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interface to check newly created games instantly
« on: December 02, 2014, 11:08:05 AM »
used by this now:,65.0.html

How it works and what you can do:
It works on on port 3334 tcp. Be careful closing your socket connection: it limited by 2 tcp connections per ip. That means you will not able to connect and... then just to connect again. Close your connection before exit.

You can attach to it by your prorgam and get the stream going from there.
Sample stream format:
Code: [Select]
Game created: Nov 28 07:13:51   name: poo,      creator: turd_burglar,  map: Garden of war BNE.pud,     pass: *,        type: melee
Game deleted: Nov 28 07:14:15   name: poo
Game created: Nov 28 08:50:13   name: Stomp,    creator: Nexhus,        map: Azeroth`s hell aie [2 vs 6].pud,   pass: *,        type: mapset
Game deleted: Nov 28 08:50:33   name: Stomp
Game created: Nov 28 17:41:48   name: Game1,    creator: DDJR,  map: The four corners.pud,      pass: , type: free for all
Game deleted: Nov 28 18:08:14   name: Game1
Game created: Nov 28 18:10:42   name: game1,    creator: DDJR,  map: Fortress.pud,      pass: *,        type: free for all
Game deleted: Nov 28 18:31:00   name: game1
Game created: Nov 28 18:32:08   name: dd,       creator: DDJR,  map: Garden of War Classic.pud, pass: *,        type: free for all
Game created: Nov 28 19:00:13   name: asfd,     creator: Cold(Front),   map: Pball + Build + WooD (3v3).pud,    pass: , type: melee
Game deleted: Nov 28 19:00:57   name: asfd
Game deleted: Nov 28 19:01:35   name: dd
Game created: Nov 28 19:01:52   name: as,       creator: Cold(Front),   map: Pball(Build)Balanced.pud,  pass: , type: top vs bottom
Game deleted: Nov 28 19:01:55   name: as
Game created: Nov 28 19:02:17   name: asd,      creator: Cold(Front),   map: Pball(Build)Balanced.pud,  pass: , type: melee
Game deleted: Nov 28 19:02:52   name: asd
Game created: Nov 28 19:03:29   name: asdf,     creator: Cold(Front),   map: KoTr BgH$NoAir.Mag.Lust.Tow.pud,   pass: , type: melee
It contains fields:
"Game create failed:"
"Game created:"
"Game deleted:"
Then ",\t"-separated fields you can see.
As "fieldname: fieldvalue"

"pass: *" - means game with password (password is hidden behind * in the stream).

Here's the general format, it will be compatible in the future.
Several additional fields are possible for future.

So, let's make anything you want using that:
Any agents for PC, mac, mobile devices, online services, etc.

Ajax-based status window with actual game data would be especially appreciated.
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