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Title: Confirmed: SG is Retarded
Post by: Harrywangs on August 07, 2021, 01:38:20 PM
Has anyone ever played with SG and, when he loses he blames you for fucking up and sometimes he even rages!?!?! OFC, everyone has and out of all active players he is probably the most arrogant. So, we are doing a 4s yesterday, I'm at 12 vs 2 (lux) and hes at 9. He gives me 2 pults and then, as we wind up losing in the end, blames me. SHOCKER! He says he won't ally me again, I'm bad, that I never listen, yada yada yada, right? We've all heard it.

So, I ask him for some constructive criticism, after we go back and forth a bit. I want to learn. I want to see what he saw. I want to see what I did wrong. I know hes a top player and maybe instead of arguing with him about what actually happened, I will listen. Shit, maybe I'm wrong after all. So, he tells me what I did wrong and tells me I lost my 8 grunts to 2 grunts because I wasn't watching. He also bitch about how I lost his pults as well and how could I be so bad to do so? Then proceeds to tell me it's all recorded on his stream.

I say, fuck it, I want to see it because I don't recall it and I always argue with him about the game afterwards. So, I check it and, NOPE, he was 100% wrong. His pults died because I had 3 red grunts left after the big battle and he left them there for a while. OFC they will die. Then after that, I basically had a consistent 6 grunts in 2 atking. The reason I lost when I did? Cuz SG's nib at 11 ran into my base with grunts. ROFL

Even though most of us hate the way SG acts, it turns out, his rage isn't even legit. He literally just cries after a loss, blames you, when believe it or not, its his own fault sometimes. I know we all think this but this is literal proof. Anyone else who is a top player is just too much of a pussy to call him out. Yes, top players have told me he was wrong but don't call him out.

Then he says I atked the wrong rax at 2, in an attempt to overlook the fact that he was wrong already. One rax was choked because I couldn't move much further in due to whites GTs/poor positioning and I was atking and killed the other one. WRONG AGAIN SG. Mr. Infalible.

Now, I actually do have respect SG as a player. His skill level is top tier and watching that game, his ability to multitask is very good. I can't take that away from him but SG, if you're going to be an asshole, at least be correct when you are one, otherwise it just makes you look stupid. If you don't know the answer, don't randomly blame people and attempt to back it up with BS. He wouldn't admit he was wrong so, I leave it up to the people who could stomach reading this.

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1110730308 (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1110730308)

Gameplay starts at 19:00-23:30. (some more lvl4 vs 5 talk and timing b4 this)
The chat afterwards is from 41:20- 43:15

Title: Re: Confirmed: SG is Retarded
Post by: ~ToRa~ on August 07, 2021, 06:19:50 PM
Sg makes me laugh. Lol.

In all honesty he has a understanding of the game only lone, swift and u8 have currently.

Title: Re: Confirmed: SG is Retarded
Post by: Harrywangs on August 07, 2021, 08:07:34 PM
I agree, I don't doubt his skill set.
Title: Re: Confirmed: SG is Retarded
Post by: Player on August 07, 2021, 08:32:04 PM
I think the shit talking started because you didn't get any new grunts from 19:47 to 20:21.  Either you forgot or were maxed out of farms so he thought you were afk when red wasn't outnumbered harder. SG was busy getting trampled by orange around this time so he probably missed most of what actually happened at 2.   

Also, lmao @ 19:30. Shotgun asked if you had level 5 coming at 19:21, when you said no at 19:29, he clicked his cat at 19:30 and just stopped moving for a second. I'm pretty sure he was considering shit talking you then, but he decided to let it go.
Title: Re: Confirmed: SG is Retarded
Post by: Harrywangs on August 07, 2021, 08:58:33 PM
Yes, I was at 2 microing, you are correct. I made 2 grunts as I hit. So, however long that took to create from there till 20:21, you are right.

Red had 3 raxes mind you though. But yes, I could have pumped out more at that time mid-battle. I know the second I go to my base sg's pults die lol. "WTF ARE U DOING AT 2, SITTING THERE WATCHING MY PULTS DIE?!"

Yeah the lvl5 part I knew he wasnt happy about, lol. Hence the delayed answer, rofl. But... earlier on when he made a rax in my base for pults, I repped his rax hard. So I kept pumping grunts/farms, assuming we were going to hit asap. When his pult was at 2, red was lvl4. Which is when he told me to stay home and I said "thought we were pushing", "hence the repping".

Let's pretend I made 2 more grunts and sent to 2 mid battle. How would that have impacted anything?

You are also forgetting the rest of the video though.
Title: Re: Confirmed: SG is Retarded
Post by: Shotgun on August 07, 2021, 09:14:08 PM
Ok so from 19:46

You send 9 grunts in to face his entire army, you move the rest of your grunts in after your first lot die.

After the battle you had 3 grunts left, he will obviously target my cat, so you can pick his grunts off pretty easily

From 20:15 you somehow don't send any grunts until 20:40

At 21:11 you have 7 grunts in his base, you proceed to chase a grunt, then 2 peons back into his guard towers.

At 21:34 you are standing around idle attacking a barracks below with 2 grunts when there is a barracks almost dead.

Anyone who is half decent can see how bad you are from watching the stream you posted. I was battling 11 and still had more an idea what was going on than you did
Title: Re: Confirmed: SG is Retarded
Post by: Shotgun on August 07, 2021, 09:46:58 PM

Let's pretend I made 2 more grunts and sent to 2 mid battle. How would that have impacted anything?

Title: Re: Confirmed: SG is Retarded
Post by: Harrywangs on August 07, 2021, 10:29:52 PM
-Pult was leading his army, I sent 3 to try and kill it. I guess that fucked me up sending the 2nd wave of grunts in. Understood.

-He had 4 grunts atk my 3 dead ones. They died 1st then pults died. He didnt go to pults and I could have atked grunts.

- You are correct (20:15 to 20:40)

- Chasing was the 1st time we saw GTs. First grunt died basically on the 1st hit. I assume the 2nd one died as well based on the reaction time. I'm not sure if the others did or not based on the video.

- I had the rax choked AND the rest stood ground next to rax, correct. While I was at my base making grunt/peon etc, i stood ground so they didn't chase, like they did before. It's not all in the video but he was baiting me to his towers. I was barely delayed when he came at me. I kept the choke at the rax for the most part though.

Now, you are giving constructive criticism, which is what I asked for in the first place. Not, you lost 8 grunts to 2. Those pults were dead if I sent 2 more grunts or not. Yes, he woulda taken more hits on his grunts and maybe 1-2 more would have died. I agree.

My entire point is if you're going to be an asshole and tell me wtf I did wrong, say the right things so I know wtf to think about next time. The things you said at the time (in channel after) did not help. What you are saying now, makes sense.
Title: Re: Confirmed: SG is Retarded
Post by: Teaboy on August 08, 2021, 04:50:33 AM
1)sg got burned by angel which slowed his pard, passed
2)sg cryed at pard, passed
3)sg rq, passed

mission complete

we have another dream team on server