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That sounds very interesting :slight_smile: I will take a look at that for sure :thumbsup:

hey buddy, welcome. Do you mean by the fact I removed fog of war in options ? or you just did it by yourself?

I did it in War2 game options. By default fog of war was on

I have been a bit out of war2 because my mental problems but there may be other mod real soon you may be more interested than this one.

Sad to hear that. Hope you will get better, pal. Take care of yourself! Be strong like bloodlusted ogre  :chuckisthemuscle:  :wc2:

Lothar deserved to have more action in the battlefield. I hope you enjoyed the demo to this point.

He was very helpful in the last mission  :slight_smile: I lost him few times, lol and I had to load the save, but all in all he helped.
My memory is weird and it likes to remember some unimportant stuff -> for Lothar voice, did you pick some Paladin lines from Warcraft 3?

Today I tried finish 5 mission again and I did it. Turning off Fog od War was very helpful  :wc2:



I try to advance through the mods depending on my mood and inspiration. There certainly can be added up way more features but main problem is, there's little to no support within my content. People expect a war2 remaster, even though don't support these new generation features. Support is there out there but not for my modding content. u8 gets 20-30-40+ viewers on daily broadcasts so it's not true that there's no interest from war2 still up to these days.
Fact is, I think most, if not all of Ed's content is wonderful, magnificent and brilliant from him to make it possible in warcraft 2 but I'm advancing through the mods as long as my mood, time and inspiration allows it since I said it earlier, there's no interest or support I see at all for them. Still, I appreciate you took the time to give a try to this mod.
In that project, its even possible to make 512x512 maps for War2 but besides many more modding capabilities for the game mechanics, units or buildings. The project have still being improved through the years if you refer to Wargus performance from previous years.

If you're looking up for warcraft 2 being done from scratch to increase it's capabilities, you can take a look into Wargus or a guy called Zhall who is doing a port to include Command & Conquer and Starcraft unit/buildings.

My mod with dwarfs was made for Wargus in 2010-2012 and I remember that Wargus was buggy as hell. It had some great improvements like selecting more than 9 units, unit recruitment queue, rally point, but all in all the engine was clunky and game had bugs that War2 didn't have. For example: using catapults or dragons or any source of area damage, AI could damage own units. And because someone implemented a rule for AI to always attack the unit that dealt damage to AI's unit... AI was fighting with itself, killing own dragons and catapults. Another bug was with Lumber Mill -> AI was unable to build it. If you do not create it in editor AI won't build it. It will stuck with Barracks and Farms forever, waiting for Lumber Mill and never build it.

I didn't look at Wargus for a long time so maybe they fixed all of it, but back then it was a broken game

Human04 mission can be hard if you dont know where to go. Runes can be such a challenge if you learn how to deal with this ability properly.
99,9999999999999999999999999999999% of people don't have any idea what to do here because Runes never were used in this game. Neither by computer or players.

Raise of the dead skeletons were buffed, they're stronger HP armor and damage now.

Clerics I cannot import just yet. I'm too noob still to dig good enough into the code but Paladins are covering up the job for now.

I remember that I was trying to use this spell in online matches. It was more or less 12 years ago. I wasn't a good online player in this game (too slow and everyone played on max game speed) but I remember few actions when Runes actually did the job  :slight_smile:

These Skeletons kicked my ass in game but it was so cool that I wasn't even mad  :wc2:

but i am SURE it WAS fucked up by BLIZZARD
i saw all those bug directly in game CODE
there is way more bugs still hidden too
like u know comps actually CAN break walls and they was INTENDED to do this by BLIZZARD
but fucked up again
there is even fucking comments in this code about how comps units will go break walls

Ok, that sounds interesting and weird at the same time. They had expansion and Edition and didn't fix any of it.

