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2 / Please help Yamon
« on: February 12, 2021, 06:20:52 PM »
I just started working for the first. Time ever. Right now I am staying at a guesthouse in Queens New York. I have two days paid left. If I can't stay here i will lose my job and be homeless. I need to pay one additional week so i can keep working.
Please will ky Warcraft family help me with my goal of 230 dollars to pay for a week so i can work and pick myself up?

I am trying to get off social security and work full time. I do not want to ever be homeless again so i am getting rid of that and only working full time. I work in Warehouses in NJ for a company called PeopleReady. But the pay isn't going to come fast enough.

3 / My new live stream channel
« on: November 19, 2020, 10:19:37 AM »


Going to be making new content as well as commentaries.

5 / SS for lale
« on: October 10, 2020, 10:02:20 AM » isn't working.
your e-mail is long and strange, and you refuse to whisper it to me.

 so I'm uploading it here:

It's the fact that I'm playing on a windows 10 laptop. There is an intregrated feature that is in relation to battery usage,
in which cpu throttling is automatically disabled. Causing the CPU to run incorrectly in allocating CPU usage for warcraft 2, causing massive unit delay, especially when the game goes on. Playing on a desktop will automatically fix this issue. However, the fix for laptops is ever easy. There is a solution that already exists created by the iccup community two screenshots:

It's also important to note I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. Plop and Kuro have also said they've experienced this, and there's no telling all of the new players who have accepted this unit delay as the norm.

If you google "starcraft 1 windows 10 cpu lag", or "warcraft 3 cpu useage delay" you will get dozens and dozens of articles.

I've been trying to solve this issue and the problem I've run into is, that windows 10 has no intregrated feature to fix this, other than changing CPU throlling for every program. That wouldn't be a good thing. The only apps that I can control it on, are apps I don't use that are integrated windows 10 apps. Also, Warcraft 2 has no option to enable cpu throttling. But starcraft brood war does. My suggestion is to make an update that forces it, exactly like the mca64launcher. There are also many other features on that launcher that would be great for warcraft 2.

8 / Request for iL
« on: March 11, 2018, 09:30:35 AM »
iL can you recommend a good VPN that will give me better packet routing to the server and/or players far away? to fix my confliction issues.

9 / Challenge for Swift 1v1 bo11.
« on: March 10, 2018, 06:55:59 AM »
My schizophrenia is in the final stages of the healing process. My cognitive ability has increased very significantly. in turn my war2 skills have become  better than ever before. At this point, after 2 years of taking niaicin. I have lots of the brown skin on my stomach, according to Dr. Abram Hoffer indicates the final stages of the healing process. My inability to perform consistently at a high level, was very much linked to how I felt on that specific day. This was because, some days i had consumed more niacin in my diet than others. I always felt like I couldn't perform even close to how well I could have every single time I lost. People confused this as "excuses" or w/e. Which is understandable, I understand the logic behind it, but skepticism is often misplaced, especially when dealing with sick people. A great example would be addicts, who have a gabba and dopamine deficiency in their brain, causing them to use. They are not "pieces of shit that don't care" people who don't care don't shoot up and cry themselves to sleep. That is rather an unobservant and withdrawn opinion on addiction. As this is the internet, everyone is withdrawn and doesn't really give a shit about what's true with other people ( i am guilty of this myself, it's just how it works), So I don't take it personally.

 So it is my opinion that my skills are on par, perhaps even superior to swift. We have equally measurable experience, equally measurable strategic arsenal, but he always had the logic and cognitive ability advantage on me. Which of course is the most important part in an RTS. With my inability to think on the fly, or stop making mistakes gone, I think there's a good chance I can beat swift in a series. My schizophrenia and dementia, almost made me dyslexic in my game play flow. In which I couldn't do things in logical order, or manage res, or put the right amount of farms, or remember farms. things of that nature.

So I want to challenge swift to a 1v1 series, whenever he has time and accepts of course.

Naruto Shippuuden.......NARUTO VS SASUKE FINAL rasengan vs chidori - YouTube

10 / require the services of Tupac
« on: November 30, 2017, 06:26:36 PM »
where you at dawg?

11 / Everyone On East Coast of USA high ping
« on: October 10, 2017, 09:13:41 AM »
Tora, Logan, and I all have about 300 ping. You can't play a multiplayer game with a ping of 300. that's way too high. I believe it's because of the server location ( germany i believe ). I'm not even going to play this game anymore. The lag is unbearable. It's no wonder I have trouble beating the europeans, they all have a ping of 60-80. This 3 second unit delay per command adds up real fast over the course of a game. I can't fix this problem, so I don't think I'm going to keep playing.

General Discussion / Ortholecular Medicine for Everyone
« on: September 03, 2017, 11:16:38 AM »
It's been about two months since i stopped taking my 17 prescriptions, and started taking niacin, and various other nutrients based on what my body needs according to my symptoms.

