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16 / Dj boss stats
« on: February 21, 2021, 06:49:25 AM »
God damn it u8 stop abusing poor dj boss.

How can you do that to ur friend.

614 - 1363

Most of the loss comming from you abusig him....

17 / Who the hell!!!!
« on: February 14, 2021, 06:03:44 PM »
Who the hell broke my lobby command?!

I cant see whos connect, finger, wisper, or anything with /command....

It say, this command is reserve for admin... The hell is that.....

It's the second time in 4 months, please fix this!

18 / Happy new year!
« on: January 01, 2021, 06:26:34 PM »
At least big bad nox is still here to bring you some joy for christmas and the new year!

So Happy new years bunch of bugs, i wish you healt, money and everything you need!!



19 / Merry Christmas!!
« on: December 25, 2020, 12:25:43 AM »
I wish to all of you a merry christmas, even if you dont like me...

Everyone deserve to be happy at christmas!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  :kissing_heart:

20 / Equinox complaint box
« on: December 04, 2020, 06:05:20 PM »
Gonna be 3 weeks im waiting for an answer about my account and they just act like they never seen it, after they ask peoples about being respectful.

Only time they show off and do something is when we have big drama, they gonna give you a random stacked tournament so you guys shut ur mouth, other then that they dont cares and enjoy seing this game and forum dying.

They have do this for years, years and years, nothing gonna change.

They are fucking jokes.

21 / Hi guys
« on: November 26, 2020, 11:08:04 AM »
This is gonna be a serious post because i dont cares anymore about all of this and im not planning to send more posts, the only thing i know is my father and my family dont have to be relate in this.

But someone clearly hack me and my family, take personal informations and try to indirectly blackmail me.

Also I have never say anywhere credit card have been hacked, (Cel bring that theorie himself for some weird reason) anyway, we would know soon if it happen when the bill came at home.

But personal informations is way much more then just a credit card.

Knowing that someone is there with malicious emotions and have those kind of informations, became something else.

There alot of kinds of fraud possible with that, but also personal physical security, location, etc, etc.

I dont know who it is, maybe it's not even in relation with war2ru... I have no fucking idea who the hell this is.

But i know someone did it and it's relate to Warcraft II community.

Do i think someone want to kill or beat me, no.... Do i think someone will fraud me or my father, no.....

But i think someone want to scare me or something like that, so i shut my mouth and get the fuck out of here.

Do i am scare, no, but my father dosent have to be relate in this!

My father is a good man, work all his entire life, never diss respect nobody in his life, and he dosent have to be use like this.

I told iL i want all my posts and account to be delete.

So whatever the fuck i ever say in my life on this forum, that thing will be delete and that person who did that to me and my family will leave us alone, ''i wish''.

But iL still dosent want to delete them and forcing me to keep my account and posts on this forum.

He refuse by many ways and for many days now by telling me he must do a private ADMINS pool decision, then he told me hes gonna try to hire a team of moderators to filter them and delete them one by one. I dont want to be filter, i dont want to be pooled, it's my personal life and i want to delete my account and posts.

Because i think at the end we solve 2 problemes, we delete that SPAM TALK TRASH that (cel) cares so much, and we delete my account and posts as i wich!

Listen guys, do i think u8 and 80% players of this server hack the game of warcraft II, sure i do, but it's only from my personal perception ''i believe''... For me, someone who edit the mpq, code source or whatever you wanna call it in multiplayers gaming mode, while others players cant modify those setting by any ways. Are hacking the game and the community... But whatever, it's only a certain way of perception, we just must believe that europeans peoples in general are better in programation and it's a normal life style.. Maybe im really retarded who know? Do i think u8 and all those players are cyber criminal?? Absolutly not..... I think those peoples love the game and play it like anyone else ''with some editation, but who cares'' ...

The only peoples i think who can be cyber criminals are the admins, cuz at the end this is what they do, they illegaly take this game from blizzard and make a private server with it.

So yes i think this is by definition cyber criminal. Its not with bad attention at the end, cuz they give us a place where we can regroup and have fun.

But when iL and Admins just ignore everything you say and just keep muting you and redirect ur posts all the time, and you see that whatever how much posts and whatever how much questions you ask you are being treat like a crazy person and ignore. While they are making the big show about the server and our privacy for swapping history account of burnt?

Then you start to ask urself more questions.

