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Cartography & Custom Maps / Re: Gryphon Sanctuary (Base Defense)
« on: January 21, 2023, 02:40:16 PM »
At first I really just wanted to make a base defense level, I made this map a few years back. The bombing part indeed was just a workaround for a timer. But since I built this map around the idea of the bombing I think it works quite well as it is. It could be changed to winning immediatly after rescuing player 3, but I think being able to finally be the attacker after only trying to somehow survive first is a nice touch. If you think you can improve this map you are free to make changes though.

Currently I am working on a different level, project name is "exorcism". You get attacked by humans (are supposed to represent undeads) very frequently, they all have very low hp but high armor and are flagged as undead. Since health is low exorcism is very effective. Maybe it would be good if you lose as soon as the church is destroyed. And maybe only destryoing barracks should be enough. So if you want I may come back to you when the level is finished.

Thanks for the offer.

Btw. can you also change things like damage and cost of spells?

Cartography & Custom Maps / Gryphon Sanctuary (Base Defense)
« on: January 15, 2023, 05:54:58 PM »
This is a Singleplayer map I already built a few years ago, but I never made it public.


Bomb through the mountain to rescue the powerful Gryphon Riders. You need to defend your base to make it to the other side before your are overwhelmed by enemy attacks. The explosives need lots oil, so make sure that your oil supply chain is also well defended.

Unit information:

-Can't build Transport Ships
-Can't build Gryphon Aviary
-Demolition Squad costs Oil instead of Gold and Lumber
-Oil Tankers are very expensive
-Gryphon Riders are a lot stronger


Expert (I think, it is hard for me at least)

Here is a gamemaps link for more screenshots:

Interesting maps. I like the almost metroidvania like nature of the first one. Something that allows you to scout a bit more in the first mission would be helpful though. There is not really much decision making when you have the poor vision of a worker.

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