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Mods & Development / Lat Trick Bot
« on: May 07, 2018, 10:50:34 AM »
Hello all,

a well known problem we have on the server is that many of us are unable to host games.
Recently, an idea come to my mind and I'm planning to explore it.

I'm thinking of making a Lat trick Bot.
The idea is that the Bot will do the Nx(N-1) combinations that we need for everybody to be able to host.

The way I'm planning to do so is by assuming that the Channel is one big game.

Do I know how to do it? Certainly not! I just have the idea for now and know that with some implementation work everything can be done :-D

So what is this post: This is a recruiting post!
For @AHB, @tupac and other PvPGN know hows to join up with me and help!

@iL, We also are going to need your help! For starters it is possible that what I want to do might need to alter the code of the PvPGN server. If so I might need your help to set up a developer server and then you might need to upgrade to the new server.

2 / Custom Map Recognition!
« on: April 13, 2018, 10:24:21 AM »
Hi all,

The idea I have is simple and come up from what @BabyShark is trying to achieve for 2 specific maps.

I believe we should create a mechanism for making "official" some maps!
The candidate maps are many!
I would first start by making official (adding to ladder and to installer) the maps that have won on previous map competitions.
Then I would suggest of having map competition where the community votes for maps to become official!!!

Now maps that lost on a competition the can still participate to future competitions ;-)
Also this competitions could be often! For example every month!
The competition would start by the creators posting some maps on the forum (first week of the month).
Then a responsible person makes the poll for the posted maps.
Then people play the maps and vote!
At the end of the month the poll closes and the map with the most votes wins.

Every new year (or sooner) the responsible admin for installer will need to make a new version that includes the new maps :-)
Furthermore, this will be a nice mechanism for developing other features of the game and releasing them yearly.

Tell me what you think!

This is a map XBreamer made.
It is a cool hybrid (Water-land) map.

My thanks to Babyshark for digging it out :-)

Support Requests / [done] Reporting a SS denial
« on: March 15, 2018, 09:31:24 AM »
Hi all,

wadu-hek refused a ss.
More than that, I gave him vision at some point in the game (where I had some hidden buildings) and for a quite long time (which he kept attacking me) he didnt noticed it.
After giving vision, I removed it and asked for a ss.
then he simply responded nope
then I paused the game and he immediately unpaused. I warned him about him going to be banned but he ignored me. When I told him I was warviding all the game he started swearing at me.
ps: the swearing part was after I had left the game so it is not part of the attached warvid...
ps2: for those not wanting to see all the warvid u can check from frame 40000 and after. (I got suspicious with him dking his own hall before my ogres arrive there.)
ps3: Also notice on the minimap around 6000 how the peon comes and raxes my hall without stopping even for a millisecond when he has not yet explored that area. (that I only noticed it after the game)

By the way I do not have SSs but I do believe that warvid is of equal if not more value.

it seems I cant attach the warvid.
Here is a shared dropbox link:


Hi dear admins,
XBreamer is doing a comeback and he would like his old accounts to be reactivated. I do not think he follows the forum so I'm posting this for him.
Yesterday he logged as OldSchool_


6 / I'm back!
« on: March 07, 2018, 10:38:28 AM »
Hi guys, after a long time of silence I'm back at the server!!!


Strategy & Replays / KGBAgent22 Replays Commentary by Igognito
« on: June 08, 2017, 09:02:50 AM »
Hi all,

I recently did so commentaries of KGBAgent22 games.
I had problems editing music at the background as for some reason it would cut parts of the commentating.

Here are the links


Hi all,

swws probably hacks...

here are a few screenshots to illustrate it.

He can of course post a ss to miss proof me.

He pretended that he didn't knew ss :-P

Early at the game I gave him vision (ss 43) and enough time for him to notice it. He didn't say anything even when a huge part of my base would be clearly visible.
I asked at 46 and had to re ask and explain at 47.


Hello all,

I have made a status bot that returns information about players.

It is almost completely there are some minor issues to be decided so I brought this on the forum:

Bot Name: I suggest status or info (for the rest of the message I use status)
Available commands:

\m status me
Returns your ladder stats from page
Also returns your current antihack status and in what channel/game you currently are.

\m status list
This is a very slow command and I suggest to not be used often. It returns selected information from page

\m status game
This is similar with the list command but instead it returns the information for the users in your current GAME or channel.
This is very useful for hosts of games to check if the players have anti hack before starting.

\m status game [gamename]
This is like the above but you can state a game name.

\m status [playername]
This will return the ladder statistics of a player. Also it will return the ah status if player is online.

\m status help
Will give a short list of the commands

All information is returned at the form of private messages.
Antihack status is refreshed if 30 seconds have passed from last query. Which might make the response a bit slow.
Also antihack info might be upto 30 seconds old.

The responses are not 100% ensured :/ because of html errors but if you do not get a response you can retry.
In general it seems to be stable.

One problem I have seen it have is that it gets often the warning message for flooding.

Things that need to happen:
Decide on a name, please vote on the poll.
Get feedback for improving stuff.
Suggest renaming of commands/new commands.
@mousEtopher, Find a permanent host for it.

10 / War2Combat Channel
« on: May 24, 2017, 01:30:43 PM »
Hi all

I'm pretty sure you all know that XuRnT is running the War2Combat Channel on youtube (
Me and other users also upload war2 videos there too.

The channel has 890 subscribers! Lets try and get to have 1000!!!
I'm pretty sure most of the people here have already subscribed but we get new people all the time! So to those few who haven't subscribed please do!
And lets try to advertise it.

Meanwhile, we should get a channel banner for inside war2.

