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« on: August 08, 2018, 12:41:31 PM »
.attention any one who downloaded this the first 30 mins it was up im sorry I had to reupload it made sum changes to 11 an 6 to make them easy wallable an changed 4 of the expos to 30k gold to even the fact that they can power easy now
now let me tell you why its good to adapt to the new....
yes i love gow ef too yes i will not stop playing it either..
but lets be real 20 years an running theres nothing left to learn on that map every game is the same shit
its not what u know its who can do it the best which is not bad at all but  i want to explore new possibilities new chops new ways to gay

i tried to distract you all from gow with maps like sugar rush and divide & conquer an those were some great maps ps i love D&C thats still my fav
but this gow came out better then i could of hoped
heres whats new ..... mind you this was made from scratch so there is no old gow in this .. this is anew gow made with the idea of the original

ok 4 new expos...acrosss from all the old expos is a new expo and when i say acros i mean the general area of the old expos
but because there are 4 new expos i took away 10k from each starting mine... i made the middle mines 70k each and all expos are still 35k

also the middle is bigger and u can now 1 click to get anywhere basically .. no more getting units stuck

now please dont be scared to try new things this is actually really fkn fun an theres so many new aspects to it . it creates a whole new type of game
heres the photo and download... hope u enjoy

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