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1 / Re: The State of The Servers
« on: October 04, 2018, 12:24:18 PM »
It seems I found a bad time to return to the game...

@Babyshark, I won't even try to understand what you are trying to achieve...
But you and @tupac clearly are making a mess...

My suggestion for punishment is the following:
For a weekend Tupac and Babyshark will play as a team for at least 6h per day!
Everybody will team against them and r#%e them badly all day long. We are talking for 2v6 (or what is available at the moment).

All games will be twiched by Babyshark and she is forced to give comments and say how much she regrets what she did! (I would say the same for tupac but I dont think he twiches)

After this brutal punishment I'm sure we will get several people watching the stream and even joining the game in hope to enjoy a r#$e against them!

After the Brutal r#%e weekend we can re admit them to the community again!

 >:D >:D >:D

General Discussion / Re: world cup 2018
« on: June 29, 2018, 08:41:09 AM »
I see it coming!
Semi-finals: Portugal vs Brazil :-)
Go Fernando!!! u can do this!

From the other side of the brackets I see Spain vs. Colombia.

But for final all combinations are possible.

3 / Re: What do i need for a LAN party
« on: June 22, 2018, 09:37:00 AM »
You can also set up an ipx/spx protocol.
I find that easier than setting up a server.
It has some hindrances though, for example you will be able to alter game speed in game :-D like the old good times :-D

4 / Re: ~Tora~ v BabyShark
« on: June 22, 2018, 09:29:01 AM »
That would be a fun match up!
Especially, on a map variety.
Tora statistically speaking has better chances to win the GoW match, but on other maps the story will be different!

I also feel that it is unfair to put money and have no reward back. But I also think that the winner donating part of the money makes sense.
Thus I suggest a that 80% of the amount goes to winner 20% to the server. (The amount you can agree upon)
I wouldn't wage 250$ on a game even if I knew I would win...
I would 50$ (or 50€) that would be my top limit.

So with 50$ it would be 80$ for the winner 20$ for the server! fair enough I think ;-)

Tora, at least use warvid to record the game so that later we can make a commentary from your pov if we want.

I'm rusty as I haven't played for a some time now and certainly not seriously, but if you want to organize mid level 1v1 challenges I would be game :-D

Rules KOTH, bo7, we start with GoW EF High, each players suggest 5 different than GoW maps and settings for each to form a GoW EF High + 10map/setting pool
If two suggested maps are the same then both players have to choose another map :-D

I would wage 10$ for each challenge with 80% to the winner 20% to the server.
If we do 8 challenges that would be a total of 32$ to the server.

That could be an interesting challenge tournament that would actually collect money for the server without hurting our pockets severely!

That is 02:00 for me I think. I will try to join too :-)
But cant promise because of Saturday night. I might be out at that time.

I will be joining this one :-)

Even if I'm badly rusty, I need something motivating to return ;-)

And if it is 2s it is even better!!!
Lets see what type of tourney it is going to be.


ps: well it should be 2s! If you sum up the categories you will see that only 9 people voted for 1s and 15 for 2s!
Now the type of 2s could be under discussion!

I suggest that you make a new poll to choose the type of 2s!

I would suggest 3 options:

Random teams (this will be like the smurf tourney)
Pro+Noob teams, XuRnT chooses/approves teams (this will be similar to Babysharks tourney)
Standard teams (this will be like all usual tourneys)

Cool replay from the tourney.

See Lambchops destroy Igog and Masta 2v1 on Zones!.... Well ok, maybe viruz helped a little bit. But it was definately my awesome skills that won it. 

Lol Lambchops! but yes I think our game has produced a nice replay!
Especially, my friendly peon rape to Viruz's Fort near the end!!! (Dedicated to @mousEtopher)

@KagaN, dont worry mate. There will be other tourneys for you to make up for ;-)

It is a pity my Pard didn't show up :-/
Anyhow, nice going Human Peasant and BabyShark. At the Next one, I hope I have a partner to play against you.


9 / Re: Knitterhemd scamming people
« on: June 01, 2018, 08:32:37 AM »
While personally I have no grudge against Knitterhemd, I would like to verify what Paper_Boy more or less said.

I did send some money to Knitter in order for him to organize a Lan Party at Germany. Which he never did... Knitter didn't pretend to be my pal or something, neither he asked me directly. He was just asking money in order to organize a Warcraft Lan party. I liked the idea, so I supported it :-). It just never come true, neither he offered to return the money.

It was money I had earned with casting some fun replays so I didn't really minded :-D (Easy come; Easy go) but people should be aware of the incident.

10 / Re: A new Indie RTS in the style of Warcraft 2
« on: June 01, 2018, 08:26:15 AM »
Nice!!! I will soon test the Android version and return to give you feedback.
If you are planning to make an Android RTS, I would be very interested to contribute with more than just beta testing!

Especially, with the AI if you want :-)

But that is to be discussed later ;-)

Mods & Development / Re: Warcraft 1 modding
« on: May 28, 2018, 08:24:10 AM »
You are in an amazing way insane...

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

12 / Re: Anyone from Athenes?
« on: May 28, 2018, 08:13:00 AM »
Yes, in Athens you can find everything!!!
I hope you also saw some night life. You should go to a koutouki that plays live rembetiko music.
Or if you really, want to see women you should go to bouzoukia...

I'm sorry I was not there to saw you around. I hope you will have another opportunity at a time that I will be there.

13 / Re: Anyone from Athenes?
« on: May 25, 2018, 08:26:00 AM »
Lucky you Tolean,

but I'm in Italy right now!
Wouldn't be able to help u with the drugs though...

Enjoy sunny Athens and do go for a walk to the Parthenon!

By the way I think I might have the old version of VV. But I do not understand what is the fuss with the oil patches?

In general the newer version is meant to balance the spots so that there is not 1 super weak spot like it was in the original one.

Nice choice Kagan.

So 6 teams...
You have forgotten to add Disgruntled and Masta at the first post!

For round robin that is 15 matches if we also make it 3games for getting points that is 45 games!!!
Sounds cool :-) (5 * 3) matches for each team!

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