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Support Requests / Grey Screen
« on: June 07, 2024, 09:02:39 AM »
I got an issue with my game, not sure why, but my screen is grey, i mean i can see the game, but there a grey glow on my screen, its like super dark and it basicly unplayable, i can play but its really unconfortable and after couples games my eyes just cant stand it anymore.

Im not sure why it does this, its basicly the first time, i think its relate to my HDR mode, but even if i remove it, it keep doing it since then.

Any can help with that pls.

2 / The final words of EQ.
« on: August 14, 2022, 01:43:37 AM »
I realize ive never been crazy, lot of peoples in here have all mental issues, they are all living multiple life with multiple account smurfs, they are mostly all cheating, hacking, snyping, sharing account whatever you can imagine, it probably happen in here. Not only some peoples are really weird, like REALLY REALLY WEIRD.. But competition is dead, admins dont take cares of us anymore, ladder is supposly broken, master tag is not respected, and confidence with admins is done.. People can log and talk about katy perry management for YEARSSSSS at a ridiculous point that you finally believe it must be an AI... Who the hell will log for years and saying he made billions with katy perry??? it make no sens.... Or who will make a millions of smurfs to troll you EVERYDAY AND RUIN your games for year!!! Thats amazing.... It's not a rage for a week or couple months, its a constant rage for year and years... Thats something else, let me tell you... I appreciate everyone who have contribute to this server.. Burnt, iL, Tora, Mistral, moustopher, you guys have still try to keep this server open and try to do what you can do to make it a little bit more enjoyable, i still appreciated that, dont get me wrong... But i dont know, i feel like you guys really want to support the weird way the server has take over the years, or maybe, you guys just dont cares anymore, to be honnest, you guys must have serious problemes to deal with those strange peoples... Because if those peoples are not AI who try to act like real human being, then those peoples have really really big probleme in their life to troll peoples like that for years and years... Most of those peoples must have 30, 40, 50 years old, and cheat/trolls/ruins games like that, i dont think its something we can consider normal. Whatever i am a competitor in soul, i love challenge, but lately, the only challenge i really have on this server is dealing with those weird peoples, i think it's really sad, cuz this is the best game ever, and if you guys had take care of this server properly, we could have great things happening here. But no one want to ear peoples talk about their big dick all day long and their bitches at the hotel and how katy perry and taylor swift have a 1 billion dollar records deal with peoples on the server. For years i have try to deal with all of this, i have try to fix all these probleme, but nobody listen me, nobody take all these probleme seriously, i am just a stupid frenchman right? I have reach a point where i cant deal with this anymore. Who want to deal with peoples that constantly wish you to die from ur cancer, while on the other side some other punk try to act like hes saving you. They are all using me like an attraction in the park. Whatever the cancer have never been a probleme, i dont cares who speak about it, but i cares when i see peoples act like they get mad and offended cuz i call someone else NEWB and i saw this person playing all day long with someone who wish other to die from cancer.. And dont get me wrong, you can play with him, but just dont act offended and a good person if i call someone new while you sit and laugh with this kind of peoples. For me, it's just being hypocrite, and hypocrite is probably what i hate the most from someone. Sure i was someone hard to deal with, constantly seing hackers everywhere, '' wich is probably true too '' constantly arguing on server, constantly calling peoples newbs, bad etc etc.. But dont forgot something, ive also always been call newb and bad my entire life, the only difference is i always did it in the gaming perception, ive never attack anyone on their personal life untill you attack me first. And even there you must attack me really hard for that because most of time im just gonna laugh at him and keep calling him newb and bad. Because when i com here, its to get out of my real life, it's not to bring my real life with me, but some peoples when they came here, they think the real life is part of this game, they think they can judge you, oh you got no job, oh you live with ur parents, oh you got a cancer, oh you got no wife, oh you got no childrens...  Do they realize if im here its probably because it's the only thing i can do? What do you expect from someone who live with their parents with a cancer and having no job, no wife, no childrens? Do they look themself in the mirror? Do they realize their childrens are in the house waiting for daddy and mommy to do something nice with them, do they realize wife is probably in living room wishing husband will be there for her? They say oh i got hobby, war2 is my hobby, dude ur hobby is at least six hours per day for the last 20 years, and you suppose to work, so if i consider that you work and you play this game so much, you probably dont take much time with ur family... Whats about having hobby with ur childrens and ur wife, playing baseball, going fishing, going to theaters, doing something with them instead of judging other peoples on a 25 years old game because you cant deal with the fact that someone tell you is better then you. '' wich is the main goal of this game by the way ''. They say, oh im just playing for fun, sure dude i know whats fun mean, fun mean untill equinox ally 3 newbs and you put me with 3 pro, this is whats fun mean, right?. But if equinox take the pro on his side and put  the newbs with you, you will get the fuck out of my games, create ur own games, then stack the game in ur favor, cuz this is what is fun right? I know, cuz i did it for the 5 last years, constantly allying newbs over and over and playing basicly the worst team every day.. Recently some peoples act like they are offended because i start booting NEWBS SMURFS AND TROLLs, because of birdbrain harrasement. Oh nox is bad guy, is booting newb, so they host their own game, and what they do? They host in private so newb cant join, and if newbs join they boot them or obs them, but they will certainly not play with them, believe me. So peoples always act like they are good and better then you, they always act like they are offended for some stupid shit, but they are even worst, cuz they do the same but actually they do it in a hypocrite way. I must be alot of things, but there something i have never been, and its hypocrite. Im sad, cuz whatever you think about me, ive always try to do my best to make this server the best as possible, everything i have try have been rejected simply because who I AM... Oh no, Equinox got an idea, make sure it never happen! Right? I am at the point where i think if this server die, its probably because some peoples want to punish me, and at the end, the entire server is punish because of me. So why i will stay here, why i will keep arguing with myself about this game, obviously im just wasting my time, and now im also wasting your time, the truth is i dont belong here anymore, i wish i could say bye to someone, like a friend, but i dont know if i got friends in here, i dont think so, because even the peoples who i think was my friend, make me feel like they are just hypocrite. So i got no one i really want to say bye in particular... You know what, im just gonna say bye to everyone, a final bye, just for the respect of doing it. I wish you guys have fun and i certainly wish someone start to really take cares of this server. This game have bring me good and bad mood over the years, even if you think i hate you, it's not true, you guys where my familly, a dysfunctional family sure, but still my family, even if you think im a bad guy cuz i call you new, i wish you the best and i wish you fun.. Good bye everyone.

