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1 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 19, 2022, 06:28:52 PM »
For the TennisBall ss, it's clear that he's using Paladins to make the whole screen visible.  It's not hacks.

What kinda hackish macro job.... I've never actually tried such a dumb idea.  Is it even reasonable to pull that off without a macro?  Holy vision does last a good time,  but thats a lot of freakin clickin right in the middle of a heated game lol.  But you're right.  It does say "not enough mana" which would lend itself to maybe it was holy vision (although it could have been heal as well).  I dont see a 5th player anywhere on the minimap that they may have been lookin for.  Makes more sense to vision just the mines looking for exps rather than every single section of the minimap lol.  I suppose they could also be looking for hidden temples and what not also but based on the minimap, I dont see any evidence that there was some.

I guess patrolling blimps arent a thing anymore :/  Just make a macro for holy vision instead?  lol

2 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 19, 2022, 12:22:45 PM »
Where do you see that?  Your SS is of looking at the top left screen,  so your main view port cant see the center and there's nothing dying there anyway.  You can see other units dying in the top left though,  but not in the center of the screen.  I see 2 dead units by some towers,  colors of which are not possible to determine.  I have to assume they are black's considering it's hall placement and the space available there for 2 peons.

I believe you that your peon started there,  but you said you could see it somewhere.  I no see.  I wanna see damnit :P

Nevermind,  I see the orange one now,  it's above blacks mill.  Thats the center of the map?  Sure doesnt look like it to me based on the minimap lol.  Anyway,  I guess this is the type of stuff you have to deal with when playing dumb maps heh.  It just reminds me of all of the reasons not to play something like this.  Not only is it a pointless completely dice roll based map,  but it makes you look like you're hacking even to very trained eyes.  At this scale,  it's not even war2 anymore.  It's just some sort of casino where you have to pray to get critical hits every single time while at the same time hoping the opponent gets the absolute worst rolls every time.  Not my cup of tea,  then again,  I'm not really a gambler either I guess.  If I were to play a mapsize that war2 wasnt designed to handle,  it would be something larger than 512x512.  I would go the other direction,  bigger rather than smaller.

3 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 19, 2022, 12:11:30 PM »
IDK, I guess my not playing 16x16 (never have never will either, it would be a completely pointless dice roll fest) is causing me not know why the black grids on the minimap exist for everyone except you.  You didnt have a unit on the screen anywhere and other players have the grid.  The peon in the center dying appears to me to be the missing link.  Theres no way to tell where your peon started from the SS.  It's the only thing that could possibly account for this weird shit on a dumb map :D

BTW,  where did you see an orange peon dying?  It's not visible in your own SS.  I trust that it actually was in the center of the map and did indeed die while you were not looking at it and it's dying vision POSSIBLY had the entire map still in it's vision on the minimap given the absurd map size (why the hell would anyone want to play something that small lol).

4 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 19, 2022, 12:02:03 PM »
Thats what I would expect the screen to look like,  at least it has black grids in the minimap like I've been mentioning.  The main view port was never really the discussion.  So why would his have the black grids, and yours doesnt,  especially if you're just an OBS and even the player with the furthest vision cant see that far (hence the black grids on the mininmap indicating fog of war).  I want to know why YOUR screenshot is missing the grids.  Other players clearly have it,  why not yours?  Just being an observer doesnt remove the black fog of war grids.  And selecting someone's building doesnt improve your screens vision,  it remains the same.

5 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 19, 2022, 11:53:54 AM »
download maps and host them urself.

I would never DL a custom map.  It's against my religion.  I have never played a 16x16 because I dont think there are even any built in maps that small.  Based on what war2 does as maps gets smaller,  it makes perfect logical sense to expect a 16x16 minimap to be even larger than 32x32.  However, if that's REALLY what war2 does with something that small,  then cool.  That's better than the alternative as to what I was seeing based on 20+yrs of looking at minimaps on war2.  I dont even see a point to a map that small anyway :P

6 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 19, 2022, 11:47:52 AM »

Congratulations.  You figured out how to use "on screen" to view the entire map (obvious due to the lack of black grid in the minimap).  Producing a SS that looks like a hack isnt the discussion retard.  The discussion is the fact that there is lack of black grids on a minimap which would indicate a map hack was used in a real game where people were expecting everyone else to be playing fairly.

7 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 19, 2022, 11:22:18 AM »
Posting a map after the fact isnt going to change the fact that size of the units on the minimap in the CURRENT screenshot clearly indicate a large map,  not a small map.  Take a look at ANY NWTR screenshot and then compare it to what yours looks like.  Then come back and tell me they look the same size.  The SIZE of the map is mostly irrelevant,  the problem in your own SS is the lack of BLACK GRIDS that would be present when you're NOT using a maphack/cheat as seen in the SS's I already gave as an example.  So what does the map size have to do with the fact that you're caught hacking?