I wonder guys why you don't join your forces and re-write Warcraft 2 source code in some modern game engine like Unity. Without any bugs, without any limiters of an ancient technology and with few improvements from modern RTS games. I know that Wargus tried the same and failed, but maybe you will do better.

actually Blizzard maked that AI should cast EVERY spells
but they fucked up (as always) and got so many bugs and many spells become unusable

i fixed it with my ai fix that danny using here in plugin
blizzard fucked functions that was finding target to cast

AI dk was set to cast raise dead but
they cannot SEE dead body cut they was checking all ALIVE units to find it but dead body already have dying flag and was not counted

also ogres was able to cast runes but again was not able to find target
becoz they was set to cast them ONLY on peons and when the ogre itself is in INVIZ
so lol

and human mages can also use inviz but conditions is so cursed
they used this very rare and on bad situations anyways
and they NEVER was able to use it on other mages
i maked in ai fix they use inviz on other mage
and this mage go blizzard peons

I'm not sure about fucked up by Blizzard.
Raise Dead, for 40Hp Skeleton, is probably a waste of mana. Runes would be a nightmare to play against and same with inviz mages.
Maybe it was a decision to keep these spells unusable by AI to keep the gameplay enjoyable and not irritating.

Hi again,

Have played all five missions.

I like few changes:

  • War1 AI prioritizing; firstly on workers, next knights, archers, footmans. It makes more sense than in War2 imo
  • Archers/axethrowers attacks faster
  • command lines from War3 about mine collapsing, not enough farms etc.
  • special sounds (from War3) after a building gets ready
  • AI using Raise Dead spell

And that's all I liked. Everything else are changes for worse :-\ The worst of it is vision of every unit limited to 2.
Even archers, that has range on 4, has sight set on 3... that means they can shoot further than they can see, lol :)) That also means that AI archers fights a lot better than player's, cause AI can shot me while my archers has to make additional step to see their target. I'm sure it didn't work this way in Warcraft 1. Also, in Warcraft 1 there were walls and catapults, no fog of war and holy vision spell that is not available here for some reason.

Other thing is lack of clerics. Two paladins at the beginning are not the same for two reason: after using their mana player is out of healing for a long time; but... paladin is a unit with best stats in game so I have finished third and fifth missions by rushing opponent with only my start army.

Player is heavly limited to basic units only, without any area damage, without walls, without towers, without enough healing and with poor sight and map awarness. Meanwhile AI plays on insane level with tons of units sending every 5 minutes. Tried like 15 times to win second mission. Finally I gave up and wanted to check how you did it and... you didn't  :rofl: On your YouTube video you have tried few times and later on cheat to the next mission  :rofl: So I did the same thing.
Third mission starts with some units, including two Paladins. Win this one by rushing opponent, just all in to their base and hooray - I win something here!
Fourth was a pain. Seeing Runes casted automatically around my units I understood why Blizzard didn't learn AI how to use that spell  :)) Imagine that in a normal, skirmish mission. You are sending army of paladins and half of them died before battle even starts  ;D Anyway, I have finished this one with a lot saving/loading, almost after ever step on map.
Fifth starts again with strong group of units. My first attempt that I won was a rush and even orcish army with Death Knight didn't stopped me. After a victory I tried this again, just to play a more normal way. Tried few times but I couldn't beat AI. I had to defense all the time and barely I was able to rebuilt units I just lost. Don't know how to win this without rush.

All in all I think that Warcraft 1 was a way easier. Yes, there were the same "problems" like here with controls or with sending workers on a life long trips to new gold mine, but the AI was not so agressive and player had more tools to fight.

Now it's working, thanks  ;)

WTF? why u even thinked i writed this to u?
this was for danny
lol or

Ok  :sweat: Lol, ok, I'm happy it wasn't written to me

hehe, I appreciate your honesty bud, more than you think... Did you place the Plugins into Plugins folder ?