3 / Just find another hacker.
« on: August 13, 2022, 09:04:26 AM »
You see, i just found another hacker, just like that, Smeagol, this guy is use to harasse me in private since the 2 last years calling me bitch and others names all the times for absolutly no reason, i dont even pay attention to this guy, he is also probably birdbrain, the one who harasse me and ruin my games for the entire last year. Its actually because of him if i dont let smurf, newbs and trolls join my games anymore, because he made millions of different smurfs and ruin our games everytimes, so now i dont know wich smurf or newbs are legit and i just ban everyone cuz im tire of this shit.

He probably wanted to make me cry on forum, but he dint expect to be caught.

Shotgun and i was in a game, then another shotgun join the game, we where both surprise cuz we dont see anymore spoof since long time ago, then i took ss of it super quick, he was probably thinking i will ban him, cuz im use to ban peoples lately, but i knew if i ban him i will not know who he is, instead i just left the game so i could see who was the person using the hacks, because when you spoof, you spoof the game, but when you goes back to the channel, you goes back to ur real name, so when i left who goes back to the channel? Me, Shotgun, Cancel, Smeagol.

I know its not cancel because before we left the game cancel join us, So it mean it cant be, me, shotgun or cancel, only one left was smeagol.

Then he left super quick the channel probably hoping we will not see him in time, but the worst was done, my notification are always open, wich mean if you left quick, it will notice when you will left!

Thank you smeagol, you just proof this game is still full of hackers and trolls.

4 / Official challenge to KnitterHemd
« on: August 12, 2022, 02:34:29 PM »
Official challenge to knitterhemd, cuz the last time we did a series i beat his ass 4-3 and should have his master tag.

But since i want to be cool, i never ask for it, now i will beat you bad and give you no mercy at all.

You must accept, or ill request the master tag from the last series.

5 / 4-1 vs Deku- ** He was drunk **
« on: August 07, 2022, 02:35:18 AM »
I rarely do 1v1, but when i do, i love my middle.

4-1 vs Deku- ** He was drunk, pardon him **

Win from Mid, 4, Mid, 9.

6 / The most amazing resistance of all time??!
« on: August 03, 2022, 03:18:55 AM »
Jay taught it will be an easy game, untill... 2 Towers cross his road :/

7 / Beating u8 1v2 from 5.....
« on: July 23, 2022, 06:52:59 AM »
Couple monts ago, a friend of mine came to my house and decide to play war2 for fun, by an enormous suprise he beat u8 twice in a pure 3v4 game!!

Everyone remember Phillipe right??! It was so unbalivable that i ask him how he did that.. And he give me some advices wich i take with pleasure.

Look like the advices where good cuz yersterday i beat U8 in a pure 1v2 before he rage quit and blame his ally, wich is super dissonnest because he was dead anyway and his ally just help u8 in his huge fail!! Im sad cuz U8 rarely join my games, ok we know why, everytime he join my game he lose, wich his pretty bad for his image, i understand that, so he rarely join us.. But after that game, i dont even know if he will ever join one of my game again!

