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1 / War2Rebalanced - We need your feedback!!!
« on: December 08, 2021, 07:45:48 AM »
2021 year was filled with lots of meaningful events.  :peon:

And... The 2021 year is not over yet, and... In the day before the anniversary of our beloved game Warcraft 2, we would like to present you the newest and very cool game mode!!!!!

That's War2Rebalanced!!!!!  :wc2:

In this gamemode we tried to convert our game experience into something useful, and created a balanced Warcraft 2.

The changes coming up into the original War2:

1) Rally-points in buildings
2) Easier multicast of spells
3) Towers manual control
4) Allied transports
5) Some AI fixes (the AI became stronger)
6) Repairing ballistas and catapults

Orcs are not changed. And humans got the strongest balancing:  :omg:

7) Autoheal!!!!! Now the paladins can heal anything alive automatically. Of course, you can enable or disable this option during the game, there is a new special button in the Church.

So thus except the balancing of War2 we introduced some useful controls.  :chuckisthemuscle:

We HOPE for your FEEDBACK!!!

Also note, that in order to make the process of further balancing more easy, please test the War2Rebalanced before saying any thoughts about the balance not proved with practice.

Thank you for the attention!  :innocent:

Mods & Development / Test1
« on: December 08, 2021, 06:59:38 AM »

How can I delete my theme? (

3 / Alaunter act 2: Work continues!
« on: November 07, 2021, 12:07:00 PM »
We warmly welcome everyone again!  :peon:
The development of the second act of the Alaunter campaign is actively underway!  :thumbsup:
So far, we present to your attention a teaser-cartoon of Alaunter act 2. About the general of the army of elves! Enjoy watching everyone.
Link to YouTube video:

And while the work is in full swing, we still could use the help from the English-speaking community.
At the moment, help is needed in two categories:
1) General assistance to the project:
A) graphic artists (pixel-art, someone who can draw new units / icons / tilesets and backgrounds for menus)
B) Musicians (for soundtrack in the game)
2) Help to adapt the game to English
A) Translation from Russian into English (what if there are such?)
B) Voice acting for units / heroes, and voice acting for briefings / videos between missions

Also, I want to inform you that in view of the rather huge amount of work, it was decided to release the second act of the campaign in parts (3 parts in total), as soon as they are ready.
However, there will be more news about this! Now we will not make the last mistake when the campaign was released first in Russian, and only six months later in English. Now the entire campaign will be released in two languages at once.

Apologies in advance for poor English in this post!

4 / Two-Headed Ogre Mode // Archon mode !!!
« on: December 26, 2020, 03:36:43 AM »
A new scientific breakthrough in WarCraft 2!  :wc2:
This time, Mistral and lesnik were able to create a NEW GAME MODE! It will be available to all players soon!  :peon:
Introducing the Two-Headed Ogre Mode! (just like the Archon mode in Starcraft!)

For those who do not know what the Archon mode is, I explain: this is when 2 or more players play for one player!
Thus, it is possible to assign roles. For example: one player controls the economy and the other the army!

Regarding the color of the frames for selecting units:
Green is the player's normal frame.
Yellow - a frame that lights up when your ally has selected one or another unit
Lilac - a frame when TWO or more players have selected the same unit.

These colored frames will help you not to interfere with the actions of your allies, or vice versa, will help you direct them on the right path!

5 / How is the work of the site moderators going?
« on: September 15, 2020, 09:43:08 AM »
why do you need to knock Il to approve posts on the site?

gentlemen moderators, what a disgusting thing?

Further, newer messages that Edo wrote recently were generally rejected.

what the heck? Why is there such an ugly work with Russian-speaking programmers?

for the gifted: VK - vkontakte, this is an analogue of your cretinous Facebook.
worth paying attention. it seems Xurnt was registered there.

thank. I wish this did not happen again. especially with Yedo.

I am waiting for all those who disagree on Red Square on December 31.


Everything is great this time. There will be no broken links :)
 :peon: Once again, I welcome the English-speaking part of the Warcraft2 community.

I created a new topic so that everyone can see the news. I'm sorry about duplicating some topics, I hope, nobody won't have problems of that :)

The translation of the Alaunter fan campaign is complete. All fixes are also added.
Completed by 99.9%, because it could not be otherwise. There is no only voice acting of heroes and archer. The rest is all translated.
The version with voice acting of heroes and archers can be released only with your assistance, friends.Who is interested, and who can and wants to help in this - write to my mail I will send you the voice acting texts, and we will be able to work with you...

Well, we won’t talk much to no avail! Go read readme... All links are below.

This is a momentous day, dear player!
You are lucky to get the first adapted warcraft fun campaign for Warcraft II - Alaunter.
Many years have passed since the release of the cult game. Many people wanted to create their own campaign... and now, through the efforts of the team, we can give this product to you!

The campaign will have three acts, here's the first one in front of you.
The first act of the campaign tells about the difficult fate of the Alaunter country people, about the lawlessness of those in power, about unnecessary wars with neighboring countries ... and while people are strifing between themselves - powerful green creatures land on the coast of the mainland and start a bloody war against all those living here.
The campaign poses the question: what's next? Who will lead people into the battle against an alien, thinking and dangerous race? ...

In the campaign you will encounter strong opponents, dangerous labyrinths, feel despair, but you can still lead your people to victory ...

So, what are you waiting for, my lord? Click NEXT-NEXT, finish all preparations! It is your turn!

Additional Information:
The development is kind of unique:
The campaign is made on the basis of the game from Blizzard: Warcraft II BNE, version 2.02, popular with online players war2.
At the same time, this build excludes everything related to multiplayer and single not related to campaigns.
All the videos, backgrounds, briefings with their voice acting - are replaced to ones, designed specifically for this campaign!
The portraits of the heroes and their voices are also remade.
Menu system is redesigned.

The executable file of the game have been modified: the mission objectives, the icon of the original game, some other details.

All the names, menu items, other text strings, as well as units voices - are taken from the most popular russian translation of Warcraft II TD, ported to BNE by our team and modified in accordance with the objectives of the campaign.

All the usual units in the game (not heroes) are left unchanged. With one exception:
The archer and the ranger (its improved version) - icons are redrawn, and also their voices are changed.
The archer is renamed, and is no longer an elf.

This is an out team experiment. If you like the new archer - we can remake other units in the campaign part 2 and 3.

CAMPAIGN NOW AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH !!!  :chuckisthemuscle: :peon: :newthumbsup:

1) (!ENG!)
3*) (!RU!)

I wish you to have a pleasant game, dear friends.
I'm very glad that the English-speaking audience can play new war2 fan campany!
Please leave any impressions and feedback about the campaighn, if you have any. We will be very grateful!!!

Sepi once seemed like an adequate warcraft player 2 ...
What happened to him?
Either he doesn’t give a vision, then he kills the OBs, then he is afraid to play with the ragner (he recently overcame this fear).

And this is our top1 ?? This is the shame of all warcraft.

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