Do i really think there something criminals happeing on this server other then u8 and those peoples hacking the game for fun and illegally use the game from blizzard?

Maybe, maybe not, and to be honnest, i dont think so actually... Because if they were doing something like this, they would be happy to delete all my posts and my account as requested before peoples see that..

I think iL is just mad for being accuse of possibilities of cyber criminal activities on his server, and probably mad cuz i call him dictator and worthless admin. I think hes telling himself, we have no criminal activities here and your accusations will stay there for ever.

And that's ok, i understand that, i would love to play that fair, like a man, i did false suppositions, then let's those false suppositions there for ever. Im a man.

But it was before someone hacks my family for real, now you are not playing fair, you expose my family of being treat by someone who clearly going to far here. 

I want my account and posts to be deleted, i want to disapear from that community, for ever, that what i want.

I dont need public apology, i dont need the server to be hack, i dont need the community to be broke, i just want to be delete from A TO Z.

My goal is not to detroy the community or the game, i love both of them, i love you guys, even if i call you hackers, yes u8 i still love you idiot.

But sincerly my only goal is to protect my family and also pass on something else in my life..

I must delete all of this, this is want i really need, im sure u8 is a hacker by my definition, but hes also right, i must do something else in my life, he told me that peoples on warcraft II will always seen my like a troll when i die.... And he is so right.... It make me sad, but it make me more sad when i know im also gonna be see as a troll in my personal LIFE when i die.... Im like that nerd on joe rogan podcast who talk about paintball....

I cant forget that guy, untill my post are here, i will always came back to see if someone answer to them, i am like that, it's like a decease, we must delete them, and we must let me go guys.

I love all of you guys, believe me, but i must go.

And whoever you are occulus, please dont do anything to this community, this community is way much more then a illegal server, im not offended by who ever and i dont need vengence at all, it will only be worst for me.

I am not an healty person andstress is not good for my healt.

No hate to anyone, no hate anymore, just let's squash all of this by my resquest.

Please just delete me and my posts, and have fun guys, ok....

One love guys  :newthumbsup:

22 / Cya everyones.
« on: November 17, 2020, 11:26:18 PM »
Cya everyones, will always keep you in my heart.

God Bless you.


23 / How the AntiHack is working.
« on: November 17, 2020, 06:29:17 AM »
Tora goes to his dictature mode again so let me make a new thread thank you.

Look like Cel will not explain us what is a UNKNOWN REPORT!

Let me do ur security job please, move away, thank you.

Okay, let me explain to you guys..

ANTIHACK is an external script that allow the server to see wich versions of the game join the server.

This script have been made and programs by iL himself!

The server check those versions with what we call '' values reports'' ,  values reports that iL give himself to the Antihack as indicator!

Wich mean a certain code sources if we can call this that way.

Imagine the good value report version is '' 123456789 '' by exemple.

iL have split the antihack value report into 4 different categories.


AH - Wich mean the user is using the anti-hack and the proper value report VERSION that il told him to flag as the good one. '' 123456789 ''
NONE = Wich mean the user is not using ANTI HACK AT all, wich mean the ANTI HACK CANT MAKE ABSOLUTLY NO REPORT ABOUT THIS GUY, do he hack, maybe, maybe not, we just cant know.
HACK - Wich mean the user have been caught of hacking from an hacking value report that the antihack already know as hacking, like an antivirus does, antivirus keep report values of trojan, malware, backdoor, those report values are saved in a library of his register to quickly know when it happen, same mechanic here, antihack got a list of report value hacking in his library register.

and finally UNKNOWN or UNKNOWN i would say- Wich mean the users have been caught of changing the value report of the ALLOWED VERSION, wich mean HE is hacking but the anti hack dont have this hack on his register yet because it's a new hack and he never seen it before and nobody in those admins have take a look at this, so there absolutly no trace of that hack to flag HIM AS AN HACKER because no value report exist for this hack yet, because that value report is not in the register hacking yet, but he still know that report value is not the ALLOWED ONE!

PS: And when iL told us that swift have been flag HACK as a false positive, not once but two times, it's not true at all, because when you are flag as HACK, it's because that a value the ANTIHACK already know as an hack, wich mean IL sett that report value himself AS A HACK... So how is that possible the anti hack flag someone as false positive when iL SETT this value himself as a hack!

