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1 / OBS removing each other
« on: April 15, 2022, 12:53:25 AM »
/remove shouldnt work for other obs players that have never made a building, similar to how it works when they have built.  Only players who built should be able to remove obs players who've not built.  I've been seeing a lot of instances where watchers grudge /remove other watchers just to be total dicks.

2 / EQ has the weirdest expressions lol
« on: July 30, 2021, 01:16:33 AM »
I've never watched your stream or any of its videos before and stumbled across this: @ 4m13s where you busted out in like utter glee, hugging yourself,  looked like you may even shaking and proclaiming a 3v4 win against u8.  Not sure how you came up with that math and he sure as shit wasnt your neighbor.  But I really like the enthusiasm that you showed at the end,  all happy and stuff,  that's what war2 is all about.  I've done that a few times (although they were like, legit situations that called for it,  this one was a little... erm,  iffy haha).  I can barely understand a word you said but it is nice to see players have fun on war2 even if it was from noob bashing :)  You should find a way to make that short little outburst of yours into a signature somehow,  it would be great. :P

3 / Chat bot spam
« on: December 21, 2020, 11:21:41 PM »
Why is Tupac still running amuck with his chatbots on the server.  U need tutoring on how to block shit like that?  Seriously Tupac,  wtf is wrong with you.  You've been doing this shit for 10+yrs and it's proven nothing.  The server is still here and it's not going anywhere anytime soon no matter how many decades you do this shit.  All it does is prove you're a moron.  If it didnt work 10yrs ago,  it sure as shit wont work now,  or ever.

4 / Someone abusing triggers maybe?
« on: December 21, 2020, 12:34:00 AM »
So Macdre any I were playing a 2v2 vs Celticdruid[as and someone else,  celtics pard left,  he stayed for a few more mins,  then all of a sudden it says CelticDruid enabled a hack and both Macdre AND my minimaps were completely revealed and we essentially had a maphack.  Celtic then left almost immediatly as soon as we both said "WTF!".  Is someone abusing the "triggers" on main server?  I've NEVER seen that happen before where a player could modify someone else's client memory addresses or enable hacks on their behalf.  The only thing I know of that has that capability are the triggers I saw on the Backup server.  It was like he was able to "on screen" for everyone in the game.

5 / What causes ss to save as png
« on: October 08, 2019, 08:09:45 PM »
Stupid question.  What causes a War2 SS to be saved as a .png instead of a PCX?  I suspect absolutely NOTHING but $lick seems to be adamant that all the ss's in his war2 dir are .png files and there are zero .pcx files.  He says he takes them using the PS button (which is normal) but a PCX is never generated.  I checked the metadata from one of them and it doesnt have anything useful in it at all to identify what generated the file and it didnt look edited in any way.  I asked him for a SS twice in 2 different games.  The first one was just me being curious about where his shit was.  He said he took the SS (while I had it paused),  but of course,  no SS was dropped.  So we played again and I randomly paused this time and asked again.   This time however, he took about 15 mins to find a ".png" file.  I dont believe he hacks but stranger shit has happened.  Is there something in win10 that causes this to happen?  I dont use Win10 and never will so I dont feel like trying to reproduce it myself.

6 / Should we make 700g/100w paladins default in war2?
« on: September 09, 2019, 04:44:38 PM »
Remade it so you can see the votes.  I dont usally make polls, so I'm not an expert on it :P  Didnt realize that Result Visibility is grayed out once you make a poll.  Anyway,  I'm confident enough to know that such a change would never pass the sniff test.  It's better than your bait and switch attempt incos :P  No go forth and get some votes to support it.  I will sit here and do absolutely nothing.  I wont need to lift a finger to know this would never pass with an overwhelming majority (80%+).  You might be able to get close to 50% if you recruit a crap ton of chop players though.  My bet is that it receives maybe 20% yes over a sample size of 25 people or more.

Humans are already better than orcs on Water,  hands down, not even a question.  They dont need to be better or equal to orcs on Land as well.

7 / close thread pls, couldnt edit poll options on this one.
« on: September 09, 2019, 04:20:54 PM »
Users are unable to change votes (I left that checkbox unchecked).  Vote comments are encouraged and enabled.  This poll is simple.  Make the change or not.  I voted no for obvious reasons.

There you go @Incos,  now you have a REAL poll you can work from.  One that cant be considered a bait and switch tactic.

8 / OBS 23.1.0 64bit streaming
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:21:11 PM »
So someone asked me if I could help them get streaming running without using UStreamCaptcha and Winblowz 10.  I knew this was possible but just hadnt documented the steps to do so myself and the steps are missing on the tutorials page for the newest version of OBS (Which is OBS Studio).  So if mousetopher or whoever maintains that streaming page is interested in updating it for Windows 10 here is what we did:

Download OBS 23.1.0 (64bit)
Add new "Display Capture" add it using all the defaults.
Right click the new "Display Capture" and select "Filters
Create a new "Crop/Pad" filter
Uncheck "Relative"  (This is not optional,  it will not capture correctly if relative is enabled).
Once relative is unchecked, new options "Width" and "Height" show up.
Set Width to 640
Set Height to 480
Click close
Right click "Display Capture" again and select "Fit to Screen"

And thats it.  It's a much easier process than UScreenCaptcha but it's not native so it does use more CPU power than using uscreencaptcha but we didnt see much performance loss.  I still prefer uscreencaptcha but this is a good way for new players to stream without the complexity of setting up UScreencaptcha.

Let the hilarity commence.  He was hackin in a smurf and forgot to turn them off is my guess.

10 / TOR/VPN In russia
« on: February 12, 2015, 12:15:50 PM »
Looks like war2 server could be getting help from the Govt to block hackers from accessing russian addresses (like the war2 server) lol.

Great country I tell ya.  NO.  I'd rather have no censorship than crap like this.  It's a pointless endeavor anyway, people will always find ways around it.  Censorship never wins.  Never has,  never will.

11 / [H]Fire for your viewing pleasure
« on: December 09, 2014, 05:49:54 PM »

This is for your viewing pleasure [H]Fire.  It's probably not a good idea to say I hack.  You might just get embarrassed ;)  A 20 min rant isnt going to get you very far when the person you're trying to frame records everything on twitch :)

Have a good day, because you surely werent having a good day last night thats for sure :/

12 / flist spam?
« on: December 04, 2014, 09:34:09 PM »
Pretty sure this is tupac with a proxy + bots.  Whats the point of shit like this:

iL, since you've been playing with the PVPGN source, why did you not comment out the friendslist crap?  It's a simple 2 character fix (the comment characters lmao).

13 / Preserve data
« on: December 03, 2014, 06:52:34 PM »
Someone should go through this and preserve the different pages in case the site never comes back, isnt always reliable:   Dont bother with he forums piece, it wont go that deep and it filters out forums posts anyway, but the other pages should still all be in tact..... for now.

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