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Maps with human rebalance stats
« on: April 12, 2024, 12:20:19 PM »
Since orcs are very powerful late game with the bloodlust, the idea is to make humans a proper early game race with some minor unit stat changes and make Human vs. Orc win rates closer to equal than now, while not making the game feel too different than the original, and while still retaining Orc's late game power, by applying these changes to some of the most played melee maps.

Here are the changes for Humans:
Footman : +1 Basic Damage, +1 Armor
Knight : +1 Piercing Damage (extends to Paladins)
Paladin : +2 Armor (so that upgrading to Paladins is actually useful)
Ranger : +1 Basic Damage (not the base Archer)
Dwarven Demolition Squad : 520 Gold and 200 Wood (down from 700 Gold and 250 Wood)
Blizzard spell upgrade : 1500 Gold (down from 2000 Gold)
Mage : Start with free Flame Shield spell as well as Fireball

Here are the changes for Orcs:
Ogre Mage : +50 Wood more expensive (800 Gold and 150 Wood, also not the base Ogre)
Berserker : +1 Basic Damage (not the base Axethrower)
Raise Dead spell upgrade : 500 Gold and 50 upgrade time (down from 1500 Gold and 100 upgrade time)
Death Knight : Start with free Whirlwind spell as well as Death Coil

The maps are:

Garden of War,
All You Need,
Forest Trail,
Forsaken Isles,
Great White North,
Mud in Your Eye,
Plains of snow,
Rose Petal,

You can find the maps in the attachment.
Let me know if you want any other maps, or if you want some changes to make the winrate more equal.

Edit: Edited the rebalance maps.
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Re: Maps with human rebalance stats
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2024, 08:20:41 PM »
Empty maps without buildings should remain in 20th century

If map is configured for different unit data
it’s logical to place a ready army and fight right away

Otherwise, another sawmill-craft is just a waste of time

Plus there is a maps to pictures converter
easier to find through my messages
and cards would be immediately visible that they are empty

Karty pustyye bez postroyek dolzhny ostat'sya v 20-m veke

Yesli karta nastroyena na otlichayushchiyesya dannyye yunitov
logichno razmestit' gotovuyu armiyu i srazu srazhat'sya

Inache ocherednaya lesopilka kraft lish' trata vremeni

Plyus yest' konverter kart v kartinki
proshche nayti cherez moi soobshcheniya
i karty byli by srazu vidny chto pustyye

Чую что пишу автор не поймёт
и автор обновит карты пустые

I feel that author will not understand what I am writing
and author will update empty maps
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Re: Maps with human rebalance stats
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2024, 03:32:39 PM »
I don't understand what you are saying, because it doesn't make any sense.

Also for anyone else; I've updated the maps and brought a few more balance changes that might make the races even more balanced.

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Re: Maps with human rebalance stats
« Reply #3 on: June 15, 2024, 10:08:48 AM »
I think the prev message meant that you should place some early buildings in your maps.

I'm not sure if balancing early vs late game is the right approach. You're defining how the game is gonna play out before it started. Besides, it would be quite hard to balance. On the other hand, it has uneven footman vs grunts which I like.