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61 / Look whos back.......
« on: June 07, 2020, 03:53:01 PM »
Someone came to my stream last night, i told him about some braggers who dint want to stand up and defend theres titles like mans...

Look who was there this morning to get unrusty  :omg:

62 / 2x2 Tournament the 1st July with prizes!
« on: June 05, 2020, 07:25:22 AM »
Hey im gonna Host Up a tournament this 1st july with some prizes.

It will be 2 tournaments of 2x2.

I will made the teams myself the 1st july with people on spots.

I will made a tournament for every A players of my list, it Mean A+, A AND A-.

I will made another tournament for every B players of my list, it mean B+, B AND B-.

No players from same categories will be in same team, it mean no DOUBLE A+ Will be in same team, or no Double B+ will be on same team.
No double Master will be togheter too!

Team will be made fair!

It will be 3 rounds on 3 different map.

First Round: Best of three on Turtle Rock BNE.Pud (By Eleison)
Second Round: Best of five on Divide & Conquer BNE.Pud (By Anonymous)
Third Round: Best of seven on The Bloody Land Nox.Pud (By Equinox) 

I will give 25.00CA$ Each to the winner team on group A.
I will give 25.00CA$ Each to the winner team on group B.

Everyone who join TORA Tournament tomorow, the 6th June, will be automaticly add to my tournament before everyone else!
If we got by, they also gonna be the one choose for those by!
They also gonna be able to be watchers before everyone else!

-No smurfs allowed
-AntiHack Needed

If your not in my list we gonna see what we can do.

Good Luck to all and may you pratice till then!

Bloody Land video:

Yeah yeah thats right i finally decide to join the greateast clan ever, i mean, i think TD have been one of the oldest and most active clan for the last decade, they also have been pretty much the best clan, and i got much love for them!

I would like if someone can give me the TD tag when it's possible, thank you.  :thumbsup:


64 / New Master league rules?!
« on: May 30, 2020, 12:47:40 AM »
Here what i propose to you guys, i would love to know what you think about that.

It will be the new rules if Tora still agree to let me take charge of the league with him.

- NEW Rank will be add.

There currently: 1 Legend, 1 Grand Master, 6 Masters.

For the future: 1 Legend, 3 Grand Masters, 7 Masters.

With the rules we have right now, only master can be challenge, Grand master and Legend are declare as permanant.

For the future ALL those rank will needed to be defend!


For many years, everyone had possibility to ask for a challenge, that mean even new players could ask for it, sure we want those champions to protect those titles, but we dont want them to be harasse by eveyone for no reason, we respect the fact those peoples have a personal life and cant be here every time someone want to challenge them, if you want to ask that kind of challenge you need to deserve it, for the future, only top 25 of war2u Ladder will be count as contender. Everyone in the top 25 will be able to ask a master for a challenge. The rest will need to pratice and climb the step untill they get in top 25.

About the prize: Tora was giving money to every challenge that was played, wich is pretty generous, thanks alot, sincerly... But i think it's a little bit expensive for no reason, money should not be take in consideration for that kind of league, we want that league to be active and keep a good rolling, if we achieve that goal it's gonna be way too much money, instead, we gonna make some tournaments and the cash prize will be drop in those tournaments. I know it could not please some of you, but i think tora did alot for us and from now there will be other way to gain cash prize.

So then... What will be the motivation for masters to play and defend ther titles other then the honor and the icon?? It will be the chance of challenging a grand master! The 3 first masters who gonna defend ther title the most time during a month, will be the ones who will be able to challenge a grand master. So if by exemple braviet defend his title 1 time, and shotgun defend it 3 times, and alf-attack defend it 5 times, then alf-attack will be the first master to challenge the grand master of his choice, and shotgun wil be second one, and braviet will be the third one..

For his part the legend will have to defend his title against the 3 masters at least once per month, it mean 3 series in total... He is the Legend, and being the Legend came with a role, the role is to be the best of the best, being the best of the best mean he need to proof it, i think 3 series in a month it's resonable.


