereas matter not young and the heart nurtured unafraid or being tender, admonished in time
That we are loose from planting, and suckling, and hating as it once was
In times where there be few of us left -- to twain matter of factly dominate interests among ourselves
To negotiate yet once again a victor and master of all races and technique

Support Requests / Password reset
« on: August 05, 2023, 10:17:58 PM »
I can not use my password - forgot - jessu001

Support Needed

Support Requests / Re: Password reset
« on: July 22, 2023, 09:26:02 PM »
I need a password reset for (jessu001) please

need assistance soon


5 / Re: Jay Cotton owner of fess up
« on: June 30, 2023, 11:40:25 PM »
I apologize for the confession stance of Jay Cotton undermining to his own appreciation and doubt, but it was resounding in my mind that GOD wanted him exposed for all the horror he did to the few and far between in warcraft, who presently without doubt was part of, but never contributed therein. I was relieved when swift countered star in saying that I was withheld from passion, and it is thus taken to not be abashed by the new crime in town: hedonistic accomplishment in lieu of the scrub ever performing ever. Thank you Burnt for resounding this post to question, as I was spurious to announce anything like it without care and concern that knowing intently without doubt Jayhawkerz is, indeed, and he wept, Jay Cotton.

6 / Re: Jay Cotton owner of fess up
« on: June 27, 2023, 09:23:17 PM »
Sorry for the doubt, but Jayhawkerzz is complete for espionage on warcraft sincerely being his only remorse for war2 was to spill the beans that he was the owner of

7 / Re: Jay Cotton owner of fess up
« on: June 27, 2023, 11:30:59 AM »
Jayhawk errrrrz is predominantly unfound in scope and reason, because he was the creator of kali

8 / Jay Cotton owner of fess up
« on: June 27, 2023, 12:03:48 AM »
Jay, hey this is Alex twa antidote for war2. I am the only one that knows your secret identity as Jay Cotton, Star (Tale) - I know you don't know me, but you were 10 times greater than Swift before you lost your mind to sex syndrome ASP - ask your old friend Sasquatch to watch you play enormous beatings of the heart he used to have. -- GOD

9 / Re: Largest Contributors to Warcraft 2 gameplay!
« on: June 08, 2023, 04:43:01 AM »
Awake! Shout out! The prince of the game, of who would reckon? For he will have an assembly with you. He will hold assimilation, and tell the heap of your trouble to consolation. What is the disgrace of the player that creates conduct out of hate? What is the hate that creates conduct out of disgrace? Let all be honorable mention, to those who relinquish not the borders of conceit, to secretly charge themselves a withdrawal into this substance. I can oust the corner of display, that people go awry, and in time, they fall. Let it not be so. Let all know, that in Christ Jesus is strength. That the rapidness of a river is confounded -- but when it strokes itself into a quiet monotony, and dwindles in its curved proceedings, does it allow itself to be heard. Therefore let it not be so that it is NEVER heard, for if life be life, then Christ Jesus is nothing, but life not, and death not -- but death is sincere to life, and life is indeed sincere to Christ. The allowance of bondage to satan in your life is not construed to hurt you, the allowance of that on your life reaps corruption, innate insecurity, and hopelessness. One must know that GOD IS JEALOUS, and to have the glory of GOD in your life is one to pass bread, having taken part therefrom, knowing that GOD granted you the right to have it, being so as who you are, witness to his glory, to share that glory -- and love your neighbor as yourself, for it is witness a mountain in stead of a man, to confront GOD with his knowledge that it is intact, who made all things in the earth, and above, in the midst, and below the earth, and all that therein is, to that end that it is not robbery to think that GOD didn't bless those who know of it, rather than those who are as a beast before HIM, who go along, and know him not. Amen.

10 / Re: Largest Contributors to Warcraft 2 gameplay!
« on: June 02, 2023, 03:22:08 PM »
Aghast... I am social. I am one. I am in GOD and the Lord Christ Jesus. *cries. Has anyone appeared before me? Yet I join a game... and I say... I am one to want to play! And they looked at my name, behold -- the clouds are witness, and the formidable ground a hazard, that the very triumph of their assault on my name was ungodliness. It was, "Get out!" "Noob" "Out" "gtfo" with great hate and complications, just because I chose to use my email address as my name! Just BECAUSE I CHOSE TO USE MY EMAIL ADDRESS AS MY NAME!!!!!!! So I bend the facts? No. All are a contradiction. Terrible contributions. All an assault. Ungodliness. Terror, and horrible mischief. A huge catastrophe for the game. All hackers, losers, and in doubt, terrible hallucinations of what a warcraft player should be in any state of rightful manifestation.

I assault the borders and foundations of war2 -- that they are amiss. They are contrary. There is no substance therewith with which someone can summon not boredom, in associations with what they have done. It is a "Noob?" What is a "Noob?" And they triumph. They lay disgrace. A "Noob" ventures onward. They say.... A "Noob" ventures onward, and doesn't learn to play, ever. Trek. Trek. Trek. Trek. A contributor to war2? No. Far from it. A contributor to the holistic satisfaction of disgrace and uttermost horror of what people do not despise when they look onward for an impact upon persecution and hate, rather than some sort of welcoming clause of hope that the game is going somewhere.

11 / Re: Server Down?
« on: February 03, 2023, 09:35:07 PM »
I think if I clicked on the logo with the sword and spatula, normally war2 starts man, and then this idea of a server. I usually click OK man and I it says I have the gate open. Man....

General Discussion / Wargasm and them etc
« on: September 02, 2022, 06:30:50 PM »
Following the passion which trust dissociates strength
To find compassion without the abrupt notions of guilt
To, as I say, compass my skill and be as an astute player in myriad contention
To not astray those substance of morality

Why aloof these bringeth to a hope
That I, allowing not my person to go astray from such
They bringeth disaster to the bowels of contention
To obviate my worth to be of a worthwile
To say, it is not

Support Requests / Re: Password reset
« on: August 30, 2022, 08:16:42 PM »
nvm I can get in somehow with an older password that I already had


Support Requests / Password reset
« on: August 30, 2022, 08:14:51 PM »
Sorry I input a complicated password and didn't remember it exactly.

Can I have a password reset please?

Tora may reset it; I PM'd him, but I am not sure if he is available now.

Support Requests / Re: Password problem!
« on: August 30, 2022, 05:59:45 PM »
I put in a complicated password and didn't remember it 2 days ago.

Can I have a new password reset?

I PM'd Tora but I am not sure if he gets it quick.

Thank you,


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