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61 / HU an Orc Are NOT imbalanced
« on: January 20, 2019, 04:43:55 AM »
you know i we have all been wrong this whole time... we dont consider the fact we dont play on the speed the game was ment  to be played on
faster i think is the highest speed that the game is balanced on ... also people do not play hu correctly you can not play them like you play orcs
hu does not require wood in first tier wich means you dont need as many peons as orcs to which means hu are essentially faster
so your able to get a rush out an still have mages befor any orc even clicks his lust upgrade ... so far in my testings im able to rush an still get 2-3 mages out
befor the average person is lusted.. now if we are playin onfaster... an im ahead in speed wit hu .. you can easily take down a orcs 1st lusted wave..
now u can micro your mages more efficient you can slow all his ogres an drop a blizz on him.. clean up the rest with your knights an proceed to hit his base/blizz his gold or whatver
im pretty sure this is why iron man games were only played onf faster because it was balanced!

now this being said id like to start a petition to bring back iron man please so we can play the game the way its ment to be played with hu having a fair chance ty

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