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Forgotten Pathways Demo 2 - TGS
« on: June 14, 2017, 10:59:51 PM »
By - The Good Shepherd (TGS)
This is Forgotten Pathways 2nd modification. Read orignal FP post for the details of the map.

Modifications to the map.
* As requested by feedback more open space has to been added to spots that were so called, "cramped".
* More flavor to some start spots, i.e. a 2nd entrance or a wider entrance
* All spots are numbered in the grass, look closely and you will see the clock position that you are starting at in the grass/snow.
* Middle of the map signed, "TGS" in the middle.
* Trees added/removed as needed for the changes above to take place.

Looking to play test this map for a week or so and get feedback for any further modifications.
I was able to play a 4v4 with it and I've had positive feedback on so far.

Forgotten Pathways demo 2 - pud