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Those who fear some kind of false positive antivirus reactions feel free NOT to use it and leave this page

Here is the chop 1s randomizer for watchers/commentators.

Makes chopdice.pud with random player positions and 2 watchers (host and optionally one more commentator).

I. How to use.

Place it kinda "War2Combat\Maps\Chopdice\chopdice.exe", and make shortcut to it.
On every new run, a new map chopdice.pud will be extracted there.
Note that existing one will be overwritten, so if you plan to watch war2insight replay, you need to save current chopdice.pud somewhere separately after game.

Host game, using compatible modes:
Use Map Settings OR Melee with Units + fixed order.
MwU note
When the host is using "Melee with Units" make sure all players is using Combat 4.6+ to be able to join.

That will keep initial farms presence and no excess vision for players.

Let players join to position 2 and 3.

And last, if needed, let +1 watcher/commentator join to position 4.

For next game - run shortcut you created to extract new random chopdice.pud, then use same host settings.

II. Some notes.
Players can know the spots before starting, because:
  Minimap plugin shows the map,
  Even if the mini-map plugin is not used, players can check the map in downloads before game starts

  Watchers can see players resources using war2observe
  Players don't know the spots until they join,
therefore an honest host is needed (no map reroll, no any info for players before they joins)

And the obviously:
  Rejoins for spot change must NOT be allowed

Note that host is always watcher here, so for game with no watchers -> just use regular chop version:
(Mini Chop Farms [PROPER].pud is used as base for this randomizer)

War2HotKeys - new program for changing hotkeys in the game.

.suitable for any keyboard layout and for any War2Combat language;
.has many useful functions;
.and just convenient: when changing hotkeys, working with files (drag & drop, etc)

Video review from fl:

Alternative "drunk" version of review missed because fl deleted his old yt account :(

Download link (archive password: war2ru) Configuration/War2HotKeys/ v1.0.2.3

Version history:
20201016: v1001 (around 256k sources) has even fewer false positives than "Hello World" (one line and 30 bytes).
20201018: v1002 Correct stats for built-in game.
20201027: v1003 Some tweaks + fixed bugs that added in 1001, hopefully not added more than fixed.
20201112: v1015 Ignores incorrect keyboard layouts and bogus keystroke codes.
20201214: v1020 Hints text edit feature (Alt+Ctrl+Shift  +  E / LMB click)
20210104: v1021 Minor adjustments and fixes.
20211226: v1022 Loud sound fixed (the program sets its sound volume to 20% if w2hk.log file not exist). Some text and interface bugs fixed.
20220611: v1023 Portuguese built-in template added. Some program texts edited/fixed.

Answers to most questions are in the built-in help system of the program (context help or text pages)

Here some more Questions and Answers:

Q: I have several installed War2, need to copy program to each folder? Is it obligatory to store it in the War2 folder?
A: You can put it anywhere, then just drop on it a shortcut to war2 which hotkeys you plan to change.

Q: How do I change the sound volume?
A: In win7 ++, through the standard volume icon on the taskbar, you can set the volume for a separate program.

Q: When launched, the program may interfere with households or neighbors, announcing that it is "Ready to work" :). What can I do about it?
A: You can prescribe in the program shortcut (= in the command line parameters): "War2HotKeys * *s" to start without sounds.
as well as much more, see the built-in instructions.

Q: My antivirus (or something from the virustotal website) warn me that the program is unsafe
A: This is the so-called false positives: mostly typical for those "antiviruses" that try to impress the user, strenuously creating the appearance of their active and useful work.
(more for advanced: Download the latest version of AutoIt from the official site, compile the script: MsgBox (0, "", "Hello world!"), then upload the resulting file to virustotal for check and [don't] be surprised)
Accordingly, based on the detections on the virustotal for safe programs, you can draw conclusions about the "quality" of some antiviruses or its absence..
If in doubt, do not use the program. Nobody forces.

There is nothing destructive in the program.
Program does not touch anything except its working files and mpq archives,
and even vice versa: protects the user from accidental damage to anything in War2 itself, and help in some restoring.

Here is what to do with the built-in win10 antivirus.

PS: Sorry for bad english.

PPS: Even EQ can use this, although every second message from him made me think about forbidding him(personally) to edit hotkeys.

Screenshot of the program during its development:

Mods & Development / Lobby Map Plugin mod
« on: December 11, 2019, 04:12:14 AM »
About new minimap plugin in 4.6 version.

the plugin should be updated so the minimap doesn't disappear anymore when you type

But the cursor(Orc Hand) must keep drawn OVER the map image, elseway it will be bad and uncomfortable appearance.

here some comparisions standard vs improved lobbymap palettes:

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