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Title: AA. vs Brazilians - challenge accepted
Post by: Dudakurten on June 18, 2021, 05:52:35 AM
Hello everyone, my first topic here.....lets see.

First of all I would like to say thanks to a lot of people who helped me and was patient enough to let me play some games (specially on beginning haha). I will not mention all the people who keeping helping me because will be a lot.....but my special thanks go to Trogallart, without him I don't even knew this game, lol.
Back on the 2000s I used to play starcraft/bw and I never knew it WC2 had a bnet version until I saw some forum post of Trogallart (on blizzard or Gog forum, not sure) last month. Since there I started to play on GoG every weekends (we are still playing and everyone is welcome - all levels) and weekdays on Russian server.

I am really enjoying this game and, a little bit of nostalgia from my side, I would like to see some clan wars or anything like this.

Goblin allowed me to speak on behalf of AA., saying that, it is a pleasure to announce our first challenge:

AA. vs Brazilians.

Rules: 5 games bo1 on GoW (4 1vs1 / 1 2vs2).
8 PM CET time Sunday 20th Jun.

Match up to be determined (I will edit as soon as we define it)

AA. 1 - 4 Brazilians

AA.noobniko < Br.Theboy - GoW
AA.duda < Br.Lale - GoW
AA.Luster < Br.OmeD - GoW
AA.GreenGoblin > Br.Lale - GoW

AA.noobniko + AA.GreenGoblin < Br.OmeD + Br.Lale - GoW

The idea behind is to bring new things to the wc2 community, and maybe (why not), new players? And most important, have fun of course, in the end is just a game.


20.06.2021 AA. 1 vs 4 Brazilians
27.06.2021 AA. vs ? ? ?
04.07.2021 AA. vs ? ? ?

We are looking for the next match on 27.06, please fell free to pm me here or battle net or even post here on forum.
In a easier side, dont need to be a "real clan", can be a group of friends, e.g.: AA. vs friends of Fullmana etc...
All you need to challenge us is 4 players, then we can discuss format and maps.

And finally, this event will be streamed by Equinox on Twitch where you can follow him if not yet:
(he can learn how to play watching us  :stuck_out_tongue:).

https://www.twitch.tv/kenshytv (https://www.twitch.tv/kenshytv)

Thanks again, and I am looking forward to receive challenge propose for the next Sunday.

Title: Re: AA. vs Brazilians - challenge accepted
Post by: Dudakurten on June 20, 2021, 06:05:24 PM
Games updated.

Thanks everyone, was funny.

Looking forward for more.

Title: Re: AA. vs Brazilians - challenge accepted
Post by: Aa.FrEEzA.aA on July 03, 2021, 12:51:45 PM
Looks like it was a fun event, I'll keep an eye out for more to come! I'd like to get in on the action.