Thanks for understanding  :slight_smile:

Yep, I'm using Combat Edition, downloaded from in version 2.02, and this is how my folders looks like:




ye lol trees very cursed
VERY >:(
restore back  :poo: :salty: :salty: :salty:

So I'm salty cause I didn't enjoy it? Ok, I will keep in mind to tell lies on this forum ::)

For sure you have played it and finished all the missions. I would have finished it, but just like I said before: it's not working since second mission. At the beginning of that mission player is losing instantly.

Also, it's Danny's life, he can spend it whatever he wants. If that makes him happy, he should continue this project no matter what other people are thinking, including me or you.

Played it for about 30 mins... and I have very mixed feelings.

Don't know why you have changed right-click workers action on forests to "move" instead of "harvest lumber". Probably you wanted to restore Warcraft 1 archaic controls, from times when developers didn't figured out yet how to do it better... but on the other hand, right-click on gold mine works as "mining gold" so here we have a Warcraft 2 behaviour? Can't get what was the point of that downgrade chopping forests dude.

Same with the buildings sprites - why did you downgraded Farms and Barracks with Warcraft 1 sprites? These sprites are few times smaller than Warcraft 2 sprites and simply stretching won't help.

Ended up after first mission cause objectives doesn't work. First mission ended after I have built 4 Farms and 1 Barracks and second one is an instant lose. Probably my game is using original mission objectives and not yours. I didn't found War2Dat.mpq in your mod files so maybe that's the reason.

Anyway... sorry for what I say, but I don't like this mod :(
If I would want to use icon/shortcut to send workers to cut trees and watch Warcraft 1 original sprites I could just play Warcraft 1 and have it all already implemented: tilesets, sprites, archaic controlls, limited selection to 4, roads, overpowered creatures to summon etc.

I have saved up your suggestions bud. Your help and ideas are welcome, no doubt.

That's nice to hear that my ideas are noticed, thanks ^-^
Wanted to share that with you but it's your mod so do whatever you want to do with it. I will try to find some time today to play your demo :wc2:

I was planning at some point making my own storyline, including Warcraft 1 & 2 plot with one whole campaign for orcs and other for humans, because as far as I know the Warcraft  2 campaigns have some missions that are not part of the official storyline but instead, some alternative plot.

I like it more than my idea with mixed campaings of both Warcrafts :thumbsup:
Alternative plot sounds very interesting.

I know it's your mod, I can play it if I want to but I'm not able to change anything... but! let me share with you with some ideas, maybe you will like it, maybe not.


How about mix of First and Second War (without Beyond of the Dark Portal)?
Instead of recreating every mission, 1 to 1 from War1 campaigns, maybe try to make new campaings from scratch. Based on the old ones.

I'm thinking about 4 campaings, 10 missions in every campaign, in this particular order:
1. Human campaign
First fights with orcs, king Llane, lord Lothar and archmage Khadgar are the main heroes. In the last mission they are killing possesed Medivh.
2. Orc campaign
Blackhand assault on the Llane's kingdom. Him, Gul'dan and Garona are the main heroes. Somewhere in the middle there could be a mission of sending Garona to human base. In the last mission there is a huge siege of Stormwind and Garona kills king Llane.
3. Horde campaign
Lord Lothar and archmage Khadgar escaped from the massacre and Alliance was formed. From that point Crossbowmans are replaced with Elven Archers and from this campaign flying and naval units are available.
Orcs also were looking for allies. Trolls, ogres and dragons are joined the Horde. At the beginning of this campaign Blackhand is killed in a duel by Orgrim Doomhammer. Orgrim, Gul'dan, Cho'gall and Zuljin are the main heroes.
4. Alliance campaign
Lothar, Khadgar and Uther are main heroes. In the last mission Horde is defeated.


The biggest problem Warcraft 2 always have was unbalanced races with only one tech tree. Units and stats are the same in both races and also orcs are stronger because of Bloodlust spell. Maybe units from War1 could be used to change that and modify a little the tech tree.

First of all Death and Decay/Blizzard spells should be removed or heavy nerfed cause with these spells catapults and archers are not useful.