Anti hack dosent make mystake, it's like mathematic, 1+1=2, nothing else, easy like that. If iL have set WARCRAP MAP HACK as ' 987654321 ' report value, when the anti hack will see the report value ' 987654321 ' he will just do what il told him to do, report this value as a hack!!

False positive, yeah right bro!

 :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

(Cel) This is just yourself avoiding the ANTIHACK, I Guess it's better to avoid it compare of being flag as hacker or UNKNOWN Report!  :sob: :sob: :sob:

U8 Flag as UNKNOWN!!

One of the two false positive hacking ss of SWIFT, because yes he have been caught twice and both time iL say it was false positive Lol

If anyone can find the other one it would be great thanks.

I also got a nice one right here, never show this one to nobody yet.

But since we wanna expose the weird peoples, let's show this one.

Lone using 2 of his smurfs in the same games.

Probably testing the windows clone that you talk me about (CEL) :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

Got one more hackers right here

Andrezej aka Pigmon aka Anathol brother of u8 or teaboy, some shit like that, we dont know those peoples are living double identity and lying all the times.

24 / Lightbringer- IP BAN me !
« on: November 15, 2020, 07:21:13 AM »
Ok here the deal today, i am playing calmy and streaming with some peoples while i finally finish my game and get on the channel.

Who me and the streamers dont see?? Lightbringer himself, my streamer told me hey look nox it's light haha.

So i decide to make a test..

I tell to the boys that im just gonna say the WORD '' MUSLIM '' Nothing much, just 'MUSLIM' and i told em that this dude is so retarded that he gonna ban me!!!

Guys are like, are you damn crazy nox...

So i say '' MUSLIM '' on the chat, and then?!!

Nothing happen, so i create a game, play the game calmy, and guess what!


That fucking retarde ban me and im now stock in the voids!!! Can you believe it??!! So now i got to buy a vpn!

11,59$ for a damn month!



Flame Wars & Offtopic / Tora the dictator start is censoship again!
« on: November 14, 2020, 11:24:49 AM »
He try to delete my threads again!

And soon hes gonna ban me for my free speech and democracy!

Flame Wars & Offtopic / Swift winrate ratio!
« on: November 14, 2020, 11:12:02 AM »
Just to show you how peoples are massive liar on this server.

I was searching for those magical thread over the years that we have created and i found this!

Remember 3 months ago when swift was crying about the legend tag.

He was crying about the fact that he was just here to play and have fun.

Then i was tolding him he was a liar and probably the biggest manipulator egocentric who cares the most about stats and reputation.

I told him he was taking the all ladder in hostage by creating different smurf and owning the entire top 5 ELO LADDER.

I was also saying he was the only maniak who calculate every win rate ration in the last 20 years against who he really played.

And what he did say for an entire month?? I was lying and he never does that of his life.

Look what i just found  :sob: :sob: :sob:

'' This is the official Hall Of Fame for Only the most dominant players of all time on the ladder can be nominated and possibly entered onto the official list, and the list is ranked from most dominant to least dominant. Factors that will be used to measure dominance: Overall record ratio, number of times a place has held #1, and their individual records vs other perceived top players within the community.

I'll act as the official manager of the Hall Of Fame and take the liberty to decide who isn't inducted into the official list, but don't worry I'll be fair. Feel free to nominate anyone!

I'll start! I nominate Swift, he has the best ratio / overall postive record vs top players combination. I'll also pass a motion to have him officially inducted. Motion accepted! ''

Successful Nominations:
Rank/Name/Win Ratio
1. Swift (3.08:1)
2. Poscow (1.88:1)
3. Shotgun (1.82:1)
4. Viruz (1.40:1)
5. Jesk (1.38:1)
6. Szwagier (1.13:1)
7. Startale (0.94:1)
8. Ehyo (0.91:1)
9. Wargasm (0.67:1)

Flame Wars & Offtopic / List of the programmar hackers on this server.
« on: November 14, 2020, 06:18:18 AM »
All those peoples are doing ''reverse engenering'' wich mean they are taking a software illegaly and deconstruct his code source to analyze every part of it.

When the code source have been separate and analyze they finally can rewrite is code source to do illegal programmation on it. (Hacking)

All those peoples are hackers from different part of the world but mostly comming from Russia or Usa.

