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Greetings! My name is Rommper and i'm the leader of a project called Chronicles of Azeroth. The ultimate goal of our ambitious project is to recreate Warcraft I & II using the Starcraft II engine. Currently we are quiet close to finish the multiplayer experience of both game. You can play our maps on the European and North American servers in Starcraft 2 Arcade by searching for Coa, Wc1 or Wc2 words. Please note that many arts are still placeholders and we plan to replace them in the future.

This is supposed to be as close to the original as possible. But to please Warcraft 1 and Warcraft 2 veterans and new people too we added two gameplay modes to choose from. Classic and Modern. Host can choose between the two gameplay modes (host has to click on create game instead of play game to have access to this feature). Classic gameplay mode works as the original: 4/9 selection limit, no rally points, only one queue in structures and no autocast. Modern gameplay mode change a game to have a more modern rts feel with the following changes: unlimited selection, 5 queue in structures, some autocastable spells and increased supply given by farms. Currently the modern gameplay mode is the default one as its more popular.

Also in the future we plan objective based multiplayer maps and coop campaign maps. We call these "Battlegrounds" and most likely will feature new mechanics, units etc that wasn't part of the original game but have a faithful feel to them.

We are looking for members in these positions:
    2d and 3d artist
    ai maker

you can find more informations on our moddb page (search for chronicles of azeroth), facebook (facebook com  /coasc2/) page and in game group called Chronicles of Azeroth official.

Mod DB:

add links & ss -mousey

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