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Mods & Development / Wall Balance mode (multiplayer)
« Last post by pianolarva on June 14, 2024, 07:16:52 PM »
Now it's on the correct forum.

Main changes:

- Walling will be done with actual walls (hopefully, idk if it will work). Walls will have reduced building time. Buildings will have much lower hp (I'll make a downloadable version that doesn't have lowered building hp cause I'm not sure about it).
- Modifications to make every unit/spell/upgrade useful (biggest changes are about archers, bloodlust, healing, blizzard, and skeletons. The rest are smaller adjustments)

That's about it. Stats are almost the same so it'll be easy to get into. Unused spells and archers will come into play. I hope to see some games using this mode. I need that for further updates too.

Detailed info (I will be updating this):

Buildings (except walls and towers) will have around 40% their hp.
  • Archers (+): 10 damage, 5 piercing damage (previously it was 3 and 6) – it looks like a lot but it isn't because their fire rate is low (which was the main problem). They were too weak before. Now you can still expect footmen clearly beating them 1v1, but they are stronger, especially because of the footmen and knight armor reduction. Meet them at the coastline.
  • Footmen and knights (-): Less armor. 1 (2) and 2(4) respectively.  – had to. Increasing archers dmg even more caused problems.
  • Knights (-): new addition: Knights start with 80hp (previously 90) so that it's more even with rangers and footmen. Paladin Training adds +10hp. Cost now 900, 100 (previously it was 800 100) – This is an attempt to balance footmen and BL.
  • Demo Squad: Remains the same, but it now would destroy a shipyard or so.
  • Gryphons/Dragons (+): 20dmg (16), 15armor (5). Reduced building time from 250 to 200 – Archer changes means that dragons and towers are also improving. The ratio between them is mantained, although dragons are slightly stronger against towers. But also they were too weak for being the most expensive unit. They won't be killed with blizz now, there's archers, whirlwind and death coil.
  • Walls (+): x4 reduced building time, it's fast but not immediate. Building cost now 100gold 50wood (20 10) – Note that walls aren't repairable, but improvements to archers and towers will make up for that.
  • Towers (+): hp x1.3, except Scout that will have 160hp (100) –  They were too weak. They'll make a little bit more damage to unupgraded footmen/knights now.
  • .
  • Footman armor upgrade (-): +1 instead of +2  –  archers needed this.
  • Footman dmg upgrade: same, but may be reduced in the future to +1.
  • Arrow upgrades : same. I may add +1 in the future.
  • Ballista upgrades (+): Gold 800 and 2000 for the second upgrade – It should be deadlier.
  • Ranger training (+): +3dmg – because ranger upgrades are very weak.
  • Ranger scouting (+): 500 gold (1500)
  • +1Range upgrade (+): 500 gold.
  • Troll Regeneration (+): 500 gold.
  • +3dmg for rangers (-): 6000 gold – Idk how to balance this one. So it will come into play very into late game.
  • Healing (+): From using full mana to heal 42.5hp, to healing 127hp – now 2mana x 1hp. Less would be constant healing, more would mean it's weak compared to other spells like BL. It's powerful now. 
  • Exorcism (+): now you can kill dk with 120mana instead of 240 – Damaging a dk doesn't matter much unless you kill him, which now doesn't require full mana. With the skeleton modifications, it now kills one skeleton with 100mana.
  • Bloodlust (-): fixed at x2 so that it doesn't snowball from upgrades and becomes OP. 200mana (50). 2500 gold (1000). Increased building time to 200 (100) – It still is the most powerful spell in the game.
  • Runes (+): 150mana – Mana cost should not be cheap because it would be used all over the battlefield, but not too high for it to be a better option than BL. Still BL is more powerful, and it will cost more gold.
  • Fireball: (+): 50mana (100) – I think it does a bit more dmg than coil overall, and it could be useful at chokes maybe, but I'll leave it for now.
  • Death Coil (+): 50mana (100) – I think it did little damage for its cost, like -45hp to a knight for 100 mana. Now you would kill around 2.5 basic knights at full mana, which still isn't that much.
  • Slow (-): mana 100. Gold 1500.
  • Polymorph (+): mana 150. Gold 1000.
  • Inviz (+): mana 150. Gold 2000. 
  • Flame Shield (+): 500 gold
  • Blizzard/Decay (-): 3000 gold, mana 150 (25), doing much less damage to buildings and peons. You used it so much on the gold mine, that now it's basically used only for that. It will only kill some peons. You'll need two mages, and better timing. The correct fix would be decreasing the ridiculous range, but that's not an option. Next update: I may have diminished it a bit too much, maybe mana could be around 120.
  • Haste: same
  • Raise dead (+): Gold 1000 (mana 50). Skeletons have around 50hp, 8dmg, 8pierDmg, 0armor (pals are 90,8,4,2) – Skeletons should still have weak hp for exorcism to be useful.
  • Unholy Armor (+): 150 mana, 2000 Gold
  • Whirlwind: same. (1500 gold, 100 mana) – It now has a bigger impact on buildings instead of just going aimlessly and damaging many buildings but not destroying much.
Waiting for mana to reach 200 was a bit much so I reduced it for some spells. I still mantain both sides having mana/gold cheap spells.


