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Date has been updated

I made a mistype I’ll correct it tomorrow

2v2 Chop tournament on 07/19/2024 at 3pm EST

Payouts are the following,

$600 split for 1st
$400 split for 2nd

I was kind of surprised to see u8/tea drop to lone/vuruz.
I need to re watch that series.

Are their any recording from these games?
I wanted all of them and saw some pretty good games.

Noone had to restart games they would Play with them also but had to Play vs other players

Can you rephrase? Not sure I understand what your saying.

Ggs thanks for hosting the tournament, Tora. Hopefully more teams will play in the next one so no one gets left out. Didn't realize that happened, but I would not have minded waiting for an even number of teams before starting in the future.

Good job with the win!
In the future I may request you to please restart your series due to brackets changing.
I think after starting game 2 we should cement it. But game 1 we can still change the bracket.

I dont get it,  there was much more players/teams who wanted play you ignored it

I asked you to make everyone vs everyone like I did it with choppers


and you just say no, cause st/wg viet/angel was playing their first game

you are bad tour host  :-X :-\

The only team that wanted to play was Knitterhemd and Jesk. There weren’t “many” other people that wanted to play.
Thanks for making that bracket on the fly, however to your last point ST/WG had already begun playing Angel/Braviet.
Wouldn’t have been fair to make them restart their series.

see it exactly like jesk.
Tora, that was total filth you did there.
I also kept the evening free just to not be able to play because you couldn't get it together.
There were a lot of players and you make 4 teams.
Really horrible... maybe ask one more time before you set up things.

Jesk and I wanted to play but tora didn't accept us as a team because otherwise there would be an odd number of teams wtf.
Also many more people coudnt play.

If you don't know anything about tournaments, then ask for help. But that was really shitty

Sorry to hear that Knit.
I’ll take your feedback and try to be better in the future.
Tournaments are very messy overall and very difficult to manage.
I would love it if someone would volunteer to make the brackets in the future.

tora, once again you handled this tournament very unprofessionally. Im not gonna block another night for this shit again. Throwing some cash in the middle but not giving a fuck and not listening to the players just doesnt cut it.

I see you wanted to play however there weren’t enough players to seed yourself and Knitter into the brackets.Majority of players wanted to watch and weren’t interested in actively participating. I did message you and Knitterhemd asking who your pards were however I didn’t hear back from either of you until after 3pm EST.

As far as listening to the other players I did see U8 made a bracket at one point however ST/WG has already begun their series at that point hence it wouldn’t have been fair to make them restart their series.

Tournament begins in 1 hour give or take


I better see you and ST there lol

Ok all tournament has been pushed back to 06/15 same time 3pm EST.

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« on: June 01, 2024, 09:34:29 AM »
Your are the greatest Mistral!!!!!
Love you man

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