Dont worry U8, i know you work and pratice hard since years and years to beat players like me, player like me who was already part in the best of the world while you were still wearing ur pampers layers. But i respect the fact that you try to make 2 towers to kill me and fail, thats really impressive for the best player of the world.

Whatever great 1v2 u8, and much love to Phillipe, the true goat of warcraft II!

U8 getting beat 1v2:

Suprise game, Also Shotgun beated by 1 tower:

8 / Sorry guys if im afk but...
« on: July 01, 2022, 07:15:25 PM »
Sorry if im afk guys, but i must wreck a bunch of legal cheater whale on diablo immortal.

Im actualy top 1 Highest level on the most popular server of america prime evil with 2 other players.

We three are fighting for the first place at level paragon 74.

I got that easy, dont worry, love you guys, comming back soon when im done with those big newbs.

9 / Wake up please?!
« on: May 10, 2022, 09:17:40 AM »
Are you guys gonna fix the damn ladder or what?? Or maybe create a new one instead of creating some newbe mode that only kill the game.

Yesterday again, Lorys.IT join the server, there was some people in a trigger map, lorys could find any gow, so he said game is dead and just left the server.

Everydays we lose important peoples like this.

You guys did a rebalance mode, you saw that peoples like it and want more work on it and you just forgot about it for a year.

You should work on that instead of working on some useless map that only 10 trolls enjoy.

This map will be forgot in a year, GOW ladder have survive over 25 years, fix ur damn priority before it's too late.

10 / War2HD BUG?! Help me devlopper!
« on: March 10, 2022, 02:48:05 AM »
Ive install the war2 hd and for some reason i got a huge bug now, my screen is just flashing, i can see the game but the entire screen is just flashing, anyone know why??!


11 / Give ur Ideas for future features in rebalance mode!
« on: December 14, 2021, 08:36:22 AM »
Hi guys ive been playing this mode for couples days nows, i really like it, ive talk with alot of peoples about it and in general it's pretty much 50-50.

Some peoples like it,
some peoples dont,
some peoples are not sure yet.

In general i think it's really important to keep working on this rebalance mode.

I think since we got the choice to choose between a classic game and a rebalance game it bring us the right to have no limit about this mode. I also think its by keeping to work on this mode we will bring more peoples because they will realize how this mode can be great!!!

Anyway, Old purist will always have the old version of war2 and peoples who like the evolution will have this mode.

From my part im playing both mode and i enjoy both of em.

So i think any kind of ideas for this mode should be regroup somwhere and thats why i start this thread.

I was talking with swift yesterday, and we were talking about how the mage and deathknight have irrelevant spells.

Some cost way too much mana, some have no duration at all, some barely do damage.

Let's take by exemple skeletoons... Thats would be cool if they were a little bit stronger, if they will cost less mana or at least raising more skelletoons, this spell could be really fun and maybe usefull in some situation.

It's just an exemple, but we think in general, it would be really cool to rework some of those spells!

I would also add back the chop bars... I think this feature is really good and will help alot of new players to improve faster.

Whatever it was only some ideas like this, hope it open some doors.

Thanks for the time, dont forgot to give ur ideas too, thanks!

12 / u8 is ban from twitch?!!
« on: June 12, 2021, 08:56:54 AM »
Omg why did you get ban from twitch u8?? You try to hack there mpq?!! Oh right they have no mpq..... Oh i know you buy fake followers again :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

13 / Special guess on my stream today!
« on: April 27, 2021, 03:38:46 PM »
Today i got a special guess!

Since we cant find the Cockroach in the dark, i invite best friend of phillip to join us today..

Riddick aka Pitch Black gonna help us to find coward Cockroach in the dark!


14 / I made a map, you choose for the name!
« on: April 19, 2021, 08:03:37 PM »
You guys can also do multiple votes!

Yesterday u8 probably had the most viewers he never had on twitch... He taught for the occasion that he would join my games and try to make fun of me with all those viewers....

Sadly he was not excepting that train that we call Equinox...

Here u8 getting wreck in a straight 3v4 against 6-8 with humans and finally blame his parts.

Here u8 getting wreck even when i give him Bara.

Here u8 getting serious and finnally goes orc, but cant even reach lust  :rofl:

And just to be sure no one came to see me and tell me you cant beat u8 1v1, here u8 getting wreck by equinox from s9 with literally 3 fingers in the nose!

I could literally give you more, because i just beat his ass all the entire day, score was like 10-3 for EQ, but it would be long to just clip all of them so i give you the one wich he would be the most proud.

For the full day, just watch this link.

Finally u8 give up and he goes back to abuse of Dj Boss in 1v1, where all his viewers can assume is the best player ever with all his hacks that he cant even win with.... Mr 120 Apm gg's :rofl:

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