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Alaunter act 2: Work continues! 98  1

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Alaunter act 2: Work continues!
« on: November 07, 2021, 12:07:00 PM »
We warmly welcome everyone again!  :peon:
The development of the second act of the Alaunter campaign is actively underway!  :thumbsup:
So far, we present to your attention a teaser-cartoon of Alaunter act 2. About the general of the army of elves! Enjoy watching everyone.
Link to YouTube video:

And while the work is in full swing, we still could use the help from the English-speaking community.
At the moment, help is needed in two categories:
1) General assistance to the project:
A) graphic artists (pixel-art, someone who can draw new units / icons / tilesets and backgrounds for menus)
B) Musicians (for soundtrack in the game)
2) Help to adapt the game to English
A) Translation from Russian into English (what if there are such?)
B) Voice acting for units / heroes, and voice acting for briefings / videos between missions

Also, I want to inform you that in view of the rather huge amount of work, it was decided to release the second act of the campaign in parts (3 parts in total), as soon as they are ready.
However, there will be more news about this! Now we will not make the last mistake when the campaign was released first in Russian, and only six months later in English. Now the entire campaign will be released in two languages at once.

Apologies in advance for poor English in this post!

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Re: Alaunter act 2: Work continues!
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2021, 04:38:03 PM »
How lovely, orcs are here in Alaunter ^-^

With help you mentioned about, feel free to use sprites I sent to you some time ago and also I can try to do some additional voice acting. Not sure if you will find any of these useful, but that's all I got  :slight_smile:

Act 1 had many great missions with fresh and cool ideas so for sure I will play Act 2  :thumbsup:  :wc2: