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1 / Re: An Open Letter To The Community
« on: September 27, 2023, 02:51:37 PM »
Unfortunately, there is always a whole bunch of nuances that no one usually thinks about. But all this is in the past.

Regarding “rebalance” - it is optional, no one forbids you to play classics. Classic, by the way, is the default. There was a discussion with the community, no need to lie.

Well, you can continue to play in a narrow circle of people with “2.5 diggers”, or you can try to develop the game.

2 / Re: An Open Letter To The Community
« on: September 27, 2023, 02:16:15 PM »
I am not an English speaker, I write with big mistakes. Excuse me.

Good afternoon, Adam!
It is always good when good, active people appear in the community, ready to work to improve the project and the community.
Unfortunately, such initiatives sometimes end unsuccessfully: alas, the example of BabyShark and Cel is quite indicative. By the way, you are right, sometimes (even often) we are to blame for these failures. And based on the given circumstances and circumstances, it is difficult to do anything about it.

Around 2019, we (in the Russian-speaking part of the community) created our own comfortable, developing movement. Much effort has been directed and concentrated, resulting in gradual improvements for the online community, and, of course, for fans of custom campaigns. There are indeed successful projects, and many more are in development.

This became possible, largely thanks to the friendly team and common goals! Last but not least is the fact that we are all Russian speakers, and it’s easy for us to communicate with each other.

If suddenly a place appears in the English-speaking environment where interested fans of the second Warcraft will intensively create something for the benefit of Warcraft 2, we promise help and assistance.
Unfortunately, it will be difficult for us to completely join the movement due to the language barrier. For this, we also ask you to forgive us all: we have many people who are completely at odds with English or any other language. This is simply difficult for us.

But we can assure you for sure that we are interested in collaborating with active people from the English-speaking community! Because our goal is to comprehensively improve Warcraft 2.

Thanks to the world community for the support and kind words. We are happy to try for the benefit of the entire Warcraft II community!

But dragons cost as much as a car... so equal to a couple archers -- if you make archers that much powerful it diminishes incentive to purchase dragon -- so you are just tipping the balance
That is why my suggestion is to simply remove the lag (dullness) of archers.
So that they at least shoot, and not blunt.

Still talking with alot of peoples, here some other great ideas.
Interesting ideas!

Also: Would be cool if the rally point was working with the non units building too, like a farm, smith lumber, ogers mound etc... Right now rally point only work on building with units, but it should work with all the buildings.

Will be cool if we also can repair when rally, so by exemple i finish a building and i rally my peon to another building for repair,  so when he goes to the other building he auto repair it.
This is already somewhat similar to the shift command in Starcraft. We also want to introduce something like that later. But so far the necessary technologies have not yet been studied)

what  level were those archers and grunts?
Orcs - lvl 1, archers had custom improvements (lvl7)

Only the long thinking of the archers before the attack has undergone changes. Does it look good already?
With the usual upgrades, such archers already look formidable.

What happens if you tweak the stats a little? :)
We look:

In my opinion, a very good topic for a more lively discussion of war2rebalanced! Thank you, Eq.

With your permission, I am using this theme as some kind of "testing ground" for ideas. They can be easily discussed and all potential pros and cons can be identified ...

First, I would like to say that work on the war2rebalanced must be meticulous and accurate, and therefore, we will not rush to anything.

Means: for now we will postpone corrections / improvements to spells in war2.

Right now we have the opportunity to "improve" archers / trolls!
Everyone knows that these are very stupid and ineffective units. We can shorten the silly delay before attacking and these units will finally start shooting normally! This will not make them too strong, but it will allow them to live a little longer, and do a little more damage.

9 / Re: War2Rebalanced - We need your feedback!!!
« on: December 13, 2021, 06:43:49 AM »
Test autoheal vs bloodlust!  :wc2:

10 / Re: War2Rebalanced - We need your feedback!!!
« on: December 11, 2021, 04:22:30 AM »
Not sure why you are trying to me the game "logical". These little things are part of the charm about war2. What's next, want to prevent hopping over water and buildings?
Of course no!
Tower bug, and "jumping" - we are not going to fix it in the framework of the War2
Rebalanced mode.

11 / Re: War2Rebalanced - We need your feedback!!!
« on: December 11, 2021, 04:00:25 AM »
2. Tower bug needs to remain, it's one key thing that has made war2 what it is.
I'm already tired of talking, but nobody canceled the tower bug)

12 / Re: War2Rebalanced - We need your feedback!!!
« on: December 10, 2021, 05:45:12 AM »
Hey, just tested. Sorry but still has the option to change the game mode from classic to balanced on the lobby after hosting the game. I understood (as per my suggestion) the option would be available only on the Create game menu and, when people click in Join menu would show if the game is balanced or classic before they join the game with no change allowed after that, unless rehosting.
Aa! You talked about it.
This is a new feature and may be further developed.
So far, we decided to arrange it that way. The main thing is that the creator has a choice of which mode to set.
I think that in the end we will come to an ideal solution. Work is underway, and this is important.

13 / Re: War2Rebalanced - We need your feedback!!!
« on: December 09, 2021, 11:54:40 AM »
^^ Oragorn, would really like to see your team find a way to bring axers/archers into play, could be cool
We do have a couple of good ideas on how to make archers more useful in the game so they won't be rubbish anymore.
But everything has its time! First you need to decide on the main features.

14 / Re: War2Rebalanced - We need your feedback!!!
« on: December 09, 2021, 10:01:22 AM »
You said you talked with russians before you made this topic so i asked who test it expect russians? What is bad with this question?  How i should call russians?
I didn’t say anything about the “Russians” at all. You started to weave them for some reason.

Only a few of the developers knew about this mode, who made it, and conducted the very first tests (so that there was something to insert into this mode in order to present something to the people).

EVERYONE CAN test this mode.

15 / Re: War2Rebalanced - We need your feedback!!!
« on: December 09, 2021, 08:47:30 AM »
I wont test it, as you said first should be test, before you add it, where was topic about at english forum before that patch? Who test it expect russians?
This is testing. As soon as we collect enough feedback from each whiner, then we will think in which direction to move.

And stop calling names by nationalities, Mr. Pole.
We are developers and have no nationality. We are working for the good of Warcraft 2.

People said that catapult repair is bad idea, did you change it allready?
We haven't changed anything yet. Several people said that it was bad - we will take that into account.
In the meantime, we continue to test.

I AM not mad cause you want change something, i mad cause you did before we talk about it, that's the problem
This is an optional feature. You, and your classic warcraft, it does not threaten in any way, calm down.

And I am not threatening you in any way. I should ask you, "Sir, may I go to the toilet?"

And asking "permission" for every single thing is not productive. "Can we make a new campaign?", "Can we make a new map for Warcraft?" etc.

U8, don't be angry. There is just a new game mode that can be tested. This does not require a mythical "permission", since does not hurt anyone's interests.

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