For most of them, War2 dosent mean anything, seem like Warcraft II have been take in hostage by some cyber criminals whos are only interess in the '' Reverse engenering '' they are learning this military hacking on this server due the fact that game is pretty old and a pretty easy software to learn the ''reverse engenering'' those peoples are sent here by who the fuck really know.

Not only they learn programmation hacking in here but they probably also operating a zombie network.

A zombie network is the process to secretly take out informations or sending informations to infected computers network.

Those peoples donwload a software wich look pretty legit but when in fact a file of his core is infected by a malware or some kind of things like that.

Peoples dont know anything about it and having absolutly no doubt of what happen.

Since the goal is to keep that network secret, the peoples whos gonna run it gonna try to make everything legit and would act like they are mostly friend of us.

Cyber criminals then make huge amount of money from those infected computers and users cant even notice anything.

They dont need peoples to play this game, they only need them to download it and keep it into there computers...

Most of them have stop played this game, but they are still having the infected game installed in there computer.

This server have make Thousand and thousand of downloads around the world from the last 15 years, peoples have download this server in different kind of versions and different kind of clients.

Thats the reason why admins dont want and would never close different version or clients, because the days they close those different versions or clients they would delete a huge part of there zombie network.... (Wich mean they will delete a huge amount of money they made) Because those peoples would not re-install the new version of it!

The worst part about it is not only the fact that they hacks us but they would try to directly hack you if you are perceive as a treat.

Im gonna be honnest, im also scare they try to kill me just by saying the truth!

Be careful of these guys..

They are really dangerous, they can directly hack your computer get into it and do whatever the hell they want in it.

- iL
- Cel
- Lightbringer-
- u8
- Andrezej
- Oragorn
- Avaible
- Lance
- Evil Ryu
- Pika
- Jordan
- Claw

There way much mores but it seem those guys are the most active and the most dangerous ones.

By allowing the port 6112 open, you literally open ur computer to a direct intrusion even with a antivirus or firewall.

Thats the reason why no games or software are still using this rigged port since 2005.... Those ports are literally block of acces by ur provider untill you open it yourself or you download a software that would open it for you.

Only the fact of downloading one of there created map could infect your computer.

Be aware, downloading and playing on this server would mostly not change anything, admins have no interess in making bad thing to you, even if they really operate a zombie network, in that case, only things they cares is transfering informations on your computer without you know it... But they dont wanna steal your credit cards or things like that, they have no bad intentions... STILL.... by downloading this server you literally agreed to open port 6112 and you will be vulnerable against trolls in the upper list! Thos peoples can easyly hacks you because of this server and can do really bad thing to you.

BE CAREFUL! Do not mess with thems!!!

Do not insult them or anything like that, they are pretty egocentric and will try to haunt you..

Just stay calm dont say anything and avoid them.

God bless you.

28 / Im leaving War2
« on: October 16, 2020, 01:19:21 PM »
Hi guys, those last days have been a total disaster.

Everything i have try to do for this server have been destroy by a bunch of jalous admins that dont do shit on this server.

Ive try to make Legend, Grand Masters, Masters and champs better for everyone, a systeme that nobody did cares for the last 5 years.

For 5 years we have been stock with 1 Grand Master as u8 and 3 Master as alf, jesk and steve.

But in only 4 months we have create 4 new masters, 2 grand masters and 5 new champs.

But it was not good enouph, look like i was the biggest monster and i was not fair with peoples.

From my point of view, i think there nothing more unfair that letting u8 the only grand master for 5 years, but look like i am the monster... So it's all good ill take it, i am the monster, happy?

It's just sad that since i am not in charge of that anymore, there nobody who have taking cares of it since then... Gonna be almost 2 month and since that time nobody have cares of it in those admins, look like we back on the old pattern.

I also try to make numerous tournaments, from my time energy and my own money, paying between 100 and 150$ everytime from my own pocket without asking anything to anyone.

But it's look like it was not good enouph again, i was the monster again.

But it's all good guys, because cel is there asking peoples for charity Lol.

I mean the dude got tons of subscriber on Twitch and hes acting like a little good boy and making money on everyone head, and still asking for charity.

What a fucking clown he is..

Those peoples are just actors manipulator and fraud.

They dont cares about anyone of you, they just cares about having control and steal ur money for there personal purpose..

Why did cel have never host any tournament where he give prize to thanks all those subscriber? Cuz he dont fucking cares, he is a fraud.