My current vitamin regiment:
Niacin 500mg 3 times a day with a meal. - Schizophrenia
Lugol's Iodine 2 drops a day in the morning - Hypothyroidism - Leaky Gut
Vitamin C 6000mg a day - smoking ( causes vitamin c deficiency, cancer is metabolic disorder. This is how smoking causes cancer ), leaky gut - bolstering the immune system.
Probiotic once a day - Leaky Gut
Omega-3 Various forms, dosage varies: coconut oil, chia seeds, and fish oil. - Leaky gut
Vitamin D 4000 IU a day - Everyone is deficient in vitamin D - overall health, leaky gut
USDA 100% Pure Food Grade Lumino Diatacemous Earth ( DE, silica ) - Once a week for detox and cleanse, and/or as medicine as symptoms occur. I also brush my teeth with it, and use it for athlete's foot.

Hippocrates- "Let food by thy medicine, and medicine by thy food."

Ortholecular medicine is using nutrients and minerals to treat every single disease in the book. Chiropractors prescribe vitamins and minerals instead of drugs. It emphasizes on a heavy understanding of chemistry and the anatomy and physiology of the human body. The best example I can give for this type of medicine, is how it treated for a period of time, and then absolutely cured my schizophrenia. Everyone in my life that has seen me in the last 2 months have come the unanimous opinion that my schizophrenia is gone.

I first discovered ortholecular medicine by the late great Dr. Abram Hoffer. Also the great ones are Linus Pauling, Andrew Saul, and Bill W.
This form of medicine is dated back to Hippocrates's days in theory, and then mastered at a scientific level in the 1950's to the 1960's; until it was rebuffed by big pharma with their cogs in congress. My favorite advocate that still lives of ortholecular medicine is Dr. John Bergman ( he has a massive channel on youtube treating any disease you can think of with dozens of client testimonials).

Please, I urge you if you know anyone suffering from one of the most horrible diseases known to man, shizophrenia; please tell them about niacin and ortholecular medicine. Do your own homework! Do not take my word for it! BUT IT WORKED FOR ME AND THAT'S AN UNDERSTATEMENT

Here is Dr. Abram Hoffer:

Doctor cures schizophrenic son with niacin, Abram Hoffer, MD, PhD - YouTube

EDIT: I get all of my vitamins from Linus Pauling's company of choice: Bronson. All of their vitamins are the best on the market, and one third the price :/

General Discussion / How to Feel better, Lose Weight, And Reverse Disease
« on: September 03, 2017, 10:42:31 AM »
Me and my family have started following Dr. Bergman's advice. I have lost 60 lbs myself. My step mother, and father have all lost a lot of weight. We all feel better. All of this stuff is 100% Legit.

We are all being poisoned by our treasonous government and corporations.

Do you own homework on all of this information. If you want a look into what he's talking about I suggest watching Food Inc. ( does not go into the health details as heavily at this video. )

it appears that we have the new regulars that we so desired on our server since it's inception in 2006.

Lets get a few things clear about the current state of war2 vs retail when it was played. The reason i am doing this is to convey some facts into some current talking points here on the forum that new players want to convey almost in a pattern and as a pact to try to get the desired outcome they want on the server.

So lets get this right out of the way, first things first.

A lot of people have been complaining about "verbal harassment" on the server.
Remember that this game was made in the 90s and back then political correctness was not a thing and everyone seemed to have thicker skin.
The internet was no exception for this rule. war2 is actually like 10x less toxic than it used to be when i started playing in 2004. But this sense of players coming to the server and wondering why flaming isn't more contained/controlled/better, are completely mistaken and should be taking it in the other direction, instead asking why is there so little trolling/rage/hate compared to how it used to be?

Back in the day you just had to have thick skin to be a regular on war2.

Regardless of whether you think that is irrelevant or not to today's war2, you are not going to convince an admin to adhere/conjure "harassment" rules on a 20 year old video game, that is inhabited strictly by adults. You are all going to have to learn how to either counter-troll, type /ignore, don't care, or log off.

When you go to an admin and say " hey he just called me a dobbleheaded dipstick, ban him!" it's not an appealing argument ESPECIALLY to an admin that was around in 2004 when people would tell each other to kill themselves and everything under the sun on a daily basis, even more so magnified by the great amount of competition and anonymity that existed back in those days.

I mean this isn't really my opinion either, it just it what it is, and it's not going to change because your feelings were hurt.

As far as other aspects of this game are concerned, there's no even a fraction of competition compared to what there used to be.

And in contrast to what the narrative is on the forums, players are much more friendly and the community is far more caring, and involved with one another than ever before since it's a smaller community.

Anyway i'm just tired of the whining.

Don't ask why the glass isn't full or empty, ask if it started out that way.

15 / lethal refuses to post ss
« on: May 03, 2017, 07:09:46 PM »

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