I applied all these changes into Great White North (it could be any map), which is attached below (WBalT4 is the latest update.) . Then you just go to the War2Mod channel on the left panel, and play it with the "use map settings" option.
92 / Re: Cheats 2
« Last post by pianolarva on June 13, 2024, 10:38:02 AM »
You could send that program to players that enjoy peon jumping, surely they'll play together with it.
93 / Re: WarCraft II Rap !
« Last post by Knitter on June 13, 2024, 04:52:07 AM »
Hi legooooo,

Nice to hear from you.
How are you?

I remember a song called "Peon Hero" that I thought was quite good.
USA~ Feature a legend.

Come back online sometime. :)

Best regards

Hey buddies, its danny here.

This is a new mod that i did for Warcraft 2 that allows to play Cooperative Mode in Multiplayer (2 players), through all 4 campaign maps, but combined with my Insane Edition mod
(Solo Insane Edition mod available in:

This mod is based in one of my earliest mods called as Insane Edition, but the maps were tweaked in order to allow 2 players fit & play together, alongside all the map triggers that allow proper functionalities as if it was to be played in single mode.

Difficulty is the same as Solo insane edition, so in theory should be easier to beat these maps as 2 players instead if it was made by one player. All the maps are beatable & tested in Single player mode, up to its last version, but so then were used as a base to make this mod possible.

Not all maps are tested with their new implemented triggers to allow Single player functionalities AND not all maps were tested to see if the provided new resources are enough for 2 players to beat, but in theory they should.

Note at June 9th, 2024:
For now, only Human campaign from Tides of Darkness should be fully completed with Map triggers, but hopefully I can add up the rest of Campaigns
The reason I made this new mod thread is because it contains way more features, aside from patch v10 and it includes up to date almost all the added up new generation modding features in Warcraft 2 and my mods, including Road of heroes & DAIFE Boosted mod features.
96 / Re: War2 RU Ladder......
« Last post by iL on June 07, 2024, 06:18:11 PM »
Just removed everyones' ranks.
Should be counted from scratch if i understand properly
97 / Re: Cheats
« Last post by iL on June 07, 2024, 05:40:27 PM »
I answered Ragner in Russian, let me give you a translation of my answer here, albeit with a slight delay:

About cheaters and cheating in the Warcraft II community

Regarding yesterday's revelations from our players:

1. Cheating in any online game is unacceptable - thereby destroying the entire atmosphere of trust between players and the healthy spirit of competition.
Cheaters are the reason why many online games lose popularity.
For example, this is the main reason why our English-speaking comrades do not want to meet newcomers and throw people with new nicknames out of their games. They prefer to play thousands of games with those they have known for a long time, instead of allowing someone new to join, thinking that he might turn out to be a cheater and break the game.
We, as the community administration, are worried and would like to change this situation, but this is not in our power: it is the players' choice to play with whoever they want.

2. Every player understands: cheating is deception.
But the forbidden fruit is sweet. I'm tempted to try it. After all, no one will know, most likely, if everything is done carefully. But one person will know for sure: the person who decided to “try.” Conscience is such a thing, it will gnaw. Today, once you outwitted the others, even if only “for testing”, “as an experiment”, you experienced a feeling of your own superiority. But then for the rest of your life you have to live with this, look these people in the eyes, even virtually. And you can’t talk about this with anyone, or open your soul - after all, they will immediately judge you, reject you, stop playing with you, and stop considering you an honest person. And my conscience gnaws! And it will gnaw and destroy for the rest of its life. Or until the truth comes out.
And think before you “try” - is it worth it to conduct such “experiments”?