I also suggest that upon reaching 1000 subscribers we make an opening clip for the channel's videos!
Something that presents real action and fun moments from War2 with cool soundtrack in the background.


11 / Icons, Titles, etc
« on: May 15, 2017, 11:16:36 AM »
Hi all
What do they mean anyway?  (Profi/sware)

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

This is exactly what I don't like about them.

We can get something new in a matter of days but we are still using shareware icon to represent 3000 wins.

I liked the idea awhile back for different unit pictures to represent win stages, would have to have someone monitering stats frequently.

Really though I think the flags were best and need to be brought back. I think when a foreign newbie sees someone from the same country as him they can get help or brought up to speed on some things much quicker or find other newbies or friends around them.

Bring back the flags!
We gotta make a new thread for this discussion. This is supposed to be the master tag thread

In general, I saw messages in several forum topics that are related. So I decided to start the topic :-D

Bring back the flags!!!!
I agree, the flags are nicer and more useful. But are not 100% correct either.
Remove the Sware, Profi icons. I also agree the don't seem relevant.

We can automate the process of assigning icons based on wins!
We can use the ladder stats and a chat bot (with admin privileges to do so).
The chat bot will run a chron job that will check the ladder for wins.
Then if the user has a flag icon it can replace it with a flag+ icon.

I suggest we have the following icons:
Simple Flag, Flag with a Bronze Axe, Flag with a Silver Axe and Flag with a Golden Axe.

The # of victories for each axe are left to be decided.
Clans could also make the equivalent icons.

Master Icons and Reward Icons should remain as is! A player can choose whether to have their clan icon or their reward icon.

Everything could be more or less automized.


12 / Ho ho ho
« on: December 26, 2016, 10:49:48 AM »
Merry Christmas all!!!

I have been away for a bit as I returned to Greece for Christmas holidays and I've been busy!

I hope I'll get some time to catch up soon ????


13 / Active Clans?
« on: December 07, 2016, 09:20:07 AM »
Hello all,

what are the active clans?
And what are the recruitment procedures?


14 / ELO Scores for Ladder and not only
« on: November 10, 2016, 11:59:15 AM »
Hi all,

Yesterday I implemented the ELO formulas for ladder.
I'm starting this forum topic to discuss some of the small details and issues.

======== Topic 1 Initialization =========
First lets discuss initialization of values:
We have a few options:
1) Do nothing in ~50 games the values should start be representative
2) Initialize some values by taking the wins - loses of old ladder games and assume you play with 1300 ELO
3) Initialize by re-introducing some games from the history
4) Initialize manual some players

all options have problems as you might think: (3) is the most hard to implement, (4) is biased.
(1) is the most representative but slow method
(2) is fast, requires not so much implementation but might not be representative.

====== Topic 2: Inflation/deflation =====
ELO has in-build mechanism to protect you from inflation/deflation.
There is a parameter K which affects how much the score increases/decreases per game.
By keeping that parameter High we get to have fast increases/decrease of our scores
By keeping that parameter Low we maintain the scores

the usual strategy is to keep the parameter High for the first games (right now set to 30 games)
then use a mid value for non Master players with more than some games
and a low value for Master players

All these are functions that we can tune. What is the best values always depends on the specific application of the formula.
We can have arbitrary K's and over time we will get it tuned to serve our purposes.

I want to point out that in the end it doesn't matter that much! ELO is a relative score. All that ELO says is that if you have a difference of 200 points it means that you would win/lose ~74% of the time.

The highest your ELO goes the harder it becomes to increase it and the lower it goes the harder to lower it.
So assuming that people will start playing in a short time (I estimate ~50 games per player) the ELO should be representative! Meaning that if you see players that are 200 elo higher than you, your chances to win are low.
Also a player playing vs a player with 200 less ELO will win few points of ELO.

That is another trick of the ELO... You want to play always against marginally better players than you! In that way you increase your score!
Actually, that is the only way to inflate your ELO. If you play easy picks then your ELO will slowly increase (in some cases you might even earn 0 ELO).
And when you will lose 1 game over a low ELO (just by chance) then you will lose loads of points (K)! As a result you want to play with players that are of equal power or slightly better than you.

====== Topic 3: Inactivity ====
This is the only real problem with ELO. If a player stops playing the ELO remains constant. Which means a player that reaches a high ELO might choose to become inactive in order to maintain their score.
This is not urgent but we need to find a counter for that!
One simple idea is after a time of inactivity we modify the K of that player. This is what most chess associations do, but only for players with no title.

======= Topic 4: Map specific ELO =====
Well if you see the ELO scores right now you will notice that the first player to get a push was Unu!
Obviously, all his games are nwtr! That is something we cant easily control.

Players like Smeagol or Unu or some only chop players will be able to gather high ELO by playing only 1 map and being unbeatable on that map.
I think PB and Chop maps are not taken in account currently.

I was thinking whether we should implement multiple ladders: GoW ladder, Chop ladder, PB ladder, NWTR ladder; Mixed ladder (includes any map).
Implementation wise it is not so hard as it sounds. But it will be a space burden for the DB.

======== Topic 5: Team play ELO; ffa ELO =====
It is doable but not so simple. Also it is not clear what it means.

There are more topics too speak about but lets start with these for now!

I started this topic to get some brain storming.

Strategy & Replays / Shotgun vs Knitterhemd
« on: October 14, 2016, 02:55:17 PM »
Hello all,

I have warvided 6 cool games of Shotgun vs Knitterhemd.
With their permission I would like to try and do a commentary and post them here. If someone wants later to improve the videos and put them in youtube it is fine by me!
I have prepared the first one, and I await their permission to upload.


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