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General Discussion / Re: Game Design: Warcraft II.V
« on: March 13, 2023, 10:49:55 PM »
Do you have discord ? i’d like to chat, look for incos
I'm: standardcombo#3927

Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Winding Road
« on: March 11, 2023, 07:33:56 PM »
Ah whoops, problem with the editing tool. Thanks.
I like the idea of a 2v2, but I'm not sure how to specify the player spawns, would it simply be player spawns 1 + 2 (Red + Blue) in the top and then player spawns 3 + 4 in the bottom?

About the building space, it's constrained on purpose, so you are forced to build out into the second area-- but of course that was calculated for 1v1 not 2v2, so I think a bigger map would probably be needed for 2v2. I can bring the large one down a bit simply by increasing the water border. I don't want it to be easy for one team to rush towers or a wave of grunts in the first two minutes. To do that in the map I'm trying to achieve you would have to proxy the Barracks, sending out pawns early building the Barracks near the enemy somewhere-- that would be a cool strategy.

Cartography & Custom Maps / Winding Road
« on: March 08, 2023, 09:13:59 PM »
Wanted to make a 1v1 map that is medium sized, but gives players time to setup. Distance to opponent can be shortened by destroying one of the Dark Portals.

Almost certainly and profoundly: Yes

I am a game developer, working on real-time multiplayer games. I was already developing games as a hobby, but the early internet days with wc2 were importantly formative. From the game's level design tools and ripping its sprites I learned a lot. Furthermore, without wc2, Starcraft wouldn't exist which is another game that has had an impact on my game designs. Going a step further, Warcraft 3 is a milestone game in the industry-- it changed everything! I think people underestimate the importance of wc3 to the industry at large. Entire genres of games would not exist without wc3.

General Discussion / Game Design: Warcraft II.V
« on: March 05, 2023, 10:51:29 PM »
For a long time I've thought about a rework of wc2. As a game dev and wc2 fan, this is something I would love to work on, but I don't imagine ever having the time to do so. My goal with this post is just to share the idea and get it out of my head. Feedback welcome!

Design goals:
1) Keep the game's fundamental systems unchanged. Same game feel, same basics.
2) Improve the overall balance across all units, resulting in more valid strategies.
3) Decrease symmetry between Orcs and Humans. The basics are symmetrical, but the advanced units are more diverse.
4) Increase game depth.
5) Don't add anything crazy, keep development realistic.

Some changes are much easier to do than others. Easy ones (E) are just balance changes to numbers and could be done right now. Medium difficulty ones (M) involve some ability reworks, which could potentially be done with a mod. Hard ones (H) involve system changes and I'm not sure if they are possible without access to the original source code (or a complete rewrite).

(-) Indicates changes to an existing character or upgrade.
(~) Indicates a rework to an existing upgrade.
(+) Indicates a new upgrade, with new icon.
Specific numeric changes (costs, time, mana, etc) are purposefully omitted and could be large or small. Those values should be determined by testing (here are just design goals).

Elven Lumber Mill
- Lower the costs and time for all upgrades. (E)
+ Frost Arrows: Elven Ranger attacks apply Slow (short duration). (M)

Troll Lumber Mill
- Lower the costs and time for all upgrades. (E)
~ Lighter Axes: Change to increase attack speed, instead of range. (M)
+ Metabolic Rage: Troll Berserkers have increased movement speed (M) and attend faster to commands (H).

Mage Tower
- Lower upgrade cost of Flame Shield. (E)

- Lower the mana cost of Fireball. (E)
- Lower the mana cost of Flame Shield. (E)
- Increase the cast range of Flame Shield. (E)
- Increase the mana cost of Polymorph. (E)

Temple of the Damned
- Increase upgrade cost of Haste. (E)
- Lower upgrade cost of Unholy Armor. (E)
- Lower upgrade cost of Raise Dead. (E)
- Lower upgrade cost and time of Whirlwind. (E)

Death Knight
- Lower the mana cost of Unholy Armor. (E)
- Lower the cast range of Death and Decay. (E)
- Lower the mana cost of Whirlwind. (E)
- Increase the cast range of Whirlwind. (E)
- Lower the mana cost of Raise Dead. (E)
- Increase the cast range of Raise Dead. (E)

- Increased hitpoints, armor and movement speed. (E)

- Lower the upgrade time of Paladins. (E)
+ Evangelism: Paladins automatically cast Heal on nearby damaged allies. (H)

- Lower the build time at Barracks (no change to Knights, only Paladins build slightly faster). (E)

Altar of Storms
- Lower the upgrade time of Ogre-Mages. (E)
- Increase the upgrade cost of Bloodlust. (E)
+ Kilrogg's Presence: Increased hitpoints, duration and sight radius of Eye of Kilrogg. (M)

- Lower the starting mana for Ogre-Mages. (M)
- Lower the mana cost of Runes. (E)

Gryphon Aviary
- Lower cost and build time of Gryphon Riders. (E)
+ Dwarven Shrine: Gryphon Riders deal more damage. (M)
+ Chimeric Linguistics: Gryphons attend faster to commands given. (H)

Dragon Roost
- Lower cost and build time of Dragons. (E)
+ Dietary Balance: Dragons attack faster. (M)
+ Draconic Interpreter: Dragons attend faster to commands given. (H)

Gnomish Inventor
+ Passenger Compartment: Gnomish Flying Machines can transport up to 2 ground units. (H)
+ Cogwheel Lubricant: Ballistas attend faster to commands given. (H)
+ Hydrodynamics: Increased movement speed on Submarines. (M)
+ Ultra-fine Powder: Increased explosion damage for Dwarven Demolition Squads. (M)

Goblin Alchemist
+ Passenger Compartment: Goblin Zeppelins can transport up to 2 ground units. (H)
+ Cogwheel Lubricant: Catapults attend faster to commands given. (H)
+ Aquatic Ballistics: Increased attack range on Sea Turtles. (M)
+ Tiny Propaganda Pamphlets: Increased movement speed for Goblin Sappers. (M)

PS: haven't done any work on ships, aside from Subs/Turtles.

I recently tried uploading installers to (small, medium, large install sizes). Also tried versions 45 and 46. All of them throw "Trojan". So yeah.
Would love to play, but I can't risk a hidden trojan on this PC.

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