Author Topic: First game of the day and already lpzcoldjack is trolling me  (Read 10185 times)

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I literally joined a game by mystical and I knew most of the other people, I played with them a lot, but I started asking you know COMMUNICATING "hey, is this a tvb? can I play" and nobody would say shit, but lpzcoldjack started trolling me, like he has been for the past few weeks, so as soon as the game started nobody has vision, they're all like "re re remake" and THEN I said I was building. So, mystical said "ban mana" and now he's being a little faggot trolling me too! Why would they want to remake and ban me if they had no idea I was even building, assuming I wasn't supposed to, not that anybody told me WHAT THE FUCK THE GAME WAS ABOUT IF NOT TO PLAY WITH 4v4. -_- I really really hate stupid fucking fake people.