For Humans Clerics could replace Paladins. Same three spells, Healing with autocasting (in some other mod it's already implemented) and no attack ability. Clerics could be train with basic, Town Hall tech.
Keep tech could provide Horse Archers. These could be a nice counter for Grunts and Ogres cause Horse Archers could move faster than them.

For Orcs Wolf Raiders could be added from basic, Great Hall tech. Raiders could be upgraded with bonus to speed (just like in War1) and then this unit would be the fastest in the game so ir the result: Raiders will be able to catch Horse Archers. I can share with you sprites for Wolf Raiders I had for my mod.
Stronghold tech could provide War2 flying Deamons from Temple of the Damned. Temple should also be avalaible from Stronghold, but not Death Knights; DKs should be avaiable from Fortress.
Dragons could be buffed a little with maybe increased costs.
Ogres could be slowed down to Grunts speed, their hp could be increased but damage lowered.

As a replacement for DoD/Blizzard spells I would suggest:
  • Summoning a Warden for Mage (creature that cannot move but can attack with range 3)
  • Dark Ritual for Death Knight (works like Polymorph but instead of changing unit to a critter it change it to a demonic warrior with stats on Grunts level. Can be casted only on owned unit that has less than 50% hp. Useful when orcs are after a battle and many units are heavily damaged; these units can get "a second life" with that spell)

Thanks for detailed answer.

To be honest I like Warcraft 2 design the most in this series. Changing music, sprites, sounds or tilesets to War3 are changes for the worse for me. For example knight and peasant sounds much better in War2 than in War3. Redone tilesets from War1 are cool  :slight_smile:

Other stuff from my other mods like DAIFE or Insane edition, which could be new generation plugins for game alerts like: not enough gold, upgrades completed, kills counter, saveLoadFix plugin to fix single player usage of these features.

That's very nice. Visual changes are not necessary for me, but improvements like these are awesome  :ok_hand:

roads, which in my opinion are terrible as feature since Warcraft 2 because it would be a nightmare with game mechanics that are not that rough to use like in Warcraft 1. Also, computer is not prepared to build this way just like warcraft 1.

Comparing Warcraft 1 and 2 I think the first game has only these differences (besides of sprites quality, controlls etc.):
  • roads - but you said you don't like it so it doesn't matter
  • attack speed - shooters had very similar attack speed to melee units and that made them much more powerful in War1 than in War2
  • hitting chances - don't know the exact percentage but there was a chance in War1 to miss a hit
  • powerful catapults - if I remember correctly catapults were more powerful in War1 than in War2
  • walls
  • summoning creatures - and that was my top 1 in category "the worst Warcraft 1 feature" :)) In campaign, after getting summoning elementals/deamons spells, player is just sitting in base, spams 20 mages and summon free overpowered creatures and use only these to kill the opponent.

To be honest I don't see anything from that list that could improve War2 gameplay.

EDIT: I haven't stated any moment that would like to add warcraft 3 game mechanics like heroes leveling up or they can resurrect after some minutes. I don't like that gameplay system either. It's way too focus on the heroes rather than your armies and the "commander" being the actual "hero" of the game. Still, sounds and maybe visual stuff like sprites are something cool I want to see around here.

Same here. In War3 you don't even have armies anymore... just 3 heroes and few units. Campaigns and story in War3 were awesome but gameplay is the worst of the worst.
Blizzard started their RTS games with basic Warcraft 1. Year later it was improved into Warcraft 2. Two years later it was improved into Starcraft 1.
Then, they wanted to make War3 before WoW, but they didn't want to make another RTS similar to Starcraft so they made this abomination with RPG elements.

add up several features that I like from Warcraft 1,2 and 3

What features exactly? It's just re-sprited version of standard War2, isn't it?

Imo most unique feature of War1 were roads. "Feature" of War3 were leveling up heroes with special abilities and items... but honestly I don't like War3 gameplay and it's one of the worst RTS game I have ever played so I don't want to see that feature in War2 :D

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