Actually: people who have title are the one who decide the map

For the future:
A challenge will be a BO7 and the challenger will decide every maps first untill he win, when the challenger win, the master will be able to choose his own map, and he will be able to choose it untill he also win.. So loser always choose the map and we start by the challenger.

PS: A selection of pool maps will be choose with all of you.

Abusing: We are aware that some master will be weaker then other one, some people in the top 25 will surely try to always challenging the weakest master of the group, we dont want that to happen... So every peoples in the top 25 will be able to challenge a master of his choice only once per month, if he want to do another challenge, he will have to wait the next month.. When the next month is there, he will be able to challenge another master of his choice, but he cant challenge a master that he already challenge yet. Those rules will be set for six months, so one challenge per months only, and six different masters over six months before hes able to challenge someone that he already challenge.


Smurf will not be allowed.
People who dont use anti-hack will not be allowed.

I think it resume the most important part of the new rules, maybe i forget some important details, i invite you to let me know what you think about it and if i forget someting important.

Thx to yall.

65 / Is burnt was saying the truth 6 months ago?
« on: May 29, 2020, 04:06:13 PM »
Thats pretty fucking funny, because actually since swift know i will take charge of the legend/master tag league he started being an asshole.

But hes ego side probably just make talk him way too much, yesterday i was in a game with couple of peoples, and swift start to cry about my motivation of putting the legend tag on risk.. Told me he was the only one who deserve that tag and that tag belong to him and nobody gonna take him from him '' because he got all the admins in his pocket ''

And it make me think about what he was saying couple weeks ago when he was not mad at me...

Telling me that jordan is a notorious programmar in security ip and things like that, that jordan is so damn good he can even find people true identity even if they have VPN... He was also saying that he '' swift '' was an expert in smurfing, telling me his most spectacular smurf was a russian smurf that he make and even learn some russian language to fuck with everyone for at least 2 years.

Pretty sure there was other people in games with me, but i dont remember who it was...

I think blid, jordan and swift are all pathetical liar with multiple personallity on the server..

I think burnt was really saying truth and thats why swift got all the admins in his pocket!

66 / New Grand Master
« on: May 27, 2020, 01:54:28 PM »
Why Lone inst the new grand master? He literally beat u8 10-7 on their last series.

He beat him so hard that u8 dont even play 1s anymore.

Lone should be new grand master and u8 should be downgrade to Master only.

Fake Grand master.

Mods & Development / War2 Insight!
« on: May 25, 2020, 08:52:18 PM »
I got a question for programmars right here...

Im pretty sure most of you know war2 insight and i have a question about it.

When you records ur games, you always have to manually save them, is that possible for any programmar to modifiy this software and make an automatic saving for everygames... So you dont have to alt tab after every games to auto save them and they just save alone all the time.

68 / Tournament and Ironman.
« on: May 24, 2020, 04:26:10 PM »
Wassup with that... Can we reset this shit to zero and use it??

The iron man, can we edit the code source to make iron man in different speed?

Will be great to host iron man in even faster...

Can we add more map in the pool selection? Can we remove??


69 / Mousetopher!!!!!
« on: May 24, 2020, 07:50:39 AM »
We miss you lady!!! Where are you?  :sob: :sob: :sob:

70 / I know you guys will love that one.....
« on: May 22, 2020, 05:55:36 PM »

71 / The List is back! Best active players of 2020!
« on: May 21, 2020, 07:28:46 PM »
Here my list of the best active players of 2020.

