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...everytime I open up this program, there're options saved by default from previous usage...

I'm not sure that I clearly understood, but...

You can press Alt+H or select help pages from menu, there you can see some info like this:

Program launch.  (simplified description)
  1.3. Program launch.  (simplified description)

 At startup, the program tries to find nearest correct War2 folder,
load hotkeys from it, and set it as Current War2 Folder (see above)
 If the program does not find a single suitable file,
it starts with the default built-in template for the English version.

A little more detailed about the program launch and options
  3.3. A little more detailed about the program launch and options.

The program checks for correctness and, if necessary, reassigns:
 - The working folder of the program,
     it stores temporary and automatically saved files
 - Current War2 folder,
     used when "Applying" hotkeys, fonts, etc to the Game

 File priority for automatic loading:
  1. The path to the file/folder from the command line parameter
  2. Built-in template from the command line parameter
  3. Current War2 folder \ War2Patch.mpq, then War2Dat.mpq
  4. Program working folder \ ~lastsav.tbl
  5. Default built-in template for the English version

  Command line options.   "War2HotKeys.exe 1 2 3", where:
 1: [source War2 dir OR source file]*[source built-in template]
 2: [target War2 dir]*[options, listed below]
 3: [program working directory]

   * is used as separator OR to skip parameter, i.e.
  "War2HotKeys.exe * * C:\TMP" will set program working directory only.
 If only one folder is passed in 1st and 2nd parameters,
it will be used as both source and Current War2 folder.

 ~[12345] - window size: maximum [or fixed steps from 1 to 5]
 C[123] - standard cursor [or desired custom cursor size]
 P[1] - position of opening menus,          T - menus transparency
 E - forced english interface language,     F - alternative font,
 L - skip loading from files,               B - faster responding items
                                            S - sound off
Example: "War2HotKeys.exe *French *CEL~4S"

 * Some more examples of command line usage can be obtained by running the program with ? in the first parameter: "War2HotKeys.exe ?"

  3.2. Using Drag&Drop.

  3.2.1. In normal mode, when the program is already running.
  3.2.2. Specifying a source before the program starts.
...Tons of text. :I

Thus, there are many ways:

You can use the command line option to manually specify the copy of War2, from which you need to load at program start.
Same way for forced start with default template.

Another way is Drag&Drop any file related to your target War2 over War2HotKeys.exe/shortcut or over the program window, if it already started.

...And finally last and dumbest way is to copy program into every war2 folder, hotkeys of which you need to load/change, and start it from there.

it just makes the game smaller with black bars. If I use this patch, it just makes the game a tiny square inside a black square
Make the same screenshot in the game, please, not in the main menu.

General Discussion / Re: I made a youtube video
« on: May 23, 2022, 01:12:37 AM »
if anything happens to me
If you are alright, check PM, please.

4 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 17, 2022, 03:03:00 AM »
seems like Fre4ky and Tennisball just opened ALL map legally. (vith vision and flying machines)
considering there is 30+ paladins near 6 on GOW on those "map hacked" ss
but dunno if this really possible to click vision this fast and make ss then before it darked again?

Nope, they do not have any blimps at all covering the middle nor anywhere else that doesnt have a unit(which is not in fog).  If it were,  the mini map would show areas without any allied units near it as a black grid as seen here in my own ss's:

The grid isnt visible on their SS's because there is no fog for them at all (they are literally map hacking,  both of them).  I also noticed that none of the other SS's in that folder have black grids either (including yours).  They should have black grids if the area has been scouted but simply has no units there to remove the fog grid.  However,  if you're used to hacking,  I dont think you'd realize this small fact?  What's your explanation of the missing grid in the GoW as well as your own SS's where there are no allied units to remove the black grid (such as the bottom right corner, or anywhere else for that matter).  I'm not aware of anything game wise that could be used to explain it away.

That clever PHP script correctly picked out all the hackers,  including yourself I think  <--- why would you request a ss in a game you're hacking in,  thats what has me scratching my head.  The game name says "mini golf",  but the minimap is certainly not "mini",  the units on it look more like a 128x128 or 96x96.   It certainly isnt something like NWTR that's 32x32 where the units in the minimap would be huge and units can easily light up the entire map.  The mini golf SS's just dont look right.  I'd expect there to be units everywhere other than just the top left.  It looks to me like you are using one of the old map hacks that didnt re-create the minimap correctly when it was toggled OFF.  It was a toggleable hack but the minimap was always fucked up and you'd have to edit the SS to add the black and black grid back into the Minimap (the main view port was always correct).  But those were usually easy to spot since adding the black grid is NOT an easy task to do perfectly.  That's what this looks like to me.  My only explaination is that maybe you were testing it to see what a map hack looked like?  IDK,  looks weird to me man.  Obviously you have the ability to make a map hack properly.  Or maybe not?  Or is this "minigolf" thing played with maphacks on or something?  IDK,  not a map I play at all.