You cant tell me that it's a 16x16 when a 32x32 looks like the below 32x32 NWTR map.  Look how big the buildings are on the minimap for christ sakes.  Also notice the lack of black grid,  this is what a map hack would look like (I used single user with on screen cheat code to show how black grid is missing with a maphack/cheat enabled).

Just look how MASSIVE the units are on the NWTR SS vs yours.  MAJOR size discrepancy,  wouldnt you say.  It's not even close.  You're clearly playing with a maphack on a very large map.

I tried giving you the benefit of the doubt and suggest you were "testing" a maphack to see what it would look like in a SS with the /ss command,  but now that you're trying to come up with excuses,  IDK man.  You clearly have the ability to produce hacks and your own SS is exactly what a maphack would look like,  and you tried to say the map was 16x16 when it clearly isnt?  Something isnt adding up.  You do decent dev work.  Dont ruin it by getting caught hacking like this man.  I get that creating hacks is something you should be doing in order to combat them,  but using them yourself in a real game isnt why you should be making hacks :P


8 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 16, 2022, 09:12:09 PM »
seems like Fre4ky and Tennisball just opened ALL map legally. (vith vision and flying machines)
considering there is 30+ paladins near 6 on GOW on those "map hacked" ss
but dunno if this really possible to click vision this fast and make ss then before it darked again?

Nope, they do not have any blimps at all covering the middle nor anywhere else that doesnt have a unit(which is not in fog).  If it were,  the mini map would show areas without any allied units near it as a black grid as seen here in my own ss's:

The grid isnt visible on their SS's because there is no fog for them at all (they are literally map hacking,  both of them).  I also noticed that none of the other SS's in that folder have black grids either (including yours).  They should have black grids if the area has been scouted but simply has no units there to remove the fog grid.  However,  if you're used to hacking,  I dont think you'd realize this small fact?  What's your explanation of the missing grid in the GoW as well as your own SS's where there are no allied units to remove the black grid (such as the bottom right corner, or anywhere else for that matter).  I'm not aware of anything game wise that could be used to explain it away.

That clever PHP script correctly picked out all the hackers,  including yourself I think  <--- why would you request a ss in a game you're hacking in,  thats what has me scratching my head.  The game name says "mini golf",  but the minimap is certainly not "mini",  the units on it look more like a 128x128 or 96x96.   It certainly isnt something like NWTR that's 32x32 where the units in the minimap would be huge and units can easily light up the entire map.  The mini golf SS's just dont look right.  I'd expect there to be units everywhere other than just the top left.  It looks to me like you are using one of the old map hacks that didnt re-create the minimap correctly when it was toggled OFF.  It was a toggleable hack but the minimap was always fucked up and you'd have to edit the SS to add the black and black grid back into the Minimap (the main view port was always correct).  But those were usually easy to spot since adding the black grid is NOT an easy task to do perfectly.  That's what this looks like to me.  My only explaination is that maybe you were testing it to see what a map hack looked like?  IDK,  looks weird to me man.  Obviously you have the ability to make a map hack properly.  Or maybe not?  Or is this "minigolf" thing played with maphacks on or something?  IDK,  not a map I play at all.

Your theory of someone lighting up the whole map with blimps and then un-allying them is not only reaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllly unlikely,  it also isnt technically possible because when someone unallies you,  the units on the minimap disappear AFTER the fog is replaced.  Which means you would actually see the reverse of the GoW SS where there are no units nor black grid,  you'd see the black grid along with units that they shouldnt be able to see.  The fog grid is replaced first and then the units are removed.  And that's IF the SS somehow takes place between the milliseconds between the unit and fog being removed.  HIGHLY unlikely. This is also demonstrable with a cat that's just out of sight range that shows it's position and then quickly fades away,  you can see the order in which things appear/disappear.

See below a zoomed in version of the link above:

Compare to the GoW SS with NO Black grid at all anywhere in the minimap.  Clearly a map hack.

9 / Re: Automatic ss implemented on the server
« on: May 16, 2022, 12:52:19 PM »
So if I read these right,  Fre4ky and Tennisball were pards and they BOTH map hacked on gow?  This Fre4ky person has over 4K games played.  That doesnt sound like Dellam to me,  but all those other games,  they all look dellam'ish to me :D  The L45 person,  looks very Dellam'ish to me just based on the SS and the placements.  I'm surprised to find that he had a name with over 2K games played on it.  Usually he makes a fucked up name,  plays on it for a night, then makes a new one.

I must say,  that PHP snippet for checking for 0 black pixels on the minimap is pretty clever :D  I never would have thought of that hahaha.  I have not used /ss yet but this sounds like a good reason to start.  I have to assume that the SS's are not available until after the server has registered all the players have exited right ;)

I have been using it today while waiting for a conf call and works great.  I like that it doesnt notify anyone that a SS of their screen was sent to the server.

General Discussion / Re: I made a youtube video
« on: May 10, 2022, 03:29:13 PM »
Idk if you have been to NYC

Nope, not since 1993 and I couldnt be paid enough to go there either :D  I turned down an all expenses paid trip + $5k stipend to Portland for Drupalcon.  I wont patronize liberal shitholes until they fix their shit by voting out the commies.