If your not in that list it's probably because i din't seen or played with you yet, just leave me a message if you want to be rate and we gonna make sure it happen. *smurfs and peoples who dont use Anti-hack cant get in this list*

A+: 00Joe, 00Steve, 00Swift, Alf-Attack, Braviet, Lone, Shotgun, TDLux, TDWargasm,  U8

A: Angel~Fire, BHC-Jesk, Donger, Dugs[Azn], KnitterHemd, Mystical,^PaperBoy~SoL^, Rho[Eur0], Silent~Fart, Skillz, SPARKZ102, SPB, StarTale, Talrand, TDJayHawkerz, TDNoX, TDViruz, Teaboy, Thumb$, Yo0

A-: 00Jordan, Atlas[iS], BHC-ICE, BHC-Master, BuckFitches, dJ_boSs, Guelqwen[iS], He-Man, Incos, LaLe-, 0mEd, TheJynx, Slacher, Slick, SoCzMaster, Tk[as], TWN-Cancel, Tora, Ragner, Xurnt[z], Yamon, Youngsta

B+: Apex_Predator, A_n_d_r_z_e_j, bc, BHC-Butcher, BuckFitches, Cavalo, Earth[iS], Hurt,  Igognito, JamesMcgill, JerryGarcia420, KishorMala, Knight, Kyr.!VooDoo, Lance, LynyrdSkynyrD, LuSteD, Max.Overkill, QuilKs, [RH]ino, Sh4de, Strata, Sword, TheBoy, Truck[z], Van[z], Zapper

B: Badplayer, TDRusArmy, Exitt, Iamrusty, Impulse[iS], Kangar00, Lampchops, PandaUSN, Ring62, Rio, Shwebs, TOFU,  Tolean, VinceVega, vIxOr_, UKxPeon, Undine-, Vity

B-: B4cKuP, Celticdruid, Choppy, Dobicon, Egor2010, Extasey, JcNoob4Eva, Loser, Ryan85, Vietpro, Whitestone

Top 25

1: 00Swift [Legend]
2: Lone [Grand Master]
3: TDWargasm
4: Shotgun [Grand Master] +2
5: Braviet [Master] -1
6: TDLux -2
7: 00Steve [Master]
8: Alf-Attack [Master]
9: 00Joe
10: PaperBoy~SoL^ +16
11: Talrand -1
12: TDViruz -2
13: SPARKZ102 +14
14: Mystical -5
15: Thumb$ +12
16: TDNoX -3 
17: KnitterHemd 
18: BHC-Jesk [Master] -1
19: Silent~Fart -1
20: SPB
21: TheJynx +5
22: Rho[Eur0] 
23: Angel~Fire
24: SoCzMaster
25:Teaboy -5

Green mean that player gain rank by beating an higher ranked player then him.
Blue mean that player lose rank by getting beat by a lower ranked player then him.
Red mean that player is in critical situation and will lose 5 rank next week if he dont start to play 1v1 and protect his rank.

There 2 way to climb on that list.

1- Beat anyone in the top25 in a bo5 and take his spot directly!
Game have to be on old gow EF, but still can have an agreement between both players if they want to change maps and settings.
If they cant conclude an agreement, then it has too happen on old gow ef.

2- My own judgement! I am the creator of that list, i am the one riding that train, if i judge someone improve and i have seen it from my own eyes then i will re-rate him! If i judge someone getting worst and i have seen it from my own eyes, then i will re-rate him! If i seen peoples are abusing of ther position by not playing or only playing sure wins! I will re-rate him!

I dont say this list is 100% perfect, but i judge by who was active, who i seen play, who i play with, and i really think its representative of what i seen.

Thanks to all for comprehention.  :newthumbsup:

72 / Look Like...
« on: May 21, 2020, 09:36:59 AM »
This game is about to die...

I think i need to bring out the list to put some more competition in that place.....

« on: May 16, 2020, 06:32:23 AM »
Let's never forget who we are!





Flame Wars & Offtopic / Harrassement by TORA.
« on: April 15, 2020, 05:35:55 PM »
Wassup with that Tora?

Harassement is real Lol

75 / How to protect myself against U8 AND Hacker!
« on: March 28, 2020, 12:53:26 AM »

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