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Thank you so much for your reply! It is coming from the war2 combat link. I used War46. In truth, I think I was using War46 before this problem. On Battlenet, someone told me to go and try to install the latest as it had something new to help me solve multiple computers with one IP. Looking at the dates for War45 and War46, I'm pretty sure I had War46 already installed.

Either way, the new install does not accept any 128 custom map that I have. The settings are all just standard (no changes). No plugins other than what came with it.

Thank you for suffering through this with me. :)

Cartography & Custom Maps / Updated War2 now can't play 128x128 maps
« on: June 01, 2021, 11:34:29 PM »
Ever since I downloaded the new War2 build, I can't play custom made 128x128 maps (i.e. Dragon Bay or CHOP). I get kicked out and given a defeat screen. If it is just me in single player mode, I get a black screen of death. POS and GoW work fine. Is there a fix, what should I do? This is happening on every computer that I've done the new update.


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