General Discussion / Re: Elon Musk will be assassinated
« on: May 09, 2022, 01:15:52 PM »
Not sure why banks would have a vested interest as they dont care.  The govt (the non-elected bureaucratic agencies,  AKA deep state) however does since it's run by the leftist communists which in turn also control most of the media.  I would not be surprised if he does turn up in a ditch though.  Thats usually how leftists work as stated by the marxist communist own handbook "By any means necessary".  Literally says that word almost for word.  I think it tosses in "iron fist" as well just to make sure it's clear what is being insinuated.

General Discussion / Re: I made a youtube video
« on: May 09, 2022, 11:53:22 AM »
This is my youtube channel been awhile since I posted but i'm thinking to get back into it.

I've been in $400/n rooms that have better views and d├ęcor/amenities than that thing.  It must be close to some sort of pro stadium or something to be that high of a cost.  It's proximity to something special is probably what is bumping up it's price because it sure as shit isnt the views or the room amenities :D.  Like,  where is the in-room 4-6 person hot tub or at least a jucuzzi tub for 3 (the wife, 3rd wheel, and I love those lol), it's missing the entertainment centers, no kitchenette,  no balcony,  etc etc.  What I saw would warrant MAYBE 290/n and thats a stretch.

General Discussion / Re: I made a youtube video
« on: May 05, 2022, 04:53:39 PM »
Dont use the word they.  "They dont want us to know".  Put a name to "they" rather than using the big bad wolf type mentality that has no name to it.  Who is "they".  Name a person(s).

Best advice,  dont believe anything Biden says.  He wont defend Taiwan at all and the Xi knows it.  If it's going to happen, it will be during Biden's term(s) or another leftist since it's been proven thats the best time to bully the world.

Fun Fact:  Mexico can easily replace Taiwan.  So dont worry to much about Taiwan,  it's not as bad as it's made out to be.  Most people I've spoken with have no clue that Mexico is one of the worlds semiconductor manufacturing leaders of the world.

So if China does take over Taiwan,  I expect Biden's response to be to sanction Taiwan goods and replace them with Mexican goods rather than actually defend Taiwan because he's to much of a pussy to do that.  Bad for Taiwan,  even worse for China,  but also bad for Biden as well because it would mean he might lose the influx of voters coming from Mexico illegally.  So I'd also expect some sort of snake'ish policy to come out of Biden that would continue to incentivize illegals to pour into the US rather than stay and pick up the lucrative semiconductor jobs that would open up in Mexico.

You might also benefit from this:

General Discussion / Re: ATTN Russians
« on: May 03, 2022, 11:23:46 AM »
China will invade Taiwan.  It's no longer a question of if,  it's a question of when.  It'll certainly be during the tenure of a leftist president.  That's about the best guestimate we can do right now since it's obviously clear which side of the isle is easier to bully around as has been proven in recent history (obama and now slow Lie-den).

General Discussion / Re: market discussion
« on: April 27, 2022, 03:54:39 PM »
"don't fight the trend" is very commonly used phrase.

Tell that to the MASSES and HORDES of people that thought the same thing about Bitconnect (or any other obviously flawed project for that matter) hahahaha.  Masses of people doing something doesnt make it legit (illegals voting for example lol).  The bottom line is that there is already an inflationary currency (USD),  another one isnt needed.  USD trades better online than even Doggy coin,  the only difference between the two is that one has a human for it's mascot the other has a dog for it's mascot.  Other than that,  they are completely identical.  Why?  Because that's exactly why Doge was created,  the entire meme was to make a USD clone and slap a dog image on it for the lolz.

You cant debate historical facts.  EVERY inflationary currency to ever have existed has FAILED (95% of which failed due to hyperinflation).  This includes the USD (which became inflationary in the 70s when it was unpegged from an actual real finite resource,  gold).  Inflation is like Socialism for currency,  it sounds good on paper, but in reality, it's destined to fail due one of 2 reasons,  hyperinflation or hyperdevaluation (happens when people no longer consider it valuable as is the case when something is to abundant such as doge).

You have to remember that currently, old/damaged USD is burned (  Doge is NOT burned.  It's just continually made with no destruction.  Even USD has destruction of it's currency.  No inflationary currency can sustain a continual inflation without burning or it runs the risk of entering hyperdevaluation.  That's exactly what doge was designed to do,  it's meme was to mimic what the author believed is/was/would happen to the USD.  It's a freakin joke crypto for christ sakes hahaha.  Like,  literally :)

So basically the only option for Doge is to implement burning,  something Musk has called to add.  However,  cryptos that have burning have also crashed and burned as their popularity goes straight down once people find out that their coins were burned simply because they didnt spend them in time.  Burning only sounds good on paper,  just like socialism.  Why burn in order to simulate deflation when you can just use deflation to begin with.  Duuuuuuh.

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