I remember blid telling me he will put me admins 5 years ago for 500$ donation.... All those guys are crack head, they have no money at all and try to suck money out of peoples like a bunch of succubus.

I mean fuck all of thems.

Now they are even trying to make software to hacks peoples during night and act like the entire world are retarded and nobody understand anything.

So i told you now, Be careful guys, those peoples are criminal acting like nice peoples, but they are not, they are liar, money grabber and cyber criminal.

I hope you guys have fun in the future and things get better, but for my own part, im done with this entire joke.

I love almost everyone and im sorry if i been mad with almost everyone those last weeks, but it make me mad as fuck that some people treat me like a garbage while i was the only one who try to taking cares of us for the last months while those fucker just do nothing days after days and trying to act like they can do better when it's obviously not true.

Maybe i will be back in a future, who know what can happen, but for now im done, im not gonna waste my time anymore here.

If you guys want to stay touch with me, i will keep streaming some NHL21 and im planning to stream the new battle field that would came out in couple of weeks.

Other then that i would not play war2 anymore, but i still love all of you, i hope you still have fun and we see eachother in other way.

Ps: My last advice, get way from Cel, U8, Andrezej, and most of all russians programmar, they are all cyber criminals, believe me.

One love guys.  :thumbsup:

29 / I give up my role in Legend/GM/Master/Champ Ranking
« on: September 19, 2020, 01:59:18 PM »
I dont lead anything anymore, u8 swift and those peoples are too retarded, im done with story kids.

Good luck, i dont do nothing more for that communauty.  :thumbsup:

30 / The new icon system!
« on: September 15, 2020, 05:33:22 PM »
After talking about this with lot of peoples ( players, admins etc etc ), we have conclude that a re-work icons systeme need to be put in place!

Here the proposition!

From now, there no more random icons.

All the icon need to be unlock, that systeme would be similar to Warcraft III.

To unlock icons you will must achieve some objectives, once those objective are unluck you will be able to acces that icon!

Clan Icon: Get 5 official members (None smurf) into your clan and get acces to a customize Clan icon!

200 games: Get your country flag as icon if you want! I think this icon is one of the most important, because this game have numerous peoples from different country, so they are speaking different language most of the time, by having ur own country flag, you will first be a proud citizen of ur country, but second, you will also showing to everyone where you are comming from... Those flags will be a way to make sure new players who speak those different language can regonize themself in other players... So if by exemple i am a new Italian player and i join the server for the first time, i would be able to know there Italians peoples with who i can speak and play. I think those icons are really important for the the growing of the communauty and thats why that would be the easiest icons to acces!

15000 Games: Customize icon! That one is for the ultimate players of the server, our true passionnate members, play 15000 games and you would be able to have ur own customize icon! PS: I know there already people with cuztomize icon with less then 15000 games.. Those players will be safe since it have been done before the new systeme.. But from now it will need 15k games!

Special icons: There would be special icons as reward in some tournaments.. By winning those tournaments you will be the only one to get acces to this icon as reward for ever!

Champs: Beat a Champ to be a Champ! (None Smurfs, ANTI-HACK REQUIRE)

Master: Beat a Master to be a Master! (None Smurfs, ANTI-HACK REQUIRE)

Grand Master: Beat a Grand Master to be a Grand Master! (None Smurfs, ANTI-HACK REQUIRE)

Legend Beat the Legend to be the Legend! (None Smurfs, ANTI-HACK REQUIRE)

Now Burnt give the proposition to keep the n00b icon for newb peoples, wich i really like since newb peoples will be able to regonize themself and play togheter instead of trying to mix themself with pros players who gonna demolish them for sure, but i dont think n00b icon is the one that we want, because some people gonna get insulted by that and would maybe not appreciate that icon. I think we should just use a Peon like in Warcraft III. But how to do that, well i think we can simply use that icon as the basic one when you create a new account...  We can also add a grunt at 1000 games, ogre at 5000, DK at 10000, exactly like war3.

And there also those peoples that we love, the one who have played that game for ever with us and the most experiment in the communauty, i think they deserve more then a peon if they dont want any of these icons we just mentione... So maybe we can still keep the profi or the swear for them, so we are also able to reconize them in our communauty. Maybe it can be something else too! Something beautiful that they would love!

So please give me ur opinion or idea about anything!


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