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Mods & Development / Re: Have you seen this? War 2 REMASTERED
« on: March 27, 2019, 07:28:27 AM »
Interesting, the first video  is definitely an older version of the wyrmsun engine.

Not find this map is starcraft 2 ;(

@Rommper er

Search for "coa" or "wc1"/"wc2" for our map pool

Warcraft 2 multiplayer remake Human gameplay - YouTube
this is not w2.. buldings are from w3, only icons are from w2, buldings are very small or units too big

warcraft 1 got 10% misschance not 20%  :P

 Lol, ever heard of something called "placeholder"? Its Warcraft 2 gameplay and all the models we have already are based on Warcraft 2, of course we need to use placeholder for those we don't have. Warcraft 1 have 20% miss chance.

Some new stuff:

Yes, all Custom Maps, including my remake is available with the free version of Starcraft 2.

I made an article about the recent changes, including some untold news:

We are currently testing collision changes, to make unit collision and pathing more like Warcraft 2 so we can avoid the "deathball" formation of Starcraft 2. To participate in the testing please play some matches on "Coa Wc2 Collision Test Map" we released recently then compare your experience to the current version of the mod. We are looking for your opinions. To make the testing easier there are some differences on the test map: All units, buildings and researches are done instantly, you start with high amount of resources and farms give 200 supply.

Yes they are.

New Warcraft 2 map, two Warcraft 1 map and Warcraft 1 patch available on Eu and Na:

New maps:
Plains of Snow (Warcraft 2)
Swamp of Sorrows ( Warcraft 1)
Whispering Forrest (Warcraft 1)

New Warcraft 1 patch:
-Ai players implemented. Computer players will train, build, research and send attack waves.(Swamp of Sorrows will get attack waves later)
- road size decreased from 2x2 to 1x1
- fixed an issue where multiple caster could raise dead from one corpse with autocast
-all units except catapults got 20% chance to miss their attack.
-unlimited amount of peons/peasants can enter the gold mine at the same time.
-fixed an issue with Cleric - Heal autocast where Clerics locked on a target indefinitely
-Catapults will no more auto-attack enemies if it leads to friendly fire. You can still manualy order them to attack such targets

-human ui has been added

new models have been added for the following Structures:
-Human Town Hall
- Human Barracks
- Human Lumber-mill
-Human Blacksmith
- Stables
- Church
- Conjurer Tower
- Orc Barracks
- Orc Blacksmith
- Kennels

new icons and wireframes have been added for the following units:
- Conjurer
- Water Elemental

New Warcraft 2 patch has been released on Eu and Na:

-melee units are able to attack naval structures now
-catapults/ballistas won't auto-attack if it would cause friendly fire. You can still order them manually to attack such targets
-Fixed an issue where Mage - Fireball would change direction.
-Fixed an issue where some player didn't get corrector rally point for shipyards in classic mode

New Warcraft 2 patch has been released on both Eu and NA servers:


-Ai players implemented. Computer players will train, build, research and send attack waves (note: naval ai will be implemented later on Fierce Ocean Combat)
-unlimited amount of peons/peasants can enter the gold mine at the same time.
-unlimited amount of oil tankers can enter the oil rigs at the same time.
-Shipyards received a short range correction rally point ability in classic mode to fix the issue when ships couldnt leave shipyards.
-fixed an issue with Death Knight - Raise Dead autocast where multiple unit could raise a dead from the same corpse
-Death Knight - Death Coil launch a missile before its impact effects
-fixed an issue with Paladin - Heal autocast where paladins locked on a target indefinitely


-human ui has been added
-new art has been added for Death and Decay
-new models have been added for Troll Berserker, Submarine, Human Transport ship
-Mage model has been improved.

other undocumented changes

credit: AlleyViper, Triceron, Orly, TaylorMouse, TwoDie, Rommper, MiketheSspike, Percyval, Scars of Conflic

Hello, no the mod isn't 100% finished yet, only multiplayer available against other players.

Let's update this thread with some early WIP of a COOP campaign map. Our current plans with coop is to make it similar to Starcraft 2 commander coop. It means you will be able to collect in game credits by playing our maps and you will be able to unlock different heroes of Warcraft 2 with these credits. Each hero will have altered tech-tree with different play styles. The more altered the tech-tree the more expensive the hero will be.

Mods & Development / Re: rompers mod?
« on: December 15, 2016, 07:06:41 AM »
Great! I didn't see this video before. Anyway we have a topic pinned on top for my project :)

And I say They can f*ck themselves for this. At least my Starcraft 2 mod is not a waste of time...

If you mean the start location numbers, then it has no impact as there are no fixed start locations, you will be placed randomly to one of them (of course teams will start  near each other)

Thank you very much! Since the last post we released our newest multiplayer map, Garden of War :D

Also revealed the plan to create new mini campaigns telling events of the first two war we didn't see in the original game. For example a warcraft 2 prequel campaign for both sides (orc- How Orgrim reformed the Horde, human- The exodus of Lothar to Lordaeron), or a Cho'gall one that tell how the Ogre-mage found new masters after the events of the Tomb of Sargeras. Each of these mini campaigns would last around 3-5 maps. I attached a picture of our Garden of War remake and the second map of the Cho'gall campaign. On this map the Horde and Alliance wages war on an island near the Broken Isles. Unknown to both sides however, Twilight Hammer Cultists already infiltrated their ranks. You must gather these cultist and destroy both bases to win. The Horde and Alliance will send troops against you and each other so you will have multiple ways to defeat them like weakening their defenses and so they destroy each other.

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