3. Still, admitting to deception is much better for the person himself than keeping it to himself. Guilt greatly destroys the psyche and sometimes the body. And for what? Hide from other people and destroy yourself? Is it worth it? Yes, by making such confessions, you inevitably lose your reputation in front of others, and this is the price to pay. But the main thing is that you restore your reputation to yourself! You remove a stone from your soul. The main thing is that you understand that you definitely won’t do anything like that in the future, and you become better. Of course, you lose faith from others, but it will be restored over time, the main thing is faith in yourself!
We will not take any measures from the administration:
- firstly, if you confessed yourself, it’s much better than being “caught by the hand,”
- secondly, and this follows from the first, if you confessed, most likely you will no longer want to take the dubious path,
- thirdly, retribution still comes in the form of loss of trust of other people. But this is the price you have to pay to clear your conscience. And this retribution is ultimately necessary for the person himself in order to cleanse himself. But this is beyond the competence of project administrators.

I urge everyone who has something to confess to do so. Experiencing the consequences in the form of judging other people will be much better for the person himself than constantly experiencing pangs of conscience. However, of course, this is everyone’s personal choice.
Support Requests / Grey Screen
« Last post by Nox on June 07, 2024, 09:02:39 AM »
I got an issue with my game, not sure why, but my screen is grey, i mean i can see the game, but there a grey glow on my screen, its like super dark and it basicly unplayable, i can play but its really unconfortable and after couples games my eyes just cant stand it anymore.

Im not sure why it does this, its basicly the first time, i think its relate to my HDR mode, but even if i remove it, it keep doing it since then.

Any can help with that pls.
99 / Re: Cheats
« Last post by Nox on June 07, 2024, 08:32:51 AM »
yea ofc i know, i sended it to Ragner in 2019 lul
its prog SaveView from 1999 maked by DjinnKahn, i found it long ago in occult forum
anyone could have download this prog here long ago, probably most of old players have it anyways
its actually nothing much its just open *.mlt file of saved game and gets many info from here and shows it
ironically it was used to cheat when DjinnKahn actually created this prog to catch cheaters, there was very old cheats in 1998-1999 etc, they not works now but in old days it was possible to somehow hack resources and make more units or upgrades than you can afford, so he maked that prog to check if some player have more stuff he can acutally pay. Dunno why he also added picture of a map though.

And main point is that DjinnKahn probably not thinked that someone can use it to check any info on game while game itself still going, he thinked people use this prog after game ended.
Probably because this thing is just too noticiable and very easy to catch if you know what happening. If you see some unknown saved game in maps/save folder, you can know someone saved and may use this prog itself to know who was host. So if you see that someone saved game like 2 mins in and most important not said that he did it, well its very sus.
So if someone find some sus saved games in their folders now you can probably know why.

So yea if you ask how to defend from it? U cant, unless you forbid saving games entirely. Even if not using this prog, any hackerman can make his own other prog to read save file. BUT this stuff is VERY noticeable and have main condition for use: you MUST be host, only host can save game.
Also if players check their save folder regularly and find unknown files they immediately know smething is sus.

So basicly this is something i have said for at least 2016 while everyone was calling me crazy and retarded and tell me i have mental issues, its funny how it ruin my reputation for years while i was totally right.

I will not ask to everyone to appologies, clearly not, but i hope some peoples realise how bad they have make me feel for years while i knew i was totally right.

Thanks to finnally tell the truth after almost 10 years.

100 / Re: Cheats
« Last post by Nox on June 07, 2024, 06:55:08 AM »
Hi Ragner,
Thank you for your words.

Of course I was also very disappointed when I read your news.
We played a lot of 1v1. You often won the close games and yet I was never disappointed.
It was fun and I would never have thought of cheating.
We played as a team, won and lost.
We were always respectful to each other, even when we lost.
That always made me feel very comfortable at your side.

It shows greatness that you overcome yourself and talk about it here of your own free will.
Stick to it, stay honest, stop cheating.
I still remember you as a very decent young person, nothing will change that.
You are forgiven from my side.
I hope all is well with you in your private life.

I look forward to honest games in the future.

See you soon, all the best, knitter.

If you want honnest games, just start by saying your a liar and i beat your ass 7-5 and the only reason your still master is because i dint request it from admin because i wanted to be cool with you, and instead to be gratefull with me you were there acting like a punk calling me a bitch and saying to everyone i was the liar.

Ragner is a man, your a punk, now i wanted you to say the truth and i want my master tag back, cuz i beat you and you lie, after, we see if there honnest games for you.

And i dont want ( A master tag ) I want YOUR master tag, cuz its actually mine and you dont deserve it anymore, ungratfull liar!
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