Your theory of someone lighting up the whole map with blimps and then un-allying them is not only reaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllly unlikely,  it also isnt technically possible because when someone unallies you,  the units on the minimap disappear AFTER the fog is replaced.  Which means you would actually see the reverse of the GoW SS where there are no units nor black grid,  you'd see the black grid along with units that they shouldnt be able to see.  The fog grid is replaced first and then the units are removed.  And that's IF the SS somehow takes place between the milliseconds between the unit and fog being removed.  HIGHLY unlikely. This is also demonstrable with a cat that's just out of sight range that shows it's position and then quickly fades away,  you can see the order in which things appear/disappear.

See below a zoomed in version of the link above:

Compare to the GoW SS with NO Black grid at all anywhere in the minimap.  Clearly a map hack.

Spiteful and ignorant... Your level of discussion is almost as stupid as in political topics.

But if you are really interested, you can even make some tests by yourself

General Discussion / Re: I made a youtube video
« on: May 15, 2022, 02:54:35 PM »
if anything happens to me
If you are alright, check PM, please.

6 / Re: Why doesn't everyone move to GOG?
« on: February 17, 2022, 11:13:26 AM »
Uninstalled and installed again
   You did not provide any information: error reports, av, etc.
No psychics among developers for holy vision @ your comp.

   Ignoring the main things will not help:
To send reports that located in [GameFolder]\Errors?...
To check your shitty 'antivirus' and tell him not blocking war2?...

7 / Re: Why doesn't everyone move to GOG?
« on: February 17, 2022, 03:56:15 AM »
the old version (4.01)
Using exactly this version in 95% of cases. Having no problem at all.

8 / Re: Why doesn't everyone move to GOG?
« on: February 17, 2022, 03:53:42 AM »
Opens then closes back to desktop.
It's because smurfing limits is reached :))

And now seriously:
To send reports that located in [GameFolder]\Errors?...
To check your shitty 'antivirus' and tell him not blocking war2?...
To reinstall the game if something broken?...
Sure NO need to do anything, just crying.

Such a garbage product.
As if you paid named this "product".
Such a... impudent ignorant *** user.

« on: February 13, 2022, 12:34:41 PM »

Obviously he mean source code of pvpgn server, or something, so...

not sure which version is most fit for war2

hers was hosted in u.s. i believe.
Just for lolz:
last known main Ru server location is NY

lots of people know how to do it
Starting PvPGN server is very easy, almost any user with white static IP can do it

But there are problems:
Default settings shitty enough (ok, admin can tweak it...)

The server program itself has many problems and vulnerabilities, so your "new server" can be hacked in seconds.

And, finally... What will stop DDoser from doing his actions against the "one more new" server?

I bought this shit in 2019, any idea on where the cd key saved too?

Go to, click the game (as if you wanted to download the installers), then "MORE", then "Serial Keys".

after installation, gog version stores cdkey in registry

13 / Re: Why doesn't everyone move to GOG?
« on: February 13, 2022, 07:20:14 AM »
Right now there really is too much latency for me to play on RU
If you see "red" in a channel (backup server) - it's not a real problem, because in-game latency does not depend on server latency. Only delay to other players affects. Server is needed just to connect with others initially.

14 / Re: Why doesn't everyone move to GOG?
« on: February 12, 2022, 11:24:02 AM »
Every time I try to connect to GOG it say's "need to download to the latest software"
It needs version that incompatible with most new features.

Also most of old players don't need to buy gog version:
If you have old BNE CD you can log in using it.

Step by step:
1. Install original BNE CD
No cd/dvd drive?
rent external drive for a day - make image of needed CDs,
then use some virtual drive program for install.

2. patch to using last official patch,%20but%20GoG%20compatible)/War2Patch202.rar

3. use reg patch for servers;topic=5700.0;attach=3697

4. get some ddraw: (normal) (wide)

mostly same steps for GoG users to play on Ru

15 / Re: Why doesn't everyone move to GOG?
« on: February 12, 2022, 11:13:50 AM »
There is no way to prevent it?
If i knew... :(
We have no one who understood this problem better than iL.

1. There is no connection issues
2. We encourage hacking on .ru
3. Yes I understand it's very hard to type /join X
4. Oh no!
1. liar
2. liar
3. go type it every login, have fun

Proper signature. Yes, it seems you are